Scorpio New Moon: Phoenix Rising

Halloween's Scorpio New Moon will catalyse a transformation and transfiguration to rip the dross from your being and unite you with your magic. We're being opened to a place beyond fear, and awakened to the awareness of what needs to die in our lives, so we can be reborn like a phoenix in full alignment with our mission. 

There’s nothing half-hearted about the call of the Scorpion. You can’t have your comforts and evolve, too. So where are you most afraid of surrendering, dear one? This is where you'll meet your Soul.

It’s time to communicate with the call you've been ignoring. The Moon is conjunct Mercury, the God of communication, and the cosmic trickster is in out to play in the shadows this month. This Moon will bring your thoughts and feelings into the light and force you to get to the heart of the matter, no matter how dark it is down there. 

Use your powers of persuasion to heal, rather than maim and control, and you'll make magic with your words. 

Where you try to manipulate with words and feelings, you’ll feel the Scorpion’s sting. Work with your pain, rather than against it, and you'll heal more than just yourself.

Trine Neptune, this month allows us to surrender and transcend emotional control, so we can reunite with the Divine will that guides our every move. Intuition is sublime under these watery conditions. Use Mercury’s clever insight and Neptune’s inspired downloads to connect with the truth of your being. 

What needs to be said right now?

What messages are you ignoring?

What keeps trying to get through, and why haven’t you been listening?


Reclaim your Power

To access your full Scorpio power you must commit to emotional mastery over emotional manipulation. Scorpio fears vulnerability more than death, because it means the end of control. And when we allow ourselves to die, we allow ourselves to merge with another. 

If we can’t die to who we are, we can never be joined with another on Earth. We can never access our full resources. We can never access our magic.

What you run from, you are bound to return to. 

You can’t flee yourself. But you can free yourself this month. 

To release the emotions is to release the Soul, and the ego will cry foul until the end. It fights for its life against floods of deep feeling, not knowing the tide is too powerful to resist.

Once the old self has died, Scorpio’s higher resonance is unlocked: to embrace vulnerability from a place of permanent connection to the power and depth within.

When you go the the bottom of what lurks in your being and emerge stronger from the flames, you realise that to surrender is freedom, and to hold on is toxic agony. To rage against the fact that the world exists to spite you, is to throw away your truth as the Creator of all that is.

But to embrace the mess is to find your bliss, because nothing can ever maim you. When you’ve opened your Soul, and heard your true name, you can rise to stand with the stars. 

Sextile Mars, this New Moon calls you to take action, cut yourself loose and decide which way you desire to go.

Will you rise, or will you sink?

It's completely up to you.


Rise Up When All Is Lost

Scorpio rises up when there’s nothing left standing. She calls on Kali to destroy the last bit of rubble keeping her from the truth. Moaning as she’s hurled out of safety and comfort, she thrusts herself into the pits of despair.

For she knows this is her portal to the richest treasure of all: her immortal power rests in the darkness beyond the known.

Break me open, she cries. That’s how the light gets in.

What she fears the most she dives into with glee, and her shrinking fears turn to pure ecstasy. 

For she is still alive, no matter what.

She is eternity.

Take me to the darkest places, where angels fear to tread.

For I’m no ordinary shadow-walker, but the Queen of the Night herself. 

I belong to the parts cast out, I belong to the light. 

I belong to the Sun and the Moon, to love and fear and doubt. 

When you see me sob amidst my pain, do not weep for me. Being torn apart is my very wish, it is my Divine bliss.

For when I die, I am reborn. Each and every time. The parts I lost were never mine, and the parts I found hold my power.

The old, small me is exists no more. She’s shed eons of skin. And in her place, I take my throne.

As I reclaim the dark within. 


Embrace the Underworld

The New Moon is sextile Pluto, Lord of the underworld. So when you’re hurled into the underworld this month, under Scorpio’s cold, hard glare, find your feet, and enjoy the forbidden fruits you find down there. 

Call on Persephone to guide you to her most delicious places. And taste the luscious flavours of your deep, dark inner spaces.

If you prefer to dance in wild abandon when the world around you burns, than sit and thank the angels for the blessing that’s to come, you're a child of Scorpio, my love.

Keep weaving your strange, deep magic and your healing medicine

You're a seductress and a witch. A priestess and a shaman. A fearless dominatrix. You've owned them all, and more. 

You walk where angels fear to tread and devils freely roam.

