Aquarius Lunar Eclipse: The Future Calls

For the past two weeks, we’ve been bathing in the glorious light and splendour of Leo, creating, enjoying, and rediscovering our authentic, heart-led self. Now it’s time to admit that what we’re creating isn’t just for our own joy and pleasure alone, but an innovation to push humanity forward, beyond the limits of the status quo and into a new world of freedom for all.

Sandwiched between two potent Leo Moons (the second of which is a total solar eclipse), this Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse reminds us that our creative children may spring from our unique brilliance and be a product of what we most love to do, but they’re really here to reach into the future and bring forth a vision of what’s possible for us all.

Aquarius rules technology, the counter-culture, the futuristic realms of what’s never been done before, and the visions of a life beyond what’s socially acceptable and “done”.

Where Leo creates purely for the pleasure it brings him, and him alone, Aquarius uses his creative genius to fashion new technology, sciences and off-the-wall systems that bring us closer to our full human potential. He belongs not just to himself, but to his brothers and sisters.

If you’re not changing the stuffy old world and rocking traditional foundations with everything you create, Aquarius wants you to push your vision even further.

It’s not just about you. It’s about us all.


Marked by a mystic rectangle between Venus, Pluto, Neptune and Mercury, the full moon will illuminate tension between the traditional values of loving, feminine nurture (Venus in Cancer), and the equally-traditional values of ambition and professional power.

With Pluto in Capricorn, corporate greed is no longer cool - how can we succeed and do good in the world? Outer success that doesn’t nurture the soul and family - the primal foundation of society - is destined to crumble, despite the money, or status, it brings.

Without the support of the mother, the father can’t achieve his greatness. And without the sanctuary of home to return to, it’s a lonely life at the top.

Spiritual ideals (Neptune in Pisces) and analytical communication (Mercury in Virgo) are also playing a role in the tension. What feels like an unformed, nebulous fantasy of divine inspiration must be brought into sharp focus, and sifted through with a fine-toothed comb to find what works, and what doesn’t.

Nothing is simply “good enough” for Virgo, who sees the flaws in human interpretations of divine ideals, and works tirelessly to make them as perfect as can be.

The power of the mystic rectangle integrates the tensions, bringing a working harmony of cosmic energies to create practical, real-world outcomes based on flimsy other-world dreams, creations that nurture the soul and realise powerful ambitions at the same time. 

If you’re cooking a creative brain child right now, you may be feeling the intensity of trying to bring your vision down to earth, wrangling with its many imperfections, and staying balanced between your drive for success, and the need to feel rooted at home.


The Sun and Mars in Leo form a Yod with Neptune and Pluto, activating the mystic rectangle, and bringing epic amount of creative tension into this lunar eclipse. We’re being literally driven by the hand of god to create something bold and brilliant right now, sourcing our creative power from the depths of soul and the heights of transcendent inspiration. 

Like any artist, we must stay true to the vision, let it unfold before us, follow the nudges that say, “do this,” or “do that,” without knowing how, or if, it will all work out.

Trusting that we are not just the creator, but the channel of the Creator, and we’re being worked through, just as much as we’re doing the work.

The Moon in Aquarius forms the release point of the yod, meaning it’s the funnel for the immense creative tension being channeled on earth right now.

New inventions are being born, eureka moments being had, and a shiny new vision of human potential is being realised in the hearts and minds of people all over the globe. From iPads to social justice, astrology to biotechnology, what’s never been done in the world is being dreamed up by human geniuses right now.


Since the Leo new Moon, I’ve been following my fun, rather than trying to fit into old plans and ideas of what “should’ be done. Juggling several projects at once has made my mad-scientist Aquarian Mercury-ruled mind weary, so I asked my heart what would be fun each day, and enjoyed doing what it said, instead.

In no time at all, I’d made big progress on a dream I've often imagined, but which I thought would take me years. Staying with the fun, enjoying the process, and pushing the boundaries of what seems possible has made me the inventor of my very own deck of Cosmic Oracle cards. 

My vision is that they’re a tool to access astrological wisdom through divination, and to also learn astrology in an intuitive, experiential way.

It’s a total revolution in the way I’d planned to teach astrology (from solely online courses to embodied and tangible experiences), and in the future of my work (from conscious entrepreneurship to personal alchemy and creative transformation). 

So, I’m beyond excited about sharing these with the world. Keep your eyes peeled for the Kickstarter campaign coming soon ;)

Now I’m feeling the crisis of trying to bring it all down to earth. The designs are finished, but I’m trying to find the words… Finding the “perfect” expression for these intangible cosmic energies means opening a doorway to connect with them even deeper than before. 

The eclipse lands smack bang on my Aquarius Mercury (communication) in the 12th house (unconscious) - channeling innovative ideas from the collective unconscious is the theme right now for me. 

I actually see myself pulling the words from the future finished version of the book and cards, and just typing them onto the page. It makes sense - Aquarius rules time-travel, so I might as well work to my strengths!

Eclipses mean endings, and this one brings an ending to my stubborn mental attitude of having to “know” what I’m doing, and a new commitment to writing a the body of work that’s been percolating for decades inside me.

Find out where this eclipse falls for you here. 

Where do you feel a lightning bolt striking your world, and the carefully-constructed towers you’ve built being turned upside down?


The balance to the self-centred Leo glory of the past two weeks now comes in Aquarius’ cool-headed commitment to making new ideas a reality. 

The future is calling, and Aquarius has a direct download to the way it wants to be created - for the benefit of all.

The 8:8 Lions gate also falls today, and we can tap into the power of the Sun, the pride of the Lion, and the creative genius within us to not just fill our own hearts, but revolutionise the lives of others.

How can you start a revolution with your creative gifts? 

What's your vision for your freedom?

How can you reach into the future, and bring back something real for the world?


If you want to free your own genius, I'm here to help you remember who you are, why you're here, and what that special thing is that only you can do.

"It truly has made sense of why I am the way I am, the struggles I face or have faced and given me permission to be the real me, not something that is expected of me or more acceptable to the masses.” - Tarnya.

Is it time for you to bring your unique genius to the world?  Then click here and let me be your cosmic guide.

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