Pisces Full Moon Eclipse - Embody your Divinity


The Pisces / Virgo Full Moon eclipse, falling days before the Libra Equinox, allows us to bring more of our spirit into our bodies. By releasing the old wounds keeping us feeling separate from above, we'll leap into the brink and emerge anew on the seasonal shift. We need to let go of what no longer serves our evolution, and like the energy-masters we are, balance the opposing forces within until the world around us comes into perfect harmony.

Mars square the Moon will help us cut away old baggage, and Chiron conjunct the Moon will initiate us into our healing power. We're being guided to shed old skins of sabotage and control, and heal our relationship with Oneness, so we can perform our true service on Earth. 

As we sink to the bottom of whatever pain we feel, we'll realise our old wounds don't define us any more. The more we let go of our favourite dramas, the less life needs to strip away before we can feel our true flow.

We're preparing for a dramatic new beginning when we emerge from Winter's underground into our Spring bloom (in Oz). Virgo-ruled patterns of perfectionism, criticism and control will be surrendered, so we can do our spiritual work in full embodied presence. Through this eclipse we can finally let go and let God take care of the details, flowing with the Universe rather than micro-managing everything on the ground.

God + Goddess have got it, right?

We don't have to figure it all out.



Release & Rebalance

Release is the theme for 2016, and an eclipse in Pisces brings a tsunami to wash away our delusions and old dreams. In this 9 year, we’ve been purging the depths of our shadow, and channelling the glory of our light.

With Mars in Scorpio for half the year, following Saturn in Scorpio for the last few years, and then Jupiter in Virgo rounding things out, no unpolished stone within our bodies, minds or souls has been left unturned. Mars going back and forth in transformative Scorpio has dredged up every inch of toxic waste to be eliminated from the depths of our systems. Jupiter in hard-working Virgo has been the ultimate personal development guru, organising and purifying until we're are as perfect as can be.

If we’ve been brave enough to face our shit this year, we’ll have alchemised our wounds into diamond-like power. And now we can make light work.

I’m a huge fan of shadow work, inner work, and personal development. It’s where the real juice lies. But too much darkness and you get stuck in the mess. Too much self-improvement, and your head gets stuck in your ass. 

Balance, my friend, is what we all need.

Light and shade.

Jupiter in Libra, for the next year or so, brings balance aplenty to us all. Libra measures the balance between light and dark, yin and yang, wrong and right. The principles of harmony, grace, and relationships will take prominence, as we find elegant ways to marry the discordant elements within us.

As the new season begins, prepare to release the self-sabotage holding you back, and embrace the reality of your work in this life.


Surrender & Sacrifice

 Pisces calls on us to unite with the invisible mystery, and Virgo asks us to do our duty on the Earth. Where Virgo finds fault with what is, Pisces feels the Divine in all things. As we swing from the top of the heavenly roller coaster to the pits of earthly discontent, we’ll be stretched to mediate the opposing natures within. 

This Moon will take us from he extremes of uptight Virgo prickliness, where nothing is ever good enough, to the outer edges of free-floating Piscean despair, where the mere demands of daily existence feel like salt on sensitive skin. We’ll find ourselves crucified in the tension between the way life is, and the way we want it to be.

It’s either surrender our control, and cut away the ties that bind us, or be forever controlled by the hungry ghosts of fear and doubt clawing for their feast. 

To protest that life should be anything other that what is is to drive a stake through the heart of everything we’re trying to create. 

To demand that anyone or thing conforms to our imagination of how life needs to look, sound or be, is to twist that stake further still, until it is we, not them, who makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Pisces deludes itself into thinking she's doing the world a favour by cutting off her own power and falling into victimhood. In reality, she's sinking the ship and serving no one but her own insane delusion. When she finds her alter-ego, Virgo, waiting patiently ashore, organising supplies and getting shit done, she wonders how life can be so simple.

But to Virgo, nothing is really that simple. Where we have Virgo is where we’re prone to over-doing, over-thinking, and over-criticising. It's where we just can’t rest till that one little thing is fixed. On the light side, it’s where we can be of the most service, the most efficient, and the most healthy, once we've mastered our routines. 


How this eclipse affects us

This eclipse activates our Virgo / Pisces houses, and we'll find our way through the cross by integrating these opposite areas of life. Your Pisces house will feel the biggest shift, as your old illusions are dissolved and your spiritual connection reaffirmed. 

For me, it’s the 1st house of Self, and the 7th house of relationships. Pisces on the 1st means I show up as an emotional, changeable, enigmatic creature. I'm never quite sure where I end and everyone else begins, and I'm never quite sure who I'm going to wake up as tomorrow.  It also means my physical body is the scene of many self-sabateurial acts.

Virgo on the 7th means I meet the Other - my partners (and clients) - in a discerning, practical and organised way. I'm primed to fix my beloved's problems and continually try to improve our relationship. It works well for my business, when I'm focused on being of service to my clients, but it tends to wear thin in my love life. 

Every man I’ve ever spent more than three months with has cried in desperation, “I don’t feel I’ll ever be good enough for you!” The list of things wrong (from my perspective) can seem endless, and when one thing’s crossed off, something else creeps on. (But of course I always find them equally critical of me - such is the nature of the 7th house shadow.)

When I’ve realised the problem is not them, but me, I’ve been able to channel my desire for continual improvement into my own personal development. Strengthening my nebulous identity and sifting through my own chaff keeps my relationships healthy.

This is the shift for me, right now. Getting into my body and my own self-direction, so I can show up more fully for myself, rather than leaking my energy into imaginary problems to do with somebody else.

But the reality is, there is no problem.

Not with them, nor with me.


What if there was no problem?

