Northern Rivers Floods: A Deluge from the Pisces Eclipse

I’m feeling an epic heartache from the devastating Northern Rivers floods. I left the Northern Rivers two months ago, but after living there for four years, the community and the land is a huge part of my soul. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the floods, everyone who has lost their home, their business, someone they love, their animals, their belongings, or their access to food, water, power, safe roads and the basics of survival.

Such an epic flood speaks of major Pisces and Neptune energies. Last month’s Pisces eclipse, with five planets in Pisces, including Neptune, set off a great deluge in all of us, cleansing that which needs to end in our lives. The release will be felt throughout this year, and the Northern Rivers is now feeling this literally.

I abhor the idea of “spiritualising” natural disasters by explaining them away from a “higher perspective” when people are suffering on the ground. I think that’s bullshit. I don’t do spiritual bypass, but I do look at the archetypes behind the appearance, trying to find the deeper meaning of people, places and events.

I drew the chart for the Pisces eclipse in Lismore, Murwillumbah and the surrounding affected areas, and my jaw dropped when I saw Chiron in Pisces exactly on the IC.

Chiron is the wounded healer, the rainbow bridge between the ego and the Self. He catalyses a healing crisis that calls us into service to others, so that we may heal our own disconnection by being someone else’s mentor and facilitator.

In Pisces, he releases a deluge of watery pain to heal our original wound of separation: the belief that we are alone, rather than at-one with God. Healing, for this most spiritual of Chronic placements, comes through compassionate service to others, finding faith in the mystery, imagination and creativity, and the remembrance that we are all One.

With Chiron in Pisces, where one suffers, so do we all. Where one heals, so do we all. And as one dreams, so do we all. We are all part of the same collective unconscious, the same creative life-force energy, the same cosmic consciousness, or unified field.

With Chiron on the IC, this wounding and healing will be felt right at the roots of the Northern Rivers. The IC is the foundation of the chart, the very base of the soul, and it rules endings, as well as home, family, tribe, roots and real estate.

This is an ending, before a firecracker new beginning. It will feel like the soul of the land has been ruptured and re-wired once these waters eventually subside. She has called for a shift.

Despite the devastation, disasters inspire community. They inspire the giving and receiving of love, energy, assistance and support. They catalyse unity, while destroying old forms. They end old ways of life, so that new ones can be born.

They remind people that we are all One. And that what’s needed by one, must be supplied by us all.

These floods are a healing crisis that will bring the Northern Rivers together, to heal what needs to shift at the roots of the land, and to inspire a greater sense of tribe in an area with an already thriving sense of community. It won't be easy, but the community that forged the Bentley victory will emerge stronger for this.

But with thousands of people in the surrounding areas now displaced, where will they go? Even though the Byron Shire suffered far less losses than Lismore and Murbah, anyone living in the Shire knows how extreme the affordable housing crisis already is. (For example: I used to pay $400 a week for a studio apartment 20k from Byron Bay. No, it's not inner-city Sydney. Yes, you heard that price right.

Houses are held hostage for the holiday market. Homeowners routinely charge the vast majority of their mortgage to the lodger in the spare room. People are kicked out before high season, so owners can capitalise on AirBnB profits. Kind, respectful tenants are routinely refused the rare accommodation they can afford on an average income because they have pets, kids, eat meat or follow the wrong damn guru. (Ok, I made that last one up. Or did I?)

Yes, demand forces prices sky-high. But when it comes to real estate, this supposedly “conscious” community has a reputation of acting in dogmatic self-interest. So, as this crisis brings the Northern Rivers tribe together, I hope that tribe will have somewhere warm and dry to call home when they need it.

And maybe Chiron needs to expose a gaping hole at the roots of the Northern Rivers housing situation, so its fourth-house foundation can be healed for good, and its community can grow magnificent new branches that truly reflect the depth of their talent and potential.