Pisces New Moon / Solar Eclipse - Spiritual Rebirth

You must be willing to let go of the life you’ve planned, to have the life that’s waiting for you. - J.C.

A world of unknown potential opens before us at the Pisces Solar Eclipse. With Pisces, if we can dream it, we can be it. 

We’re being drenched in an ocean of blissed-out surrender as the mystery unfolds before us right now. And all we we have to operate on is faith: the more we try to know or control the future, the quicker it disappears before our eyes.

As Mars and Neptune were conjunct in Pisces on New Year's Day, just one degree from the eclipse point, it feels like the Fishes are our guiding beings for 2017. So, rather than clinging to our personal desires, and manipulating the universe into complying with our egoic will, we need to flow with the current, and allow ourselves to be guided to the bliss that’s already here.

To ride the waves with Grace, we need to release the lies of the past. Take up our sword of truth, and cut away everything that binds us to our own sorry self-undoing.

This Pisces eclipse will remind us of what we most fear, where we sabotage and undermine ourselves, and how we undo the very good that we crave in our lives.

We need to wade through the shadowy fog that binds us to our own bullshit, and emerge as the spiritual warrior on a mission to fight for our dreams.


Own Your Spiritual Warrior

I remember feeling into the dawn of 2017, lost in a rapture of bliss and devotion. Rather than being consumed by my usual Uranian mad-scientist visions, I was utterly at peace with life, the Universe, and everything. I felt my old self literally dissolve in a mysterious spiritual rebirth.

Soon, I had to meet the parts of me still fighting old crusades, still leaking power to old enemies, and still being dragged into every astral drama without boundaries or discernment. My ego-attachments were alive and kicking, and they were not going down without a fight.

When we seek the higher realms, we need to cross the astral plane. It's there that we're tested, and forced to develop our real spiritual will. Unless we can release the ghosts of the past, and slay the entities that whisper in our ears, we will never receive the true Piscean gifts we seek. We'll never know ourselves as One with Life while our strings are still being pulled from behind the scenes. 

The shadow side of Pisces is endless self-delusion and sabotage. Fish can find themselves inexplicably dragged about by hidden astral/emotional forces, to the extent that they appear to lose their own will. If you've been playing in Pisces' shadow-lands: escaping, avoiding, living in a fantasy, rather than truly connecting with a power greater than you... Then it's time to give up the games.

This eclipse is the time to release those old patterns, and get real about what's holding us back. 

A soul-sucking force in my life, that I’d been feeding for long enough, was finally vanquished under this eclipse. I killed my good-girl. My people-pleaser. My stay-quiet-to-keep-the-peace-Piscean-sacrificial-self.

I released the belief that I'm here as a sacrifice for others, and I awoke my don’t-give-a-fuck warrior, who tells it like it is.

As part of awakening my warrior, I remembered my soul's first journey to Earth, and the sacrifice it took to incarnate here. We give up our full, permanent connection with God when we choose to embody ourselves in this plane. That’s the original sacrifice - of our connection to the Divine. 

As my soul took its first fall to Earth, the belief that I Am a Sacrifice was programmed into my being. So much so, that when I landed here for the first time, it as a ritual human sacrifice

The themes of Pisces run deep in my veins. For my whole life, when I’m feeling victimised, my pattern has been to stay still, stay quiet, and turn the other cheek, because I don't feel capable of fighting back. I'm too small, too powerless, too weak.

This eclipse landed on my Ascendant and Sun - the way I meet the world, and my sense of personal power. To say I'm feeling a personal rebirth of the highest order is an understatement. You'll be feeling your own it wherever Pisces lands in your chart.

With the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Lilith and Chiron in Pisces, joined by the South Node, prepare for a deluge of your wildest fantasies, deepest emotions, and highest ideals to come forth over the next six months. Your Pisces sector is in for a rebirth, and this baptism will cleanse your entire being in preparation for your true spiritual service.

