Leo New Moon: Take your Throne

The New Moon is at 6:45 am Wednesday, August 3rd (Sydney time).

This Leo New Moon starts a month of fiery passion and pride, where we’ll be called to step out of the shadows and into our power.

We’ve come through the dark forest of the past three to four months, where Mars in Scorpio has been dredging the depths of our emotions to help us feel, heal and release everything keeping us stuck. Mars travels into optimistic, adventurous Sagittarius exactly on the New Moon, ending what seems like an era of Scorpio-ruled darkness and transformation.

Wherever you’ve found your deep, dark power, you’ll now be putting it into action as you seek new horizons in your Sagittarius-ruled house.

After a long-haul in retrograde, kicked off by the mega five-planet retrograde from April that put the brakes on so much of life, Saturn, also in Sagittarius, is about to turn direct. In a harmonious Trine to the New Moon, and about to be crossed by Mars, he'll bring structure and productivity to our fiery plans.

Whatever we get inspired about this month has the power to be made real in a very big way.


Empowerment 101


Leo is all about expressing the creative power within. Leo is the child, the King and Queen, the artist, the movie star. Leo needs recognition, love and adoration - and when it’s lacking, Leo knows how to create one hell of a drama to get some attention. If drama appears in your life this month, pay close attention to your inner child - and how it’s running the show.

Leo rules the heart. It’s only by connecting to our true heart power that we can rule our lives like strong, magnanimous Kings and Queens. The power we hold in such a role can feel like too much to bear when we're in our heads. We’re so used to seeing people in power misuse and abuse it, rather than wield it with love, courage and joy, that we need to create new archetypes of empowered rulership - starting with ourselves.

Wherever Leo falls in your chart is where you need to wield your power and express your true self. It's also where you run the risk of draining yourself and losing your vitality when you deny your creativity and give your power away. This month, focus on empowering this part of your life, and becoming the King or Queen of your own domain. 

No one else is going to put you on the throne!

You need to step up there yourself.

How empowered do you feel in your Leo house?

What do you need to do to better rule your kingdom?

How strong are your borders?

How loving is your rulership?

How much recognition can you receive here?

How much can you enjoy this part of your life?


Spiritual Power vs human power


The New Moon in conjunct Neptune in Pisces creates a crisis of adjustment between our personal power and the Divine. As spiritual seekers, the thought of being celebrated, recognised and applauded for our uniqueness can strike fear into our hearts - isn’t it so unspiritual to have an ego, and to use our power for selfish reasons? The ego is what brings all the suffering, right? It’s not something to be celebrated.

Anyone on the Path has probably spent a lot of time and energy trying to deny, diminish or downright destroy their Leonine ego, uniqueness and power. The irony is, that only makes things worse.

Books have been written on how we need to transcend our ego, return to unity consciousness where there is no I and you - only the One.  

Leo laughs at this.

Leo knows the purpose of life (according to Leo) is to be a brilliantly YOU as you can. No one else will ever have the same unique DNA as you do. No one else will ever have your astrology chart. No one else has your unique, special combination of gifts, talents, quirks and foibles. 

There is no one else like YOU.

The denial of your individuality is the real danger - whether you're a spiritual seeker or not. It’s pretending not to be who we are that gets us into trouble. When we don't hold our own power, it's far easier for those who seek to hold power over us to succeed, and use it against us.

When we deny our power, we deny our creativity, our vital essence, and our leadership. When we stop having fun and start adhering to dogma, Leo’s controlling shadow takes over - and the joy shrivels out of each moment as the creative flow shuts down.

So, if you tend to disparage your ego, because you think it's less worthy than your "real," spiritual Self, offer it a little kindness this month. Remember - there's a scared little child in there who wants to come out to play. We're all just children, playing on this place called Earth, and creating our lives in every moment.

Have the courage to show love, to yourself and others. Set the example, rather than waiting for the outside world to take the first step. 


the Queen: divine power, incarnated


The Queen is the archetype of Divine rulership - the mediator between humanity and the universe. She hold the power of the cosmos within her. 

She receives riches as her birthright.

She is adored, wherever she goes.

She loves herself, first.

But she knows it's not about her. That's why she puts herself first - so she can then serve her tribe, do the work of the Universe, fulfil her birthright and heed the call of her Soul.

The more your love yourself, rather than deny yourself, the more you have to give to others. You spill out and fill up the hearts of those around you.

When you are fully, unapologetically, fabulously YOU, you give others permission to stop hiding and step into their light.

The world needs YOU. 

All you have to do is enjoy being exactly who you are. 

When you do that, you allow the creative power of the Divine to rush through you - and direct you to wherever it needs you most.


permission to shine


Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo may bring the tendency towards criticism, nit-picking and worry - such a damper on all the Leo fun and games. If doubts, fears and anxiety are getting you down, take charge of Virgo’s positive potentials and stick to practical solutions:

Dot your I's and cross your T's.

Take care of the details.

Be of practical service, in small, humble ways.

Honour your health.

Physical, mental and emotional purification is the best way to conquer shadowy energies. Don’t punish yourself from a place of not good enough, however, do it from a place of self-honouring love. Be of service to your body, your vessel, so you can be of more service to others. If you let your own tank run dry, your love will be far less potent in the world. 

If self-love’s a new thing for you, this is the month to play around with it. There is no possible way we can be any good to another person, let alone our whole tribe, if we’re not first loving ourselves.

Lead by example. Shine your light. Face your fears, and love yourself more. 

Set your boundaries and fiercely protect your lands.

Love your tribe, and enjoy receiving their adoration in return.

Share your gifts, express your heart, and live your joy.

There is no greater act of love than to enjoy your time on Earth.

We’re not here to deny who we are.

We’re here to BE who we are. 

This month, the Leo New Moon wants you centre stage in your life.

You have Official Permission to Shine.


Leave a comment below and tell me how you're going to shine this month!

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