Solstice Full Moon: Your Portal Awaits

We must be willing to let go of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that's waiting for us.

Joseph Campbell.

The Full Moon falls on the night before the Solstice, in the final degree of Sagittarius. It brings a blessing to reward our faith. We've been seeking out truth in our Sagittarius house, and now we're rewarded for committing to our path.

In the Southern Hemisphere, we're at the Winter Solstice. It's the point of greatest dark. It's a time to pause and let go, before the light begins to grow again. 

All month we’ve been in the energies of the grand cross. Crucified, re-aligned, turned upside down. Four quarters of our lives are shifting, so we can surrender our best-laid plans and receive our true desires. 

The Gemini New Moon period we're in catalysed a redesign of our lives. It's now time to hand over our New Moon intents, and open to something more.

The Universe has a plan.

It's waiting for you.



Imagine you can receive your heartfelt desires.

Imagine you are worthy, just as you are.

Imagine you don't have to figure it all out.

Imagine you can surrender control, and allow yourself to be guided into bliss.

Imagine there's a portal to another world, and it opens on the Solstice Full Moon. 

As the Lunar and Solar years unite, the forces of creation - yin and yang, earth and sky - conspire to guide you beyond your wildest dreams.  

You won't find it where you think it is. It's not where you've been working hard to organise it. It's not where your parents told you to look.

It's where the calm, quiet voice inside you says, YES.

This is true. This is me. This way.

When you open your portal, you open your flow.

Your riches, your ease, your joy. Your perfect love, health, wealth and self-expression. All of it waits for you, in the other world.

In that world, your life is in sync with the dance of creation.

Your life is in sync with you. 

You feel the warmth of the Earth rise up to meet you. The love of the sky channelled down through you.

This is how life is meant to be.

You breathe deeply. Step forward.

The shadows at the edge of the path begin to stir.



It sounds too good to be true.

Shouldn’t it be harder?

Shouldn’t you have to work more, play less, suffer more, enjoy less?

Long black fingers claw at you from inside fast-gathering fog.

You hesitate. 

The trolls under the bridge begin to cackle.

What's the price?

They call out.

Surely there's a cost!

It will cost you everything. Everything you are, everything you've been, and everything you want to be. 

But you're ready.

You're ready to let go of the life you've struggled and fought for, the life you cling to desperately to,

You're so ready to let it go.

So you can find your bliss. 

You dare to keep walking towards that portal.

Who will you be?

Spindly arms grab at you from each side as you walk.

How will you survive?

You shake the hungry ghosts off. 

I'll be ME, you say. The real me.

That's who.

You move forth.

You've seen your truth. Touched your gold. You know this is your birthright.

As you commit, your scattered soul fragments are magnetised home. 

The threads of your life come together.

The why's and how's take care of themselves.

You clearly see the way. 

Can almost taste the bliss. 

A familiar sneer breaks out from behind you.

Who do you think you are?

You stop.

You think you can have all this?

You turn around. 

You deserve to suffer!

You remember your wounds. 

You'll will never be happy, never be loved, always be alone!!!

How many reasons do you have to prove that voice right?

How much do you want to deny your power, because of how you've been hurt?

To walk through your portal is to say, no matter what happened, I am powerful. 

I am whole. 

The past can not define me. 

I choose for myself. 

Do you relinquish your crown, or enter your portal?

Who are you?



It's time to decide.

Mars, about to go direct in Scorpio, lends you his sword.

You cut yourself loose. 

Venus, conjunct the Solstice Sun, lends you her love.

You choose to love yourself, radically.  

No matter what. 

That’s how you get through your portal. 

You're being pulled into the centre of your own galaxy. Everything out of resonance will be spun from your orbit.

As you fall through the wormhole, like Alice, you’ll meet pieces of you lost along the way. You’ll realise there's an entire world inside you, a dark, star-lit cauldron of power. That's where you create from. That's where you came from.

What would you choose, if you believed it was possible?

Imagine the loving Universe, with which you are united, wants to give you all you desire. And more.

Imagine all you have to do is say yes.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?'
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God."
Marianne Williamson.

Full Moon Solstice ritual

On the night of the Full Moon, feel into your best-laid plans. Reflect on what you need to surrender, and where you need to realign.

The Full Moon peaks at 9:02pm on Monday, June 20 (AEST). The Solstice occurs at 8:35am on Tuesday, June 21.

Make a list of everything you want to release to the Divine. Beliefs, patterns, habits, circumstances, people and events.

Invite your Soul, your guidance and the Divine to help you let go of life you’ve planned, and guide you into your perfect health, wealth, love and self-expression.

What do you hand over? 

What do you desire?

Burn your words in a candle, or a bonfire. Hand it all over. It's no longer yours to carry.

The next morning, after the Sun moves into Cancer, make a list of all you have accomplished since September 2015. Sometimes we're so focused on making new intentions, we forget to celebrate all we've achieved.

This is the last phase of a cycle (in the Southern Hemisphere) that began last Spring.

What have you done in the past nine months?

What do you have to celebrate? 

What are you ready to let go of this season?

What are you ready to call in as this cycle enters its final stage?

Five and a half years ago, in an ancient volcano crater, under the Summer Solstice Full Moon, I made a vow to follow my heart. 

The next morning, as the Sun rose, I asked to be guided to a life of myth, magic and meaning.

A portal opened.

I stepped through.  My life transformed.

Now, it opens again.

Right now, the darkness is at its peak. It's time to go inwards, reflect, draw on unseen guidance. The Solstice Sun conjuncts Venus in Cancer - the Mother Goddess watches over us this season. 

As you make your way towards your portal, reach out for the Goddess.

Take her hand. She hears your call.

Your portal awaits.



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Eloise Meskanen