Cancer Full Moon: Rise of the Goddess

The Cancer Full Moon is an invitation to reclaim our wild feminine instincts, and return home to our soul and the roots of our being. To nurture ourselves and others, to find those we belong to, and create new tribal bonds based on a shared future, rather than a shared past.

Cancer loves her tribe. Home, family and connection are everything to the crab. She's geared to pull us back into the past, into the unconscious lull of the way things have always been; into a world where tribal bonds are paramount, and where we find safety in belonging at last.

This full Moon, it's time to return to return to our roots. Not so we can crawl back into the womb, in avoidance of the cold, harsh world outside. Not so we can erect a hardened shell around us to protect our hypersensitive hearts. Not so we can cling to those we know, in order to survive.

But so we can embrace the primitive flow of instinct within us. Feel and release our unconscious bonds to the way things have always been. And nurture our selves, and our souls, more than ever before. 

We're at the start of a whole new cycle in this planetary One year, and every planet is moving direct in the sky right now. Until February, we're in a blessed portal of rapid movement, free from old ways for a spell. This is a rare time, it won't happen again for two years.

So, where do you want to go? How do you want to live? Who are you, in truth?

Beyond the limits set by your ancestors, the vows of your tribe and your kin, beyond the home and life you grew up in, what does your soul want this year?

I'm the first to admit that whilst we're in the warm embrace of the Mother Goddess, leaving the comforts of the known and familiar can seem like insanity. Why go anywhere, when all our needs are met, right here, and we always know what to expect?

But this Moon isn't about clinging needily to our comforts.

It's about realising that wherever we are, we are home, when we are at home within ourselves.

When we care more, feel more, and trust more, we can allow our gut to join forces with our heart and mind. And with the all-knowing instinct of Cancer's rich intuition activated within us, we're guided by the Mother every step of the way.


At the Crossroads

The Full Moon will activate a potent Grand Cross in the sky. We're at a cross road between the fundamental axes of our being. So expect some conflict between the old and the new, as the opposing forces within you prepare for transformation.

This cross, in the Cardinal signs, is here to help you shift into a new gear, by getting clear on what’s not working, and then taking the initiative to choose another way forward.

Challenged by the Sun and Pluto in fatherly, ambitious Capricorn, the Moon reflects our need to go inwards, to belong, and to connect to the soul of our success. Mother and Father must be integrated. We need to dig deep into our roots, and connect to a stable inner foundation, so we can strive high with our branches later on.

Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra challenge us to balance wilful independence with noble fairness. Where we long to break free and go our own way, we're reminded of our relationships with others. Power without love will not do. Self-interest without fairness won't cut it.

We need to embrace the four corners of our being, to make the most of this potent time. Sit in the tension of opposites, and feel and release the memories calling to us from the past. 

Dream a different dream, create a different life, and choose a new beginning.


Imagine your Ideal Day

Where do you wake up?

What are you wearing?

What do you look like?

How do you feel?

How do you spend your time?

Imagine the life your heart desires, and write it out in detail. Include as much juice, emotion and good feelings as you can possibly conjur up. Then allow yourself to be pulled by the vision of what you truly love.

When I crafted my ideal day, it first came to life inside me. It lived and breathed and gathered energy as I fed it, and soon came to life on the outside. Things aligned, synchronicity arrived, and before I knew it, it's happening. I'm literally transforming my entire life, or, it's being transformed for me.

But now, I'm facing all the old patterns, needs and fears that stand in the way of my bliss. And embracing them as indicators of what needs to shift into alignment. Holy fuck, it's all so close! Parts of me scream in fear.

When you get that close, you know it's already done. So just relax, and breathe into the fear.

What do you need to release, to call your ideal day into being? If you're not living it, you're blocking it, so what do you feel is in the way?

I'll tell you right now: it's not money. Nor time, nor anyone else in this world. The only thing standing in the way of you and your dream is the "you" that you think you are.

Past patterns, unconscious instincts, the need for survival, protection and love; how your family lived, what your tribe believed, the things your parents told you about life; they're all that blocks you from living your truth, and enjoying your ideal day.

So what do you need to release from the past, in order to live your bliss?

How can you invite the Goddess in, to weave her magic, and transform your life?


Dare to Dream

Under the Full Moon, Venus is conjunct Neptune in mystic, idealistic Pisces. The Goddess of love and money is exalted in the Fishes. She knows there are no boundaries between any of us, and she offers a direct channel to Divine love, beauty and imagination, in all its most pleasurable forms. 

To Venus in Pisces, love is a spiritual act. So is art, abundance, and the attraction of your desires. She offers you her powers of visionary imagination, artistic bliss, and an intuitive sensuality that will reunite you with the Divine.  

Invite Venus to enter your being now, and co-create your most exalted vision. As you move through the challenges of the Grand Cross, imagine you can simply design a life you love, and release what no longer turns you on. 

Because you can. 

And when you feel your bliss alive within you, keep loving it with all all your heart.

That's the surest way to shift your reality. Not by trying to control it, focusing on the details, and getting lost in the "how" of it all.

But by feeling it, seeing it, living it and breathing it, and becoming the woman who owns totally owns it, in all four corners of your being.

Then, you'll easily command the energy you desire, so you can follow your bliss. Everything you need will show up, because you're the Goddess who ordered it.

You've risen from the depths, and it's time to start afresh.

You hold the creative power of the universe in the cauldron of your womb.

What will you conjur from it under this Goddess Full Moon?

Are you ready to release your blocks and attract your desires with the Full Moon? 

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