Aries Full Moon: Death to Fear


If something burns your soul with purpose and desire, its your duty to be reduced to ashes by it. 

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The Aries Full Moon urges us to strike out impulsively on our own, face our deepest fear, and take action to transform our lives for the better. 

Where we’re locked in selfish battles with others, we’ll have to own our darkest projections. Where we seek to run from enemies outside us, we can make peace within, and end the battle.

Opposite the Sun and Mercury, in diplomatic Libra, our minds (Mercury) and consciousness (Sun) may want to smooth over troubles and make everyone around us happy.

But the impatient Moon, square Lord of the Underworld Pluto, instinctively cuts through the bullshit that keep us stuck playing “nice,” and pushes us, headfirst, into the place we’ve most feared to tread: the mantle of our own power. 

The gift of this Full Moon is to rise, victorious, from the ashes of the past, and step into a powerful new future opening before us in October.

Its time to meet your inner warrior, the one who feels the fear and does it anyway.  

Aries invented war, and Aries plays to win. He charges headfirst into whoever and whatever opposes him, sword drawn high, impatient to come out on top.

This Full Moon, take powerful action, and choose your battles wisely. Ensure that whatever you spend your energy on is serving your deepest evolution. It’s volcanic right now, so save your explosions for the things that matter most.

When the time comes to lay down your sword, you don’t need to emerge as the bloody, battle-weary soldier, struggling to draw your last breath, having fought the whole damn world.

You can emerge from the arena as the peaceful warrior, who has seen both sides, balanced the energies, and stepped out of the game altogether.

Call on the energies of Aries' opposite, Libra, to gracefully balance your guttural war cry with a truce in the end.

Not through superficial pretence, but by lovingly and courageously relating through anger and aggression.

The Full Moon, square Pluto, gifts you a change to wage war on all that blocks your power. 

Pluto doesn't care about being nice. He’s here to make sure you evolve.

He’ll break you, before he re-makes you. He survives, like a phoenix, in the fires of hell.

He relishes in each painful dismemberment, because he gets to re-create himself from the raw, bloody mess.

Add in an applying conjunction to unpredictable, freedom-seeking and revolutionary Uranus, and we're in an explosive, uncertain and transformational phase, where courageous action will be richly rewarded in the house where Aries falls.

For me, its the second house of money and personal resources. I fight my battles here, have to make my own way, and must keep taking action, even when my sensitive, other-wordly Mars in Pisces really doesn't feel like it.

Recently, I realised I was in a toxic relationship with money, feeling victimised by it, and unconsciously resisting having it in my life. Deep down, money = power; and I was deathly afraid of my own power, so I played the victim instead.

As I detoxed that dynamic, I was struck by how closely it mirrored my deepest wounds, worst love relationships, and most vulnerable human pain. After relentlessly facing this, my relationship with money is being filled with gratitude, appreciation and love. The inner energy shift has freed me to take powerful, courageous action to go out and make it in far greater magnitude than before.

When you do the work with Pluto, you can harness the greatest destructive force available to us to create permanent, profound change wherever you focus your energy. And when you take the action with Aries, you can go out and get the trophy your soul seeks right now.

Where is your arena of courageous action? Where do you need to dig deep to detox what keeps you stuck, so you can go forth with power and confidence?

Click here to see where Aries falls in your chart.

Its easier to pretend we’re not powerful. Right? Most of human existence is spent doing just that.  

And so we, individually, and globally, play “You lookin’ at me??” Instead of looking at our shit.

Stockpiling our arms, keeping track of our enemies, noting their movements and preparing for war at any moment.

Taking sides, based on how we’ve much been hurt, and by whom. Divided in our pain, protecting it like our most sacred possession, because it defines who we are, and where we’ve been.

Its our Ring of Power, and we become Golems in slavery to it. 

You did this. You hurt me. Its your fault. And now I will live with this inside me, and never be powerful again.

That’s Pluto, storing the darkest toxins deep within us, where they fester in shadow and consume us like obsessions beyond our control.

Rather than feel it, we fling it. Onto whoever it will stick to, whoever will wear it for us, until we're forced by life to reclaim our angry shadow. Or carry it to our death.

You vs me. Good vs bad. Us vs them. Matriarchy vs patriarchy. Black vs white. Nation vs Nation. Batman vs Joker....

This month, its time to be the ruthless annihilator of all that blocks our power. 

The only enemy, in truth, is within.

Its time to see where you still play in powerlessness, so you can cut into the abscess, let out the toxins, and let the light shine in.

If you find yourself justifying your position, saying, How can I be powerful, when all this bad shit happened to me?

Remind yourself: That shit is where power is born.

When the collective fear is amplified one billion-fold, the incessant media sorcery re-traumatises, rather than the heals us. It de-stabilises, rather than strengthens us.

How can we not be victims to the daily chaos on the media trauma machine?

Its a choice.

A decision.

Aries power.

Your love has to become stronger than your fear.

You have to feel the pain, allow the anger, and take action if it's needed. And then choose love again.

Love doesn’t shrink from fear. But love doesn’t indulge it, either.

Love doesn’t roll over and let itself be kicked. But Love doesn't seek vengeance afterwards. Only justice. However that looks.

We need to bring Libra’s calm grace to Aries’ fiery rage.

The world is suffering epic, ingrained, ancestral, collective trauma from generations of war, displacement and crisis.

Our enemies are just as fucked up - maybe more so - than us.

If you’re a feminist, for example, hating on the patriarchy, what does your hate create?

Have you dropped in to feel the collective trauma of men, sent to war, killed as boys, stripped of their humanity and returned to work as empty shells, walking ghosts upon the Earth?

Or are you so blinded by the pain of women, you can't see that both sides need your love?

The God of War and the Goddess of Love are making out in humble, perfection-seeking Virgo, healing the split between masculine and feminine through body, mind and spirit.

We can make real-world improvements to our lives by doing the work, boldly going out to get what we want, and allowing ourselves to fully receive it.

The warrior never worries about fear.

The power is in our hands. The way we use our conscious will, and harness our energy, determines our fate. 

This is what Aries knows for sure.

If you’re at war with some concept, some ideology,  your partner, your mother, or your money, ask yourself, what is this really about?

Unless you're running from a literal physical threat, it needs to be dealt with in you, first.

This Full Moon, find out what you're really fighting for - and against. In there, lies your gold.

Aries says: I am the one who will decide what to do. My life is my own, I will fight for what I want, and emerge victorious from the battle.

Libra says: We are here, together. We're two sides of the same coin. The more I relate to you, the easier you will relate to me. Let's find a way to both win.





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