Taurus Full Moon: Creative Embodiment

The Taurus Super Full Moon will be the brightest lunation in almost a century. Shining down on us from her super-close orbit, she beams the slow, steady and creative rays of the Bull. She reflects our need to remain deeply fixed to our values. To cultivate material security, so we can find our place on Earth. And to return to our bodies, our sensual pleasure, and keep creating our art, because of, and in spite of, what happens in the world.

This Full Moon will bring the stabilisation of light on the planet. We've been calling for a shift, and it's here. Now, as we ride out the wobbles, we need to plant our feet on the Earth, re-set our heartbeats in alignment with hers, and feel her stable, steady presence beneath us. 

Our personal and collective light bodies are being activated. The light of awareness, the light of love, and the light of consciousness are streaming in, if we’re open to receiving and cultivating them. 

Yet as the light increases, the depth of our shadows are illuminated, putting our nervous systems on edge. With the Sun in Scorpio, we’re still illuminating shadows and practicing emotional mastery, and transforming the last bits of pain in our cells. But now Taurus calls us to make something of our sorrows, to craft our art and bring our healing into our bodies.

When shocking and painful things happen, especially when we expected bliss and enlightenment, the instinctive survival response is to fall into fear. We energetically leap out of our bodies, where we feel safer from harm. Now, we need to come back to our physical presence, and remember that the path to real transformation is through embodied awareness.

Safe passage through the storm comes not from dissociation, but from grounding our light down into our cells, where we can really make magic on Earth.


A World in Transition

We’ve had a cosmic clear-out this year, as the world moves towards the end of a 9 year cycle. Scorpio has done her thing over, and over again, and so much darkness and pain has been stirred, for each one of us, and the planet.

Despite his penchant for doing and saying offensive, unsavoury things, Donald Trump's election is no mistake. Even his Midheaven, the point of greatest achievement, will be activated by the Taurus Full Moon, sending this unlikely revolutionary’s fame into the stratosphere. Click here for more on the US election.

Many wanted a woman to take charge during the last, dark, days of the greatest empire on Earth. And yes, we’re ready for the Divine Feminine to take the lead. We need the Great Mother to bring more compassion, love and inspiration to a world that's jaded, and up shit creek. But a woman who's entrenched in the same parasitic, elite control that we seek liberation from is not the Goddess for the job. 

Old energy is collapsing on Earth. New energy is flooding in. Over the next few years, the changes coming to the planet and her people will ensure that the darkness holding the structures of Earth in its grip becomes too obvious to ignore. For a deeper look at how the world will change over the next few years, click here.

Humanity, and the Earth, has called for a rapid burst of light to fuel its ascension and evolution. And when the call is made, it’s answered, by the light, and the dark. Because both play a part in the game. 

We have chosen to make a shift. With a shift, comes a crack. And to paraphrase the late, great Leonard Cohen, when a crack appears, that’s how the light gets in.


An Opportunity Awaits

The Taurus Full Moon is an opportunity to find peace with what is, rather than waste energy fighting against it. We, the pioneers of consciousness, who want a more enlightened world, are now called to lay down our weapons of divisiveness and fear, and get creative in our expression instead.

We're here to hold the balance when shit gets crazy. To beam the light of truth into scenes of mass hysteria. To activate our light bodies in the darkest hour, when we feel so broken we can't go on. To make art from our pain, and send it into the world, where it can do it's work.

When we get so close to the shift we crave, the demons always come out to play. Obstacles arise. Things are not what they seem. 

We get tested, tempted, tormented.

Just like Buddha, dark forces will seek to tempt us from our Path, as soon as we commit to mastering our craft.

And just like Buddha, we can ground into our awareness, seek strength in nature, and deeply-root our commitment to remaining unmoved, no matter what.

When Buddha sat down under his tree, determined to release himself from all remaining shreds of suffering and illusion, did the demons leave him alone?

Hell, no. The light of his awareness shone so bright that the meanest, most fearsome ghouls were magnetised to his vibe. He dared to seek passage through the final gates of awareness, and he had to walk through the gates of hell first.

When shadows came to tempt him into false pleasure, he stared them down and reminded them who he was.

When shadows came to torment him with false pain, he stared them down and reminded them who he was.

When the most evil demons of all crowded around, to try to block the light within him, he remained steadfast in his illumined, conscious state. 

He dared to seek passage through the final gates of awareness, and so he had to pass through the gates of hell first.

Certain of his rootedness to the Earth, and his connection to the sky, he knew who he was, and what he came here to create.

That's how he became a Master.


Get Your Buddha On

If you get whirled into the lunacy of this Super Moon, be like Buddha for a bit. If your own demons rise up against the reality life, kicking and screaming and clawing at your ear, find a tree and plan yourself there.

Ground back into the Earth. Lean your body against the trunk. Feel your roots dig deep into the soil, and your branches soar high into the heavens.

Breathe as One with life, while the torrents of torment rip through your soul. 

When you feel the ever-present threat of a world you can't control encroaching on your peace, and you feel your energy shooting up into the sky in fright, call yourself back to your body.

Feel your body as solid and connected to the ground.

Keep leaning in. Keep letting go.

Stay there, until your suffering releases.

Until you remember who you are, and what you came here to create.


Sing Your Song

When you chose to incarnate at this time, you didn’t come for lollipops and sunshine. (If you did, you chose the wrong time.)

You didn’t come to float in your bliss bubble and do pretty things with your light. (You could have stayed in your cloud in the ethers for that.)

You came to find your Mastery. You came to reshape the Earth. To witness and assist as the structures of control and disempowerment were dismantled, and to innovate new ways of living instead. 

You came to hold the balance when shit gets crazy. To beam the light of truth into scenes of mass hysteria. To activate your light body in the darkest hour, when you feel so broken. That’s when your light matters most.

If we value love, we can be love right now. If we value peace, we can bring peace right now. If we value the Earth, we can trust that she is in good hands. Because the hands that hold and shape her are not only human, but Divine.

Humanity is poised at the brink of a new age. A shift that will be a long time in the making, and that will be filled with conflict and collaboration, deprivation and dazzling new opportunities. 

Free energy will come. When fossil fuels are not an option any more.

Enlightened leaders will come. When the old ones are not an option any more.

Women will share the balance of power on this planet. When we rise up from a whole new platform, rather than playing the same old game.

Find your place in the game, and play your part in the drama. But don’t give away your power.

When darkness falls, remember with stubborn determination exactly who you are.

Ground yourself upon the Earth, as the world around you burns.

Sharpen your pencil, reach for your brush, pick up your instrument now.

Be the leader, and the light, that you came all this way to be.


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