Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon: Transforming into our New Reality

This month is full of revolutions, revelations and unexpected electrifications. We're being freed from a limited paradigm of fear and lack, and plugged into a new energy that empowers our riches and enables our highest potential.

The Aries New Moon delivered a sudden breakthrough wherever it fell in our charts, shaking up our lives and releasing us from the old. The Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon will stabilise our new direction, transmute the fears in our way, and ground our new reality in the present.

This Full Moon brings us face to face with demons from the past, so we can release and transmute what no longer serves us and commit to being here, now. 

The more shadow we illuminate over the next two weeks, the greater our rewards will be. 

Healing into our greatness means welcoming the return of old wounds, and reuniting with the Divine Grace waiting for us in the unseen realms.

This Full Moon, release anything standing in the way of cultivating the peace and material security you seek. And accept the help waiting to serve you from above.


Taurus and Scorpio: Stability and Transformation

Taurus cultivates Earthly security, while Scorpio works magic underground. 

Taurus rules material wealth, ease and simplicity. Taurus aims to stabilise the sudden rush of Aries, so we can stop striving and start enjoying life in the present.

The Sun in Taurus is now empowering our efforts to preserve and consolidate what we have. Taurean energy grounds our new direction in practical ways, and creates the strong foundation our new lives will grow out of. 

But before we can peacefully cultivate Taurean material stability, we need to free the stuck energy in our way.

Enter Scorpio, whose tenacious force will transmute the shadows on our path and return them to their ultimate creator.

Scorpio calls on us to face our shadow and bring our darkness into the light.

We need to dig deep and embrace the parts of us still trapped in fear, and ask who they’re really serving.

Our plan, or theirs?

How do our fears enslave us?

How do we give our power over to them?

How can we call our power back?

Scorpio is prone to emotional control and self-protection, power-plays and manipulations. Ultimately, the shadow side of Scorpio fears losing emotional control, because loss of control means death, and death equals pain if we resist.  

But when we resist our transformations, we can’t heal into our greatness, and instead get stuck in our pain and unable to climb out. 

This month, we need to evoke and embrace a Scorpionic death and rebirth process that releases us from emotional bondage and returns our power to us.

By willingly letting go of our all-too-familiar demons, we can stay empowered in the moment rather than enmeshed in the past.

Scorpio promises great riches, for those who dare to enter the deepest, darkest cave, slay the dragon inside, and return with the treasure it guards. 

If we don’t own our shadow, we can’t own our power, our riches, or our light. Nothing we build will last, because it's built on fear, not love.

Where we used to control, now we must let go.

When we embrace our fears they lose their grip and disappear.

When we release the riches of pure energy inside us, we're free to cultivate our Taurean dreams in the security and permanence of the Earth.



Lunar Manifestation Tips

If you set a New Moon intention two weeks ago, this Full Moon will deliver the fruits of your actions. But things might not appear as you first expected...

Full Moons are a time of reaping and of course-correction. So take stock of how your intent has manifested, and tweak your creations as needed. Then let go of the final outcome. 

You'll see clear gains over the next week, if you release control to the Divine.

I like to use this prayer:

I give thanks for the _____ I have already received.

If this _____ is my perfect _____, I will have it now.

If not, I will receive its equivalent.

By Divine right, under Grace, in a perfect way.


This gives Life free creative control to give you something even better than you can design yourself.

So stay open to being surprised, and grateful that your desires have already shown up!


Other Planets and Players

This is an Earthy and Watery Moon that promises real rewards and Divine healing Grace.

The Moon aligns with a Grand Earth Trine of Jupiter in Virgo, Mercury in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, promising a bounty of focused and productive material manifestation.

Once we commit to our profound Scorpionic transformations, we can harness Jupiter's productive optimism, Pluto's deep strategy, and Mercury's carefully chosen words to create magical, yet so-very-real outcomes over the next two weeks. 

Mercury in Taurus is of real importance this month, as it’s about to go retrograde through most of Taurus.

