Sagittarius Full Moon - Awaken Your Truth

The Sagittarius Full Moon helps us launch a fiery quest for Truth. So we can stand in our own authority and electrify our lives. 

Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to cut ourselves loose from bullshit and realign with the Truth of our Soul.

Like any heroine, we've reached the point in our journey where we now need to go our own way. To stay in the old ways is to stagnate. What we gain in the safety of numbers, we lose in conditioning from others. 

But with a square to Neptune, things are not as they seem. Once we rub the glamour from our eyes, and let go of our precious delusions, we face a test of faith that reminds us we are not in control. 

Humbled, the square from Jupiter in Virgo then teaches us to devote to useful service and purify, but by bit.

Saturn tests our Earthly limits, so we can achieve mastery on our quest. And receive a liberating Uranian download of genius from the Divine.

Finally, the Wounded Healer Chiron opens opens our old wounds, so our true healing gifts can be restored.

Wherever we adventure over the next two weeks, we need to expand, become wiser, and point closer to the Truth we seek.

Sound good? 

Here's how it works... 


Mission Truth.

Wherever Sagittarius falls in your chart is where you need to launch your quest. You need expansion here, but something feels tight. (Hello, Saturn!) You're hemmed-in, but you wanna roam free. (Yep, Saturn again.) You're probably feeling a bit angry about whatever you're resisting, but you don't wanna admit it. (Hey, Mars retrograde!)

Sag is half-human, half-horse, symbolising both the higher and lower self. He aims an arrow at Truth, symbolising one-pointed Devotion to the Divine. Sag teaches us about philosophy, how to find meaning in the bigger picture, and fuels our search for new horizons - because tomorrow is another day!

Use your wild horse power wisely this month.

Take your truest aim at what you seek.

It will be set in motion with the mighty zeal of the Divine. 


Enter Mars, sword held high.

The Full Moon is tightly conjunct Mars, retrograde in Sagittarius. With a fiery blast of power you assert your individual will, and catalyse your idealistic quest. If you’re not living your truth in your Sagittarius house, you'll be forced to cut loose in an potent flash.

So you might as well be the one to fire the arrow.

As Mars is retrograde, you could be re-acting things that happened in mid-March. By re-acting, I don't mean flying off the handle reacting, but re-doing something you did back then. Your energy and actions will be as powerful internally as they are externally. Through them, you’ll move closer to knowing your true individuality as a forthright spark of the Divine, rather than a separate human being fighting alone on Earth to survive.

Where do you need to act on your truth?

For me, it was my 10th house of career. I aimed my arrow at fast cash in mid-March, rather than the truth that’s always lit my path. I sold out, and soon felt the loss of my soul.

It might come as a surprise, but there are people on the Internet who see you as a dollar sign, rather than a soul. They lure you with tempting cash and glamor. And if you’re the gullible sort, like this Fish is, you’ll fall for it hook, line and sinker. 

Until you can no longer ignore the urge to break free.

With one strike, you fire your arrow, and set course for your rightful path.

But hang on, what's that? Now you’ve broken free, you’re kinda lost in the ocean.... And is that a wound in your side?


Welcome to Neptune’s domain.

The Full Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. You land in no-man’s-land. There’s mist and fog and strange things about. You expected atonement, but got disillusionment.

Your lofty quest just turned to free-floating anxiety. Nothing is what it seems.

Was it ever real?

Did it ever exist?

Or was it just a strange, strange dream?

This is the point where the real tests begin. You magically manifested your dreams, but they're not quite what they seemed. In fact, you've been deceived.

It’s easy to believe in God when things go to plan. It’s when the mystery strikes that we grow real spiritual balls.

Holy fuck, God, what the hell are you playing at?

Is this some kind of sick cosmic joke?

Are you having me on?

How could?

What about?


God says: Yes, I am fucking with you. But you have no idea what's coming. So stop your whining and go with the flow, already.

PS: I love you.

From now on, you've got two choices:

Fall into self-pity and despair and wait for rescue to appear. (Neptune Victim).

Or, surrender the fuck out of everything and go with the goddamned flow. (Neptune Hero).

And laugh a bit, why don’t you? Sagittarius loves a good time.

