Taurus New Moon ~ Take Pleasure in the Present

Over the next two weeks, the Taurus New Moon helps us slow down, smell the roses, and enjoy the gift of life. 

With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Taurus, the sign of the steady and sensual Bull, it's time to stop striving and appreciate where we are. To ground our progress so far, and anchor our abundance deep into the Earth.

It's time to slow down, re-visit and rewind, as a rare five planets are retrograde at once. Instead of feeling lost because you're not rushing forward, reflect on where you've already been. By dropping your relentless desire for forward progress, you'll align with the natural way, and make far more progress in the end.

The purpose of a retrograde is to revisit the past, release what no longer serves us, and choose a wiser way forward. History teaches us everything we need to know, after all. Everything needs an ebb. It's what helps the flow, flow.

In a couple of weeks, the energies will pick up again, and we'll be full steam ahead. If you're anxious about slowing down, remind yourself of all you've achieved, and everything you have. And enjoy some down time while you can. 

Cultivate your patience. Use this Cosmic pause to ground, connect to your body, and indulge your senses.

All the pleasure, love, and riches you seek are right here with you, now.


This, month it's time to embody your riches.

Venus, the Goddess of love and money, rules Taurus, the sign of material security and pleasures of the flesh.

Taurus cultivates wealth not by hustling and striving, but embodying the abundance of the moment. By enjoying, like the Goddess, all she has.

We're taught we must hustle 24/7. That to stop and smell the roses will cost us our dreams. That big payoffs are made by relentless pursuit, rather than patient cultivation.

Who won the race in the end? The tortoise, or the hare?

Venus attracts her desires, and Taurus stabilises them.

So you’ve filled your program? Got that client? Had a win? Good for you!

How did you celebrate? Did you enjoy it? Did you even breathe it in?

Beyond a quick fist-pump, did you anchor that great feeling? Or did you rush on to the next big thing and leave your wealth behind you in the dust? 

As soon as one milestone is hit, we’re beyond it. Rather than slowing down to greet it, we run away fast as we can.

We’re programmed to keep moving, at the expense of real progress. 

I know. It’s hard. There’s just so much to do.

But really, is there? Or do those tasks just distract you from what really matters?

Before you move on, use the energy of Venus in Taurus to embody what you've just received. 

Next time you have a win, stop for five minutes to anchor it in reality.

The security we seek outside will never bring true safety. It’s our internal anchor, our deep sense of trust, our peace with life, that brings true wealth.

Riches are more than just cash. They're the richness we feel when we enjoy where we are, rather than rushing ahead.

Taurus calls us to re-orient our values this month. As you slow down, turn your attention to cultivating inner wealth. To gaining pleasures that'll appreciate across your lifetime, not the short-term wins that won’t mean a thing in the end. 

True riches aren’t just financial. They’re wealth on every level. 

This month, Taurus wants you to embody that truth.

Trust. Slow down. And enjoy.

All the outer wealth you desire will flow from your internal riches.


Imagine you’re a Queen.

You live a life of steady, embodied abundance. 

What does your life look like?

Mine is luxurious and pleasant. My Queen doesn’t need to go-get-em as soon as she rises from sleep. She takes time to enjoy herself, to relax herself, and lets her inner riches flow over from within. She moves at her own pace, trusting that everything is as it should be.

What does your life feel like?

Mine is full of fine Taurean pleasures. Luxurious food, wine, fabrics and adornments. Massage, sensual touch and pleasures of the flesh. My Queen takes care of her body because in reality, it’s all she’s got. Sure, she’s a spark of the Divine. But in this life, she’s human.

What does your life sound like?

Beautiful music, harmonic and pure, spills from every room like laughter. Birdsong fills the garden. Soothing tones emanate from automatic healing sound bowls whenever tension brews. 

What does your life taste like?

Rich, sweet and salty, filled with bursts of pure flavour. The Queen enjoys her food, for the pleasure it gives her and the way it fuels her body. She loves to nurture herself, and it helps her nurture her Queendom.

What does your life smell like?

My Queen smells her roses. She dabs perfume on each day. She breathes in the earth’s divine abundance, grateful for the infinite beauty of the natural world around her. 

She is rich. Not because she hustles fastest and has mastered the whole game.

She is rich because she IS.

She was born that way.


It's time to transform your money story.

The New Moon makes two earthy contacts, first to Pluto, and then Mercury. This month, Mercury - ruler of communication, thoughts and beliefs - is retrograde in Taurus. 

First, the New Moon trines Pluto, ruler of deep riches and transformation. The deeper you feel into your pleasure, the more you'll be rewarded. Last month brought intense shadow integration, and now we can use that unlocked energy to empower our inner work and transform our desires. 

Next, the Moon conjuncts Mercury. Go over your old plans. Connect with your old clients. Tweak your old offers. 

Write out your old beliefs, so you can choose some new ones. 

What's your money story? Do you talk down to it, complain about it, bitch and moan about it? And wonder why it never hangs around?

Or do you love it and caress it with your words? Do you seduce it, letting it know you’re in the mood for more and more?

My story was that life is a struggle and I need to work hard for money.

Now, the story I’m living is it’s a pleasure to grow rich. 

What’s your money story, and how much do you enjoy it?


Striving after money will never bring you wealth. 

When my last blog went viral, I breathed in and felt abundant. I didn’t care about the numbers, just the inner feeling.

I jumped on a canoe and floated on my lily flower lake. I anchored my core feelings of freedom, love and adventure. I needed for nothing, cared not for the outcome.

I realised what I wanted was already here and now.

Beneath the warm sun, the water frogs sang. On the jetty, my family laughed.

I was present. I was rich. I took pleasure in the beauty of my life.

That instant, my canoe turned into a yacht, and I imagined sailing around the Whitsundays. I’d never entertained such a luxurious dream before. But it felt real. Within my reach and range. A done deal!

A portal opened through embodying my true wealth that day. By drinking in my wealth, I reminded my cells of my truth: I am rich. I can let go of striving, because it’s already HERE.

But, the world soon called, and before long the pleasure was gone. I was planning and striving and conversing. I wanted to slip away, for the rest of that sweet day.

Leave it all and anchor my pleasure, so it never went away.

But I caved. Forgot my truth. And got lost in all the hustle. Capturing data, converting leads. Getting ready for the next step, rather than pausing to breathe.

My overwhelm returned and my pleasure swiftly left.

And you know what? After all that hard work, there never was a payoff.

All the hustle and the bustle pushed my true riches away.


How do you want your wealth to feel?

When wealth blooms, enjoy it!

Take it from its flowerbed and place it in your heart. Breathe its sweet perfume and embrace its subtle beauty. 

Don’t rip it from the ground and crush it in your hands. Telling it to grow faster, be more, become something else. Don’t just check it off your list on the way to bigger things. 

Pause to really see, feel and taste it.

That’s what Taurus teaches us about how to really grow rich.

Within 24 hours of this New Moon, take some time to reflect on how you want your riches to feel.

What are you three core desired feelings? 

Which three feelings do you need to let go of?

Write your answers down and place them on your altar, vision board or sacred space.

And when you go about your business, pay attention to how you feel.

Are you feeding your true desires, or the energies that drag you down?

Change your schedule. Refine your business model. Change your offers. 

Create a life that feeds your truth, rather than keeping you stuck.

Rather than pushing out into the world right now, magnetise your desires with this slow and steady Moon.

Invite the Goddess in this month, and let her shower you with love.