Libra New Moon - Spread Your Wings

The Libra New Moon brings our relationships to centre stage. All the ways we compromise ourselves (and others) will be drawn out of the darkness and into the light, so we can find a true balance within and without. 

We’ve just finished a high-anxiety eclipse season, where we’ve been pushed to fine tune the details of our lives, whilst surrendering to the greater Plan. Now we’re being reminded that to live a fully human life, we need to relate to one another, to make peace with one another, and to live in harmony with one another.

That’s what Libra’s all about. Libra holds the balance between the Self and the Other. It’s the relationship sign, the archetype of compromise, diplomacy and harmony. It's grace, refinement and beauty, charm, tact and pleasantry.

But if we lose ourselves in relationships, trying too hard to gloss over discomfort, and playing nice when times are tough, we enter Libra’s shadow territory. We  become people-pleasers, pretending everything's just fine, when inside us the balance swings dangerously close to the line.

We grow shallow, afraid to plumb the depths of our encounters, lest something unpleasant comes to light and scare the shit out of us. And we become trapped in a pretty, fluffy, superficial prison where keeping the peace, no matter what the cost to ourselves, eventually destroys who we - and our Others - are.

To create real harmony, we need to release the toxic belief that striving for outer harmony will lead to inner peace. Libra so often tries to smooth over frazzled feelings, so it can avoid the mess within. 

The wise Libra knows that we can't have outer peace without inner harmony first.


The Sweet Song of Romance

This New Moon has just crossed Jupiter, bringing noble ideals of justice, balance and mediation of opposing forces to the forefront of collective consciousness. Over the next year, Jupiter in Libra will teach us to keep a noble focus on the bigger picture of diplomacy - lest we destroy our precious connections through selfish pride.

The first law of relationships is that to relate, we must first communicate, and let the petty niggles slide. To stay graceful under pressure, and transmit love, refinement and elegance, no matter how dirty the fight gets, is Jupiter in Libra’s highest expression.

To Libra, the story is always romantic. It’s about the melding of opposites, the glow of candlelight, and the hum of a love song so fine, it brings tears of pleasure to even the most hardened mind.

The Libran lover is focused as much on its partner as itself. It knows we’re not meant to walk this life alone. And keeping the balance between me and you is what the scales were born to do.

But this is no ordinary Libra New Moon. A sextile to Saturn brings a serious, though easy, commitment. After the sweet romance, a real-world marriage is being made. Our Divine Masculine and Feminine are coming into balance.

Saturn asks you to commit to your relationship truth in some way, and to take full responsibility for the harmony you seek. Once we can mediate our own opposing energies, we can relate to each other as whole, rather than seeking to be completed by someone outside ourselves.


Balance from Chaos

Next, a square to Pluto brings upheaval to fake Libran games. Where darkness has been pushed under the rug, Pluto excavates with glee. If there’s old pain you’ve been glossing over, in the vain attempt to play nice and please others, Pluto will unearth it this month.

Pluto’s Kali energy will kill off what needs to die, and repair what can be mended. As she’s squaring the Moon, there’s the tendency to feel this release as toxic. It’s like the boil that needs to be lanced, so the skin underneath can heal.

Wherever you’ve fooled yourself into believing things are just fine is the place you’ll meet Pluto this month, warts and all. 

This doesn’t mean some catastrophe will befall you, and your love will be ruined and all hell will break loose. It just means things need to transform, and if your relationships (or Libra-ruled house) are holding you back from your Soul's evolution, they’ll soon come undone, so you can rebuild them, and heal.

Where there’s power plays, destruction, and blocks to evolution, Pluto needs to break loose, so you can live your mission. It’s so easy to get stuck in a lazy, Libra rut, forgetting you’re a sovereign Soul with a unique purpose, not one half of a codependent human duo. 

Libra can be so focused on what “you” want, and what “you” like, that it goes half its life without doing its own thing. That’s where Aries, its opposite, comes in to break loose.

The New Moon opposes Uranus in Aries, completing our Libran transformation. Uranus in Aries is a bold revolutionary, not giving a fuck about keeping the peace. It’s here to shake things up and dismantle the status quo, and go it's own way so humanity can move forward. So where too much compromise limits you - it’s now time to go your own way this month.

When the Aries Full Moon peaks later this month, a firecracker will be released.

Sometimes a revolution needs to be launched in order to bring about peace.


Your transformation begins

Before writing this blog I walked past a butterfly. Transformation, I thought, this is what Pluto brings us this month. We die to our unevolved caterpillar selves, and let go of the life of leaf-munching we know. We go deep inside, where it’s dark and closed-off, and submit to the dismantling of our former selves.

When we emerge from the fire, we’re rebuilt into something greater. More beautiful than we dreamed possible. We realise all we’ve been holding on to are false limitations.

Where before we could only crawl, now we can soar.

We’re a freaking butterfly, with wings to ride the wind as far as we desire.

As I walked past this butterfly, I saw its wing had been torn. It was missing a chunk out of one black and orange span. 

I realised this is why Pluto's here this month - to help us rebuild and repair our clipped wings.

Sometimes, we seek approval from others by clipping our own wings in order to fit in. We make bargains in relationships that force us to play small. It’s often how we learned to love in this imperfect world.

Wherever you’ve clipped your wings in order to be loved, Pluto will call BS and force you to rebuild.

Truth is, you’re a work of beauty. Full of grace and sublime attraction.

You’re a marvel of creation who deserves to be in harmony - with all you desire, and all that you are - both inside and out. 

So if outer harmony evades you, it means your inner balance is flaking out. 

Where are your wings a little uneven, because you’ve forced them to retract? Where do you clip your full power and beauty, and spin out of whack?

You need to break through your chrysalis, and find your own true rhythm. So those who truly see you can love you - at long last. You don't need to clip your wings and compromise your heart.

You'll realise, as you emerge, exactly what you’re made of.

As you will your true self out from inside the cocoon that’s held you, your wings grow strong, your aim precise, and you'll see what you've been missing.

As you unfurl yourself anew, you'll marvel at the horizon.

There’s a whole wide world out there, beyond your caterpillar patch.

Once you become your butterfly, you’re never looking back.

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