There’s an old fable, that nothing is ever good or bad, because we don’t know what’s coming next. This is Neptune wisdom.

Beyond our Earthly experiences, we’re part of the cosmic soup. And if we can learn to love it, and surrender to it, our joys and sorrows make sweet music.

It’s all part of the journey, you know? Just some more funky karma to heal on the way to finding Truth.


Which brings me to Jupiter. He finds the meaning in the bigger picture.

The Full Moon is ruled, and squared by Jupiter in Virgo. According to Jupiter, of course that had to happen, because it ties in to this and this. It resolves this old thing, and put this other thing into play. Nothing could be if that wasn’t there. 

It’s all just perfect in the end.

Always optimistic, always looking on the bright side. Thank the Lord for Jupiter.

Jupiter can also be full of hot air. He doesn’t like to be pinned down. Lucky for us, humble Virgo has a pin-cushion ready for any inflated hubris we’ve acquired on the way. Virgo reminds us our quest isn’t about us at all,it’s about the work and service we’re here to do. 

Virgo helps us heal and purify our nervous system. Pretty handy when we hit that tough spot on the quest where the walls are closing in and our body goes into shock. So when shit goes down, clearing all that intense Virgoan anxiety through a hands-on technique like EFT is incredibly apropos. 

Get your healing kit ready, and get ready to shift your shit. But maintain your balance, there's no need to be zealous. If you hit perfectionistic burn out, it's because secretly you fear not being good enough.  


Enter Saturn. Master of fear and Lord of Karma.

The Full Moon conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius. We’re breaking away this month not to untether ourselves from responsibility, but to forge our own authority. By paying our Earthly dues, in service to the Divine plan. (Payment plans can be arranged.)

Saturn tests our limits. He teaches us to master our animal shadow. We can’t always get what we want. And we need to come to terms with that, rather than trying to control the world so that it meets our insatiable desires and we escape the consequences.

The search for Truth requires self-mastery, not adolescent fantasy.

Saturn's the time-keeper, the score-keeper, the karmic guard at the gates of the higher self. He knows that the forces beyond those gates will shatter us to pieces if we meet them before we’re ready. And so does anyone who's ever experienced a psychotic break.

So, Saturn tests our foundations and forces us to restructure. He points out the cracks so we can restore our integrity. He challenges our ambitions so we can achieve our purpose. So we can ultimately pass our own tests.

Because it’s fun to go on a quest, but there’s always way more at stake. 


Thanks to Uranus, we're liberating our intuition.

The Full Moon trines Uranus in Aries. We’re being guided to plug into an electricity sent direct from the Divine. 

Once we pass Saturn's lessons, a lightning bolt powerfully activates our intuition and frees us to be who we really are. Without fear of judgement, but in free-flowing brilliance. 

Uranus is genius. The mad scientist. 

Completely lacking emotional intelligence, but more than making up for it with visionary innovation. Uranus cares not for individual sensitivities. It’s here to bring collective change and revolution, dammit.

Its earth-shattering upsets break open old foundations and allow new energy to pour in.

When the Saturn-ruled ego steps aside, the most brilliant Uranian downloads flow through.

When fears, judgements subside, we become clear channels for light codes beyond our conscious control.


Finally, Chiron in Pisces activates our Wounded Healer.

The Full Moon squares Chiron in Pisces. Our quest leads to our old wounds being reopened, so they can heal deeper this time. And we can receive our true gifts and purpose, born from the pain they bring.

Always a pleasure, Chiron. You know just where to bump me. 

I know it's for the best. But it hurts all the same.

Sometimes more, sometimes less. Sometimes overwhelmingly so. 

Until I realise I'm not wounded for my own sorry sake, but because I've gifts to share.

Gifts born from the greatest pain I've ever known, and yours will be the same.

In marketing terms, it's our perfect niche: the biggest hurt in our lives.

But it's hard to get excited about monetising your wound when you're in the thick of the blood and tears. (Despite what the internet marketers say.)

But when you pass right through, you realise there are others hurting, too. And somehow, someway, you have a drop of the medicine they need to heal. 

And then, you go your own way.

To find them.

To find Truth. 

To shatter illusions.

To purify.

To strengthen.

To get out of the god damned way.

And let the light pour in, baby.

Because you've got something to say.