With Venus, Mars, Uranus and Eris in Aries, prepare to slice through the crap that binds you to self-sabotage, as you cut yourself loose from the forces that drag you downstream. These energies are ripe for revolution, and they’re not afraid to wreak havoc with what needs to be torn down and destroyed.

So if you feel a fight brewing from the depths of your soul, don’t shrink from expressing your power. It’s often deemed “unspiritual” to own our anger and rage, but when we don’t own it, it owns us, and we suffer.

Sometimes it pays to turn the other cheek, and be meek.

But if that cheek keeps getting slapped, sometimes, it's wiser to bite back.

 Where do you need to pick up your weapon, and free yourself once and for all?


Get down off your cross

Walking past Melbourne’s St David’s Cathedral, I met a giant bronze Christ hanging from a cross. His head was hung in defeat, his body limp and broken. His hands were nailed through, his feet bound by rope. A crown of thorns etched lines of pain across his brow.

We see this symbol everywhere, and we accept it as a metaphor for the sacrifice of the human ego-self in service to God: the ultimate Pisces myth. 

But how often do we stop to question just how insane this gruesome programming actually is?

Life is sufferingThe way through suffering is to release this world and enter the next…

Don’t worry about what happens to your body. Allow your mind to be controlled, and enslaved. Forsake your direction in life, and give up your dexterity and freedom….

For God is the only power that’s real.

As a triple Pisces myself, I get it. And I totally used to live by that myth. But I suffered endlessly, because where I was was never where I wanted to be. Eventually, I began to realise that the more I tried to transcend “reality,” the more I split into pieces. 

Angry pieces, who weren’t being heard. Wounded pieces, who weren’t being met. And joyful pieces, who weren’t being expressed, because of the spiritual lobotomy I’d accepted. Because my belief system contradicted my direct human experience, it became a deadly prison.

The myth that our true bliss lies beyond this earthly realm is a dissociative delusion, designed to keep us from our embodied power. It’s a poison that’s been stealing from humanity for millennia.

Your bodily and human sacrifice doesn’t serve anyone, except those who seek to profit from your pain.

Where do you still play the martyr, in the hope that your pain will redeem you?

Get down off your cross. You're the only one nailing yourself there. Use your flaming sword to cut yourself loose from the ties that bind your to suffering.

Take off your crown of thorns, and replace it with your crown of Divine communion.

Withdraw the sword of suffering from your long-bleeding heart, and go forth, in true alignment with the Divine


Life is Sacred

Pisces reminds us that we’re all part of the same cosmic soup. The Fishes are the final expression of the Zodiac, where all aspects of life’s wheel are reunited as One.

One fish swims upstream towards reunification with God, and the other swims downstream towards ego dissolution and self-destruction.

Pisces gives us the power of self-sacrifice, and the power to make life sacred. It's always up to us to choose.

We can lay ourselves at the altar of life, and avoid our personal power. Or we can worship at the altar of life, and make each Earthly moment sacred.

This last Pisces eclipse for decades is an opportunity to end ancient, soul-level patterns of victimhood, delusion and self-sabotage, and step into a re-imagined life.

What you imagine, you become, so use your visionary powers with care.

My life has taken unexpected turn after unexpected turn recently. I suddenly left my home of four years, and where I planned to go next was not what life had planned for me. So I'm surrendering my control, and allowing something even better to unfurl beautifully every day. 

The doorway to bliss is to release the distorted Christ-myth, and the martyrdom programming you’ve been fed.

Release the delusion that you must forego your body, mind, and soul to find peace on Earth. 

Release the fantasy that you must give of yourself until you are empty, never asking to be filled up in return. 

Release the lie that you’re unworthy of love, just as you are, and start loving yourself with Divine eyes.

Allow this eclipse to shut down those old patterns, and guide you towards a bliss beyond anything your ego-mind could imagine.

There is magic in the air.

Invoke your powers of imagination, follow your heart-thread wherever it leads you, and allow yourself to be led and guided by love.

Prepare to cut through anything leading you astray, as you step into the mystery before you.

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