When you're in your hell, invoke the Goddess to finish her job, rather than skip over the shit you feel and run back to the clouds.

Scorpio calls you to enter the cave this month. And if you’re courageous enough, you’ll get your reward: you'll meet your long-lost dragon, and see her as your own. 

A few years ago, I turned my back on the new-age tribe. I’d fallen out of resonance with the all the fluffy light and love BS. Got tired of trying to to wish my feelings away for better things. Got sick of the judgement of what's good and bad and how evolved I must have been.

I craved a depth and reality missing from all the books I consumed, got sick of hanging with Souls who ran from truth to the higher realms. Who pretended to be happy when their eyes cried out in pain, because they feared they’d never ascend this time if they fully owned their shame.

I’m not saying you need to wallow in masochism. That’s ignoring your power, too. Don’t inflict your dark shadows on the world around you and blame them for your peril. 

You’re not a victim - so get it together this month.

Own what emerges from your Soul.

When things arise that you can’t stand to meet, dive in and surrender control. 

For when you cast out the demons who lurk in your corners, you cast out the rest of your Soul. Your truth and your power aren’t found in light bearing until you’ve met your own shadow.

I’ve paid good money to be mentored by leaders who teach the path to success is pure light. Who try to ascend to great heights where where they can’t be dragged down by demons in the night. 

But the funny things is, when they’re triggered by their shit, they freak out and lash out and lose it. They can’t stand the heat and run from the flames, back to their safe little world. Where they're above it all and can't be hurt, repulsed by their own pain.

Of course, you need to focus on what you want most of all. If you go around complaining about what sucks in your life, you’ll energise more of it to you.

You’ll never get out of your funk if you spend all your days in the dark. But you’ll never step into full power if you deny darkness is part who you are.

If you ignore those hard feelings that claw at your Soul, as you strive to bathe in the Light, the weight of your shadow will drag you back down and you’ll never reach your goals.

The riches you crave will always consume you, and you’ll never find peace and real joy. Driven by hidden unconscious compulsions, you’ll end up a puppet of shadow.


Who You Are Can Never Be Broken

This month, Scorpio calls you to walk in the shadows. To stand strong in the eye of the storm. To rise up, again and again and again, for the seventeen millionth time. 

And when you fall down, make it complete. Lay your broken bones on the Earth. And call on Pluto, Kali and Persephone to rip your whole being to shreds.

Imagine great hands, born of light and of dark, tearing the flesh from your body. Imagine your angels all gathered round as the dank alleys of your heart are opened. 

Lay still and open for your transfiguration, allow everything that’s ready to die.

When my humanness cries out in pain, break me open, beloved.

Let the light in.

Break me open, crack my Soul, tear down the walls.

Break me open, life, and tear me to shreds. Rip me to pieces until the blood flows. 

Dust out my stuck places, clear out my heart. And put me back together again. Stronger, fiercer, wiser still, more powerful than ever before. 

For I am the same stuff that created the stars. I move the planets, turn the Earth, pull the tides.

And I cannot be broken, I rise stronger each time. I am the big bang, the starlit Divine.

The power inside me created all life. 

I am the fierce hellfire, the raging inferno. I am the destructress who birthed the volcano. 

Break me open until I’m no longer blind to my tiny part of the Great Mystery.

I’m met by the Cosmos, the Earth underneath. I’m held by the love behind vast galaxies.

Break me open. That’s how the light gets in.

Break me open. I’m ready to live my mission. 

I am the phoenix who's born from the flame.

Break me open. Return me to Home. 



You'll be rebirthed in your Scorpio-ruled house this month, so you can join with you Soul in a union deeper than death.

For me, it's the 9th house of education, wisdom and religion. I'm about to launch my first group program, teaching magic and holding space for epic transformation. But first, I need to die to all the ways I resist holding my own power by hiding in old dogmas that pretend to be truth.

I'm moving house from the volcano's edge I've called home for years, and which has pushed me into a shamanic initiation the likes of which I'd never willingly enter. 

I'm taking a conscious erotic dance class as my launch-mindset practice. I'm calling in the sexy power of Scorpio to activate my riches, and invoking the power of Goddess to channel my true teachings. 

And I'm facing old demons in my relationship that bring me closer and closer to truth, and more aware of all the ways I still pretend to be powerless and run from owning my magic.

Where will you die and be reborn this month?

Allow yourself to go fully. Fearlessly. In union with your Soul.



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