Party of the Gods: an Allegory For the Sag Moon

The story so far: The New Moon in Sag squares the North Node in Virgo, South Node in Pisces, and Neptune in Pisces, sextiles Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra, conjoins Saturn in Sag, squares Chiron in Pisces, trines Uranus, Ceres and Eris in Aries, sextiles Pallas in Aquarius and finally conjoins Mercury in Sag.

That’s quite a party. So what better way to tell the story of this Moon, than to invite you to a party of the Gods.

Imagine a backroom in a magnificent Greek temple, flanked by clouds, overlooking the Earth. The Gods are gathered there, making much cheer, led by Sagittarius, the untamed Centaur, celebrating his New Moon adventure.

The North Node in Virgo, needing to be useful at all times, gets to work pouring the drinks. Never over-indulging, never losing control, Virgo is the designated driver tonight.

Sagittarius, dancing on the bartop, cares not for practical things. Let the good times roll, he says, whipping out his new Amex, and shouting the whole crowd a drink. Let’s liven this joint up! Get wild, cut loose. Let’s make the most of right now.

Virgo raises a skeptical eyebrow and gets back to mopping up the spills, keeping a close eye on how much everyone’s had to drink.

On the other side of the bar is the South Node, with Neptune, wallowing in Piscean emotion. Here, Sag is caught between a rock and a pipe dream. 

Pisces’ free-floating boundaries, and utter devotion to self-sacrifice, are right at home in this hedonistic vibe, where she can hook up to cosmic consciousness and let her imagination run wild, with a little help from whatever’s being passed around.

But Sag gets tired of Pisces’ sentimentality. When she starts to tear up for the hundredth time, he loses patience for all the feels. He’s restless. Eager to move. He picks up his glass and empties it in one gulp. Pisces checks inside to see if there's any left.

Mars in Aquarius runs past, heading to a vision of the future so wacky and humanitarian, that Sag has to join in. He turns to Jupiter, his ruler, sitting pretty in charming Libra, who plays the judge on all his decisions. 

"Well… On one side…" Jupiter begins, wanting to be fair to everyone, lest trouble starts to brew. Sag chomps at the bit, arrow held high, spurred on by Mars and his passion.

"Not so fast!" Comes a voice from behind. Saturn blocks the doorway, his shadow falling long and wide on the ground. 

"You’ve wasted your energy, Sagittarius, indulging every desire and painting the town red. But what have you learned? What wisdom have you gained? What do you seek, in truth?"

Sag goes white, feeling the oppression of limits and rules closing in. The hot air is sucked out of him as he turns to face his old nemesis, signalling to Virgo to replace his empty glass.

"Saturn! Just on time," he laughs. But the whole room can see his unease. Perfectly counter-weighted to curb his enthusiasm is the God of structure, achievement and ambition.

Sure, Sag has goals. Plenty of ‘em. He’s never at loss for a vision. But when it comes time to choosing one, and going all the way with it, he gets bored and finds a new mission. And he can always find a good reason for his restless wandering: it’s all part of the journey, you see. A gypsy at heart, he goes where he’s called, and he’s rarely called to stay in one place.

Not so right now, with Saturn travelling through Sagittarius. He hasn’t moved from the door, not a bit. Blocking Sag’s endless opportunities, he’s here to teach commitment and patience. So the Archer can reach his true target.

Sag knows before he’s told that it’s time to knuckle down. To choose the vision burning brightest, and bring it into reality, bit by bit. To transcribe all the wisdom bouncing around his fine mind, and apply his natural scholarship.

So he can fulfil his higher purpose as the teacher of truth, not just the seeker of wild pleasure. And realise his real calling as an arrow to spirit, here to return faith and hope to humanity.

"Ok, I promise, I’ll do the work this time." He shakes Saturn’s cold, dry hand..

Suddenly, a cry of sorrow rings out from the bar. Chiron, in Pisces, on the edge, near the shadows, has torn a bandage away from his heart.

