Sagittarius New Moon: Make your Vision a Reality

When all seems lost, and darkness crowds around, there always comes a new dawn. After a month of intense shadow and light work under the Scorpio New Moon, and a year of relentless death and rebirth catalysed by Saturn in Scorpio, we’re now at the final lunar cycle for 2016. We’ve dived to the depths of our deepest, darkest corners. Faced our fears. Surrendered our comforts. And evolved like never before.

Humanity is at the end of a nine year cycle, and next year, we will begin anew. For so long we’ve waited, individually and together, for the shift to propel us further into truth.

Personally, and globally, we need to find our meaning again. To adventure into new worlds and find a wisdom beyond the known, because the known just isn’t working, and the old ways won’t cut it any more. 

The future is calling, the shift is here, heralded this month by the hope-filled Sagittarius New Moon. Following Scorpio’s ruthless obsession with destroying falsehoods, reclaiming power, and slithering into the hidden places we most fear to tread, comes Sagittarius' jovial centaur. Arrow aimed high in the sky, seeking new horizons, and attuned to the symbolic meaning behind the many threads of life, he laughs at the dark past and turns to the fiery light of truth to chart his way forward.

Where Scorpio destroys because things need to die, Sag picks itself up and looks forward to a brand new day. His optimism is rewarded with luck and good fortune, because we get what we expect, every time. And when we don’t get what we expect, it’s only a matter of time.

The faster we see the bigger picture, the faster we’ll find our bliss.

So breathe out the last whispers of all that you’ve been releasing this year. You’ve come so far. You’ve let go of so much. Ancient baggage, karmic crap, illusions and delusions, let them all just go. 

As you breathe in, allow the visions that inspire you forward to fill the spaces of your being. Your journey into good fortune now begins.


The View from Above

Tightly squaring the North and South Nodes, the Sag New Moon is a karmic step in time. Squares to the Nodes are a skipped step in evolution, and force the soul to master this lesson before moving on. Collectively, we’re being called to master Sagittarius: to embrace hope and faith in the midst of struggle and confusion, to find the meaning behind all things, and to remember, no matter what, that tomorrow's always another day.

This all plays out in your Sag-ruled house. Click here to find out what this is for you. You'll be driven forward on a quest for new meaning with the Sun and Moon. Your willingness to commit, and do the work, will be tested with Saturn. And finally, Mercury will arrive here to help you speak your truth, and put your wisdom into words.

For me, it’s my career. With Saturn visiting my Sag-ruled 10th house, my nose has felt bound to the grindstone for longer than my free-wheeling nature prefers. I usually feel pretty damn expansive, optimistic and restless here. Being ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, I don't usually stick at things when the going gets tough. I float off, slip away, go underground, or just plain space out.

But my first year in business has been my test of mastery. I've committed, showed up, and laboured. I've felt the epic struggle of bringing my soul work to the world, of birthing my perfect, ideal visions into an imperfect reality, and of building a conscious business from scratch. Saturn, all the way.  

Wherever he's showing up for you right now is where you've been learning your mastery since late 2015. With Saturn in Sag, we need to allow ourselves to be forged into tougher stuff in the area of life we usually free-wheel through. So we can reach our true target, rather than shooting arrows blindly all over life. So we can build something real from our enthusiastic visions, something that stands the test of time and makes a real difference in the world.

To master our craft is to master fear, doubt and ever-present threats of failure looming as we commit to our creation. Now that I'm stepping into a new business model, and launching a new program, those old foes are back with a vengeance.

Just forget it, they say.

It'll never work. It shouldn't be such a struggle. You don't have what it takes. You can't commit to this. It'll be the end of you.

And we succeed only when we keep going, allowing power of our vision to pulls us forward into the future, rather than to be consumed by the voices of the past. To visualise, imagine and feel with every fibre of our being what we intent to create. To hear the seeds of doubt the devil tries to plant in our mind, and choose not to lend them our energy. To choose instead to keep our arrow focused on the truth we see right ahead.

When we can look fear in the face, and keep going anyway, we've mastered Saturn. Then we can benefit from Sagittarius' good fortune, see the meaning in all things, and claim our true freedom.

For an allegorical look at the story of this moon, click here.


Manifest your Desires

This Moon is a chance for all of us to expand again, and find faith in our greatest visions. Sagittarius gifts us good fortune and luck, if we meet life with the right mindset, and are willing to work at whatever we desire. When we're manifesting anything, be it a business, a relationship, or an adventure, it's a co-creation between imagination and reality. We need to commit fully to our desires, do the work to make them real, and believe, in body, mind and soul, that there's no other option but for them to come true.

That combination of tenacious focus and childlike, naive thinking is what makes magic in our lives. To see through the limits of space-time, and into the realm of infinite potential, and yet have the patience and surrender to allow things to take shape at God's will.

We make our own luck, by looking for the good, and staying accountable to the rest. Where optimism and imagination meets reality and boundaries is where we make our dreams come true.

Whatever you desire this month, the forces of creation are with you. The Gods and Goddess around you.

Your call to adventure beckons.


Are you ready to make your vision a reality with the lucky Sag New Moon?

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