I read an article yesterday, by a Light-bearing babe I admire, that smacked me upside the face about the whole Virgo / Pisces paradox. 

Virgo can literally spend all week dissecting problems and analysing faults. That’s part of its role in the cosmic soup, and one Virgo goes about with trademark humility and devotion. Us personal development junkies fall into the same trap, with always something more to fix inside the quagmire of our body, mind and soul. This life, past lives, where does it end?

But what if there was no problem?

What if everything was actually ok, just the way it is?

What if we could let go of the need to fix (aka control) life, the Universe, and everything, and just accept things as they are?

I used to long for enlightenment, as a way out of the immense suffering I always felt in relationship to another human being. With so many glaring imperfections to deal with, how could two egos ever co-habit in a way that felt anything other than insane?

The only solution, I felt, was to annihilate my own ego. Then no other human would upset me. Period.

Truth is, I didn’t really want to be in the world, with all its sharp edges and flaws. Give me Plato’s realm of pure forms, where math and geometry reign; or the world of plant medicines, where the cracks in my ego are blown open, and my light pours forth into nature in all her non-separate glory.

Not this pitiful, inferior 3D jungle, where nothing’s quite right and I’m always in such mortal pain. 

So I set about purifying every bit of density in the way of my ideal, Piscean dream, convinced that spiritual ascension would be my salvation. Once I escaped Earth, on some far-off, hallowed day, I'd find my twin flame and we'd be happy, forever. Or I'd stay on Earth, maybe, if it looked like a worthy sacrifice, and nothing would disturb my peace again.

Once I was unconditionally-loving, I’d be free.

Once I found the God in everything, I’d be at peace.

Once I’d lost all attachment to my human self and needs, I’d be good enough to go home.

I sat with my gurus, found the space between all things, and floated on my Piscean fish-wings for a while. But something always bumped me from blissed-out acceptance and back into chaotic imperfection.


Maybe a stint in a far-off ashram would do it. In a more spiritual place like India. I'd wear a long linen sack and eat lentils and rice, whilst the men and woman around me lost their distinction, all seeker-clones waiting for the Call.

No sex, drugs or joy. Just prayer, yoga and fasting.

Purified in every way, I was sure to find my Piscean God there, in Virgo’s uber-discerning domain.

I never went to the ashram, but did my own version at home, stripping all that I was down to a bland, inoffensive grey. 

Reading ancient texts, limiting protein and logic, purifying every inch and orfice of my being, I toned down my preferences faster than my muscles. My desires went the way of my critical thinking abilities, as everything that made me, me, was rejected as less-than-perfect.

Yet with each little surrender, my Soul raged and raged. Even for a double Pisces, the spiritual oppression was too much to bear.

In my quest for liberation, I tied myself in knots.  

I forgot there is no perfect, other than the perfection of being able to accept the mess. 

I forgot there is no perfect, other than the perfection of trusting the Plan, even if I can’t figure it all out.

I forgot there is no perfect, other than the perfection of claiming my Divinity, as I Am, without needing to fix a thing.

I forgot we're not here to raise our energies up to the sky, but to bring the higher energies down into our bodies.

To the earth, where we can use them.

So we can truly enjoy our freedom.


Embodiment is the most spiritual thing you'll ever do

Now, my ideal daily spiritual practice is to exercise until the demons in my mind run down my neck in beads of warm, salty sweat. 

To lie naked on the grass, as the sun warms every morsel of skin, and allow myself to drift into dreams of this life to come - not the next world beyond. 

To take my lover’s hand, and the rest of him, and lose my neurosis in a primal desire, calling home my little girl lost to the sensual, embodied woman within. 

The best mindset work I’ve done is exercise. The more I push through my physical and mental resistance, the more resilient I become.

The best emotional purification is sex. The more healthy my sexual flow, the more I flow with life. 

The best spiritual development is being in my body. The more I accept my physicality, the more my spirit can work through me.

No longer must we surrender our earthly passions and delights to be accepted into Heaven.

It's all here. In our bodies. In the flesh.

We just need to keep it real, do the work, and let it all go when it's time. 

Because, really, there’s nowhere else to go but here.

No matter how hard we try.

There are moments, many moments, when we're tempted to shut down the flow. Overworked, over-tired, overstressed, self-sabotage creeps in and healthy routines are sacrificed on sorry Piscean altars.

Piscean idealism turns to poor-me wailing. Virgoan analysis seeks each faulty needle in the haystack around us. And we stick ourselves through with the pins of unending imperfection. 

The exercise that feeds our soul can’t be done because of imperfect timing.

The elements that warm our body can’t be felt for imperfect conditions.

The sex that created the universe can’t be enjoyed for imperfect touch.

And at those moments we can choose to sabotage ourselves deeper in the hollows of despair, crying foul at the injustice of the world, because the perfection we seek is so far out of reach.

Or we can choose to power-up and lean into our fears, trusting that all is right in the world, and the Universe has it handled. No matter what we think.

Stay with it. Flow with it. Go with it.

You are part of the Universe.

Know there is a way.

Can you surrender to this?

Can you allow this moment be perfect, just as it is?

What if there is no problem?



PS. Whilst writing most of this blog lying naked in the sun, extolling the virtues of the elements and physicality, I lost track of time and got really badly burnt. In all kinds of places. So much so that each of my three physical embodiment practices are off-limits for now.

Lesson: we're never truly above unconscious self-sacrifice and sabotage in our Pisces house.  (Thank god for Virgoan healing protocols.) The challenge now is to surrender to my sunburn. To flow amidst the pain. To dive deeper into, and release, the ancient Piscean pattern of undermining my human vessel, through this big-time cosmic slap on my red butt.

It's all part of the Plan.