In Taurus, Mercury helps us to choose our words carefully. Mercury in Taurus has the power to make words stick. It just needs to be aware when it's stuck in its own head.

This Full Moon will ultimately oppose Mercury, bringing a conflict between our heads and hearts that can release us from stubborn thinking and bring us closer to loving thought. 

The heart is the portal to healing, and no matter how much the head resists, we need to trust in the flow of our emotions and allow ourselves to be reborn.

The Moon also trines Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, bringing a transcendent connection to the Divine and a reunion with our inner wounded healer.

It's time to embrace the wounds calling to be healed, and reconnect to the highest loving power of Grace available to us.

Surrender your troubles to the Divine, and allow it to work with and through you.

Invoke a higher power, hand over your human issues, and let yourself be transformed by the Grace of the Creator.

This Full Moon in Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, planets of masculine power and deep transformation.

Both planets have just turned retrograde, meaning they'll now bring us visitors from the past so we can release them and move forward. 

These visitors may just show up as our demons, who make themselves known as we uplevel into our light. 

They'll question us, as demons do. Challenge our goals, and try to distract us. They'll throw everything they have at us, as they try to change our course.

And we have two choices: to look straight through them and expand right around them, or quake with fear and contract inwards against them.

Only one of those choices will lead us to our true rewards.


What Would Buddha Do?

This Full Moon is the Western Wesak, the festival of Buddha’s enlightenment and birth.

When Buddha sat under his Bodhi tree, vowing not to move until he’d known the truth once and for all, he was the embodiment of Taurean determination and stillness.

And when all the demons of creation came to torment him, and he stared them down with his one-pointed gaze, he became the embodiment of Scorpionic tenacity and transmutation.

Committing to realise your greatness is an invitation to realise your fears.

You stir up your shit when you vow to go deep. 

When Buddha sat down, he knew what he was in for.

Every evil he could imagine sprung up to meet him, and when that didn’t stir him, every desire came to tempt him instead.

He was ultimately victorious because he was really well prepared. He knew all the tricks before they materialised, and no demon caught him unaware.

He attained the greatest reward there is: total anchoring in truth and mastery of all fear. And lived the epic, abiding peace that true freedom brings. 

He found the highest gift of Neptune: at-one-ment with all creation. 


Divine Healing Grace is Available to Us

Ultimately, this Moon is healing our oldest, darkest patterns, so we can free ourselves of them and regain our peace and power.

But we don't have to do it alone. The exalted healing power of Neptune, and the deep compassion of the wounded healer, Chiron, both sit in Pisces, aligned to this Full Moon.

It's our greatest task: to live our truth, despite our fears. And sometimes we hold onto our fears so tight, we ignore the unseen help waiting to take them off our hands.

In the realms beyond this one, hordes of light beings are surrounding us with love in every moment. They want you to know how loved you really are. They cheer you on every step of the way.

But we need to move towards them, too. Invite them to work their magic in our lives, invite them to join us as well heal into our greatness, invite them to remind us that we are not alone.

To rise into our greatness, and stare through the shadows that attempt to claw us down, is the path of mastery.

We here on Earth have taken this task on, because our Souls are ready to do it.


What old fear is standing in the way of what you really want?

What pain do you need to release so you can embrace the abundance you seek?


Release it on the Scorpio Moon, and allow your energy to be returned to you as loving living power, Divine rocket fuel for your big human dreams.

Hand your burden of pain and trauma over to the Divine. It's not your job to carry it alone.

And remember, just before the final victory, the old enemy always comes back for one last try.

It's archetypal. 

Be glad when it happens, for making peace with the past is the portal to your future rewards.

Stay committed to your path, no matter what comes back to haunt you.

It's just a test. To make you stronger. More tenacious. More anchored in truth.

More deserving of your richly earned rewards.

And more able and willing to hand it all over to a Higher power, and ask to be shown the way.

That higher power will always respond.

All we need to do is listen, and stay open.


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Eloise Meskanenweather