Why Trump Had to Win the Election

No matter what your feelings about the US election results, it's plain to see that the masses have demanded a change to the status quo. There's a global movement of people who are sick of suffering at the hands of an elite plutocracy who seek to feed from their blood and their resources.

First, they rose up in the Middle East. Now, they rise up in the West.

To think a band-aid could now applied, and things could get better, little by little, with the same old families in control, is delusional at best, and negligent at worse. There’s no damn point painting the cracks on a building built on a sewer.

What's now surprising is that so many influencers, individuals and media outlets, who took a platform of uber-rational, enlightened, progressive, liberal, loving and inclusive values during the election, have now turned and attacked the character of the "other side," spreading the same fear, hate and judgement as those they once shamed.

Fear is fear, hate is hate, division is division. And we're blind if we think we're "more" justified in spreading it, because our precious values have been threatened, rather than someone else's.

Scapegoating all round. 

Trump won because he tapped into a spirit of wrathful revolution now sweeping the globe, that's hit the West like a lightning bolt this year after years shaking up the Middle East. Fuelled by Uranus and Eris, this is a movement that will no go quietly.

With the Sun conjunct Uranus in Gemini, and Mars rising in Leo, Trump's a born revolutionary, and a born performer, with a Jeckyll and Hyde nature, who's determined to fight against the old ways. Brand Trump is all about "Expecting the Unexpected." And we're all for a show over the next four years, as change finally comes to Washington.

Sure, the guy is easy to hate. Easy to blame. Easy to ridicule by those who would never choose him to lead them. But he personifies something that will not lay down and go away. This is a genuine movement that will get ugly, on both sides, before it gets better. Shadows have to be seen and heard in order to bring them into the light. Shit has to be broken open, so it can be healed. 

Downtrodden, suspicious, and sick of the status quo, the little people are demanding a change to the ways of the crusty plutocracy, and to the slow erosion of their sovereignty.

It's easy to write them off as ignorant, just like with Brexit. It's easy to pretend they aren't real flesh and blood, like "us," because we don't interact with them in our economically and socially segregated lives. 

It's easy to say they voted out of pure emotion - because they did. So did the other side - emotion of what they didn't want. That's how it works. Just like marketing, politics speaks to emotion, and people act on their emotions en masse, under the spell of Neptune. Such decisions are rarely made by the higher mind.

Politics has become a game, run by string-pullers behind the scenes who create puppet leaders and bestow false awards on them to fool the masses into thinking everything's gonna be all right; the saviour has come; we can go back to our bubble and trust that someone else has it handled.

As for Hillary, with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in secretive Scorpio, she was just too hard for the public to trust. When I first compared her chart with Trump's, I knew he had it in the bag. 

A Divine Feminine leader will rise, but to succeed, she will not bring more of the same. She'll have the ability to inspire the masses by speaking from her heart, and change the world by aligning with her soul. She will not secretly side with those who desire to keep bleeding humanity dry of their prosperity, freedom and rights.

In the new era, women will make the decisions, along with men. But the new era has not yet begun. Much of the old still needs to die, and the epic, spectacular death-spiral we are now dancing into will expose the depth of deception and control our that society has been kept ignorant of, and suffered under, while the powers-that-be laughed all the way to the bank.

Pluto has been in Capricorn since the 2008 financial crisis, exposing the depth of organised, institutionalised crime around big wealth on this planet. It's like a boil that will continue to fester until it's been fully lanced and the true toxin eliminated. Tiny, token changes will never do the job. More of the same will never do the job. More shadow puppets preaching liberal values and enacting more of the same will never cut the mustard with Pluto in the sign of authority.

Uranus in Aries, conjunct Eris, is also doing its work. Revolutions are never pretty. They're never safe. They're never comfortable, because what needs to be destroyed are the old, institutionalised structures of Saturn, and Saturn holds on tight. Mars moved into Aquarius the day before the election, so the God of War and the God of Revolution were in sync in the sky.

So, rather than seeing this as the end of the world, embrace it as the start of the new one. We can't continue to prop up the same fucked up structures, electing the same skilful manipulators, hoping for our salvation in a leader who comes from the same paradigm as the one we're evolving out of. 

The system of power that runs the world is fucked up at the core. And now, it's about to be cracked wide open and burned to the ground, so a new one can rise from the ashes.

Bring it on. 

Taking sides in the epic battle of light and dark can be so damn seductive and satisfying, because we get to disown and project all the shit we can't bear to accept. 

It will get worse before it gets better. It always does. We're no better than history. We can't escape the same cycles that have swept through human culture since time began.

Heads will roll. Humans will revolt. Change will come. 

Remember the power you have is not just the power to vote for the options you're told, but to choose your life for yourself.

Eloise Meskanen6 Comments