Cancer Solstice New Moon: Soul Food

As the Sun moves into Cancer at this week’s Solstice, the cosmos is beaming a steady, sensual feminine power down to Earth. This season opens with the promise of more love, more abundance, and more pleasure over the coming three months.

So many recent seasons have been filled with conflict and challenge, the dynamic friction we need to get out of our comfort zones and breaking the old patterns that hold us back.

Now, it’s time to rest in the ease of what we’ve already created, and stabilise our dreams to bring them to fruition.

To do this, we need to feel what’s going on deep inside.

Move with the ebb and flow of our internal tide.

Fill ourselves up with juicy soul food, and connect to the Great Mother who holds us like a babe in her arms.



The Cancer New Moon is calling us to swim in our emotions, dance on the shore, and howl at the moon.

The wild, instinctual, cyclical She inside is ready to bring her magic to the world. 

The Moon was once feared for it’s changeable nature. From full beaming orb to shadowy hidden darkness, those who did not understand her called her wicked.

Still, we call our erratic emotions bad, untrustworthy, and inconvenient. We feel tricked by them when their overwhelming tide springs up out of nowhere, just when life was going well. 

When we allow them to flow fully through us, they ebb out again and cleanse us like the ocean on the sand.

In reality, there is nothing more predictable than the rhythm of the moon (and her other heavenly companions). As she weaves her way across the sky, Mistress Moon blooms from maiden, into mother, and then crone.

What seems gone today will return when the time is right. What was once fertile grows barren, to make room for the new seed to grow, and whole new cycle begins.



With more than half of the planets in water (mostly Cancer, and some Pisces) this moon cycle is all about feeling, healing, and returning home to Mother Nurture.

Hekate, the oracle and primordial moon goddess, is sitting right next to the New Moon, gifting us the prophecy to find our true path at the crossroads, and the light to see through the darkness.

When you feel caught between worlds, ask Hekate for understanding, and be prepared to step through a new door as she ushers your transition.

With Mercury, the messenger, also nearby in Cancer, communication takes on an emotional tone this month. Words either speak to the heart with intuition and empathy, or become confused with unconscious reactivity. 

Mars, the god of war, is further ahead in Cancer. Here, he reacts rather than acts, and retreating into a shell-like fortress to hide from perceived attacks may appeal right now. 

But with Pluto opposite in Capricorn, we’re being called to transform the defensive strategy that keeps us locked in inherited emotional war, and release the deep power within our soul to take massive action towards what will nurture us instead.

Mars, Pluto and Jupiter are locked in a t-square, meaning a burst of hot air from Jupiter exaggerates the tension between powerful achievement (Pluto) and emotional action (Mars).

If you have a big project, ambition or plan right now, use the power of your emotions to work towards it, and beware of giving your power away to compulsive power-struggles and emotional reactivity when you can channel it to your soul’s mission instead.

Venus is sitting serenely in Taurus, counting her money, fine things and creative gifts. Next to her is is Lilith, the wild goddess who owns her sexuality, but has been exiled for demanding freedom and equality.

As the pair trine Pluto, the power to grow our resources and tap the deep well of our riches is easily available, especially when we reclaim our repressed feminine magic and own our deepest desires.

With Neptune lending his vision and imagination, what we dream, we can be, if we allow ourselves to be led by the Divine and surrender to the river carrying us home.

Finally,  the grand fire trine between Saturn, Uranus and the North Node is creating an energy of revolutionary productivity that will actualise our personal and collective evolution. After years of instability, we can now make sweeping changes that will stand the test of time, rather than weathering earthquake after earthquake that destabilise all we’ve built.

This can be a powerfully productive and immensely nurturing month, if we stay connected to our inner emotional flow and ride the waves of how we feel. 

What do you need to nurture right now?

Do your plans feed your soul, and feel good when you drop into your body? Or are you forgetting to feed yourself first?



What we need most is described by the Moon. She’s the umbilical cord we attach to the Mother and fill ourselves up with. 

I’ve been running a big race in the world lately, launching a new program, getting more done in a week than I’ve achieved all of this year, and showing up fully for my work.

But as I climbed the mountain, I felt drained from forgetting to nourish myself. Falling into a weepy, clingy heap, I had to go back into my shell and have some soul food at the end of job well done.

Otherwise, the moon child inside reaches for the comfort food of ice cream, spaghetti and Netflix to numb the stuff that’s been overlooked.

This moon falls in my fourth house of home, family and roots. In this time of massive outer action, I need to deepen my soul connection, honour my private world and nurture the foundation that keeps me safe on earth.

And with my own Moon in Leo, I nurture myself by remembering to be a kid sometimes. To play, create and express, purely because it brings me joy.

So, when you’re feeling needy, vulnerable and rocked by the wild tides of life, return home to your inner world, and feel the Great Mother all around you.

Let yourself be held. Fed. Filled up with her love. 

Let yourself feel, and heal, all that needs to be met within you. 

Grow wild and dance. Flow like the ocean. Change like the tide. 

And when you grow tired, rest. Curl up near the fire, nestled in her warmth, her softness all around you. Wrapped in her love, you are safe. 

This is home.

From here, you can achieve anything you dream.

What you plant and nurture now will bear fruit when the time is ripe. Mother Moon will make sure it manifests, if it’s aligned to the flow of your soul.

All you need do is be like nature: trust, show up, and draw the nutrients you need

So you can grow into who you're here to be.