Aries New Moon: Divine Warrior Calling

The Aries New Moon brings a blast of new energy to rock us from the old and catapult us into the new.

We’ve been drenched in emotion and idealism from March's Pisces eclipse, forcing us to surrender old patterns, give up old dreams based on fantasy and illusion, and release everything that no longer serves us as we move forward.

What needed to end, inside and outside, was washed away in the Pisces king tide. Now, the new shoots of Aries are bursting to break through. With courage, fire and passion, it’s time to throw out the old, and call in the new. 

The more you’ve released over the past month (which was the final end of 2016's 9 year), the more seeds you plant with this New Moon. 

In the Southern Hemisphere, we're harvesting the fruits of last Spring's new beginnings. If you're in the North, you're planting a brand new crop. 

Wherever you are on Earth, the key to working with Aries energy is to take courageous action, NOW.


Start your engine!

The energy coming in this month is like a firecracker. 

After a month of free-floating in Piscean waters, the first New Moon of the astrological year will ignite the spark that sets your life on fire. 

Use it wisely, and you will find a new taking form life before your eyes.

But beware of impatience, aggression and not-giving-a-fuck about others. Shadowy Aries energies won't get you far, they'll just trap you in constant conflict that feels like an epic war zone before you burn out.

With a square to Pluto, the New Moon starts with a powerful release of emotional energy, and a death and rebirth to cut ties to what’s holding us back.

We can choose to fall into the pain of this ending with our whole being, dropping deeper until we find our hidden treasure, and then rise, phoenix-like from the ashes. Or we can try to control the discomfort within us, seeing the outside world as the cause of our troubles, and waging a power struggle with our own unconscious that keeps us in bondage to the mess.

What needs to die in your life right now? How can you dive deeper into the feelings it stirs up, so you can fully shed your old skin and be reborn?

Next, an opposition to Jupiter magnifies our drive for personal freedom, yet we’re polarised between the need to break free, and the need for diplomacy and harmony.

Self vs Other, Me vs You. We need to sit in the tension, and act with diplomatic self-interest, to co-create the best outcome for all without compromising what's best for us.

How can you create Win-Win situations in your relationships? Where are you caught between wanting to go your own way, yet needing to find balance and peace? 

A conjunction to Uranus and Mercury will explode our capacity for intuitive understanding, as intelligent insight streams down from above.

Bolts of electricity will rock us from complacency. To harness this power, we need to stay grounded, be prepared for the unexpected, and welcome the changes that collapse our old limits.

What old structures are you willing to let fall? How can you channel new intelligence at light-speed, to keep up with all the changes?

Finally, a trine to Saturn will bring much-needed stability and tenacity after the fireworks are done.

Embrace the sudden changes, and think long-term, knowing that the more you can move with them, the better position you’ll be in when things settle down.

Where do you want to be when the energies stabilise once more? How can you blast yourself out of your rut, and create a new groove to sink into?


Release and Rebirth

After an epic Pisces eclipse that spelled the end of my old business, my old home, and two major relationships, I’m ready for a new beginning.

This New Moon falls in my second house of talents and personal resources, and on my personal Venus in Aries. My love and relationships, my creative talents, and my money are all being reborn.

  • I've just moved in a new house in country Victoria, 4,000km from where I thought I was going (Bali).
  • My long-term relationship has dissolved, after years of ups and downs that kept us in drama, rather than joy.
  • I'm seeing new clients in the flesh, in a New Age art gallery, where before I was solo and online.
  • I'm changing my biz model to serve a small group of women at a much deeper level.
  • I'm downloading new concepts for my art, rather than playing it safe and commercial.

And as everything was being transformed during the Venus retrograde, my body collapsed with Bronchitis.

I spent three weeks clearing ancient gunk from my lungs and heart, releasing old pain, grief, and the soul-crushing belief that I can't do what I love and get paid for it - that I must give up my art to make ends meet.

Fuck that.

We must make our art, whatever it is. Whether it's a song, a painting, a book or an ecourse, we must make it and share it with the world. 

Not because of what we'll get in return, not so people will like us or give us money, but because it needs to come out of us and into the world. Yet the curious reward is that's when we commit to making our art, we tap our soul's vast riches - instead of begging for scraps from our ego's security plan. 

So, whether it's your art, your love, your home, your biz or your whole entire life that's being activated, everything that no longer fits with the person you are becoming is leaving, and in it's place, you get to make your own way forward.

To find out where this New Moon will light your fire, click here, and use your epic Aries power as rocket fuel for your big dreams.


Go Your Own Way

The Divine Masculine Warrior Aries has no tolerance for the uncertainty that plagues mere mortals.

His intuition is lightning-fast and laser-sharp. He knows which way to go, and when to act. He is the one who goes first, where no man or woman has gone before. He doesn’t wait to be asked, or shown. 

He. Just. Goes.

He leads the charge, where the others later follow.

Invite him into your life, and let him cut you loose from all the shit that holds you back.

Before you is uncharted territory. It's not for the faint-hearted.

My way, or the highway, Aries says. But by the time you’ve made up your mind, he’s already gone his own way. 

Because, let's face it: we don't serve anyone, unless we serve ourselves first. 

Draw your sword to release your grip on the fears that trip you up.

Only the brave will return with the glory they seek.

This month, it's your time.

Your life. Your way.

What do you choose, for you?