"I feel the pain of all creatures," he sobs into his wine. "The pain of disconnection from God. There’s no greater wound than forgetting you’re One with Source, and wandering through this cold world alone. I try to destroy myself at every opportunity, but when I wake up, I'm still here."

Virgo discreetly slides Chiron’s wine glass away, making a note to serve him only water from now on. Sag wonders how much longer he’s going to be held back from his mission by blubbering sad-sacks, but Saturn’s still not letting him pass.

"Patience, Sagittarius," Saturn intones, with wisdom and authority in his voice. "Why do you flee those who are in pain? Don't those who suffer most deserve your faith, your zeal and your unbridled hope?"

"But God’s in everything! Why can’t he see?" Sag blurts out, causing Chiron to wince. "Look! He’s even in here!" He strides over to the sorry outcast, wielding a wine bottle made by monks as proof.

"If he is, then why can’t I feel it?" Chiron begs, with tears dried on his cheeks. "Why do I feel so goddam alone, if the Divine is in all things?"

"Ah! That’s your wound, dear Chiron. We all have one, don’t you know? Pretty soon you’ll move into Aries, and then independence will be your sorrow." 

Sag is not known for his tact, and his words are cold comfort to Chiron, who begins to sob loudly, in contemplation of even more pain to come.

He notices his wine has now turned to water, and feels utterly outcast from the Divine. Then he looks around, and sees he’s not the only one suffering. Several other poor souls sit alone. 

"Aha!" Sag cries out, giving Chiron a shove off his chair. "You’ve realised the meaning of your suffering. You're here to help others! Now go heal the world, and heal yourself while you're at it!"

Suddenly, a flash of light rips through the bar, as Uranus beams in from the heavens. The ground begins to tremble as he sends a lightning bolt into the dim room, to illuminate a good place to sit.

Virgo bristles at Uranus’ obsession with making such a scene, and the way he unsettles the order all. the. time. Saturn shudders, for now Uranus is here, his own earth-bound authority is superseded.

As the light in the bar becomes blinding, Jupiter’s awareness blows wide open. He’s awakened to a vision of his life and his teachings that point to his true genius. Freed from all resistance, yet determined to commit, he revels in this strange liberation.

What will he innovate from this alchemical soup? What does he have to say now? As the downloads pour in, he jumps behind the bar to play God. And the others crowd around with him.

Virgo, his scribe, takes notes in his order book. Neptune and Pisces lend imagination. Jupiter in Libra holds the balance between this part and that, and Mars in Aquarius motivates his innovation. Saturn keeps time, and Uranus channels more light to infuse his creative genius.

Ceres, harvest queen, Pallas Athena, mistress of intelligence, and Eris, dark Goddes of strife, dance around. Chanting and swaying, they hold space for this potent creation, calling the divine feminine into the crowd.

Finally, it’s done. Jupiter pauses his rapture, covered with splashes of inspiration. As he prepares to speak, his co-creators exhale as one.

"To find what I seek," Sagittarius declares, "I must go on a journey. I must leave what I know, to find who I am, and teach my wisdom to all who’ll listen."

At the doorway stands Mercury, with his staff and his winged feet, ready to guide Sagittarius’ next steps.

"Are you ready?" Mercury asks, promising the words to translate Sag’s big vision.

"For you, Hermes, always," Sagittarius chuckles, knowing he’ll never get bored with this trickster.

The Gods and Goddesses bless him farewell, and he aims his arrow into the sky. 

"No more will I wander, aimless and foolish. I’ve got wisdom to seek, and to share." Sag orates to his audience like a noble statesman, filled with zest for his spiritual quest. "Thank you all, for your lessons, your gifts and your challenges. You’ve made me who I’m destined to be."

Sagittarius is off on his merry adventure, knowing he'll make his own luck as he goes. As he leaves, Mercury slips a bottle of absinthe in his sack, to liven up those long nights on the road.

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