Gemini New Moon: Redesign Your Life


"The moment you put pencil to paper is the moment you change the world."  Olafur Eliasson, artist.

The last Full Moon, in truth-seeking Sagittarius, brought epic Earthly challenges and inspired Divine downloads. Old wounds were ripped open to reveal all the places we still feel separate from Life, the Universe, and Everything. 

Now, the Gemini New Moon calls us to redesign our life. We've had a deep alignment with our true path, and need to think, speak and write the life we desire into being.

The creative force of the mental plane is potent right now. The Sun, Moon and Venus are in curious, brilliant Gemini.

As we think, so we become.

As we say it, so it is.

If we choose our thoughts and words wisely, we can breathe new inspiration into our lives this month.

The power of the Word is within us. We can use it to create our world.


Creative Choice vs Creative Crucifixion

This New Moon helps us step into Creatorship on the mental plane, once we make a choice.

We're at the crossroads of our old life and the new. Between old thoughts, and new. Between our old fate, and the one that hasn't been written yet, because it is up to us to create.

The thoughts we choose shape our actions. Our actions form our character. Our character becomes our destiny.

See how powerful those invisible thought-forms are? As they rush through our minds every second of the day, so they create our reality.

The choice we now face is written in the sky: the Moon activates a potent mutable grand cross between Venus, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter. A grand cross is an aspect of great challenge, and potentially great reward. 

The question is, how much do you want to struggle, and how much do you want to enjoy?

How committed are you to manifesting your vision?

The cross sometimes painfully pins us before we can break through.

In the lead up to this New Moon, I realised the financial success of my business had become the foundation of my self-esteem.

Holy fuck. How did that happen?

I had to unhook myself from the vicious loop of giving my power away to numbers and external conditions, because it was a slippery slope to hell from there. I had to find peace and joy independent of "success." 

I've talked a lot lately about giving up the futile chase and striving for money and external success. Because even if you win the rat-race, at the end of the day, you're still a rat. 

Looking for love in all the wrong places.

I felt the depths of the gaping hole inside me. 

The cross between how things were and how I wanted them to be had me pinned tight. As it had for most of my life.

I broke open.

I've felt like giving up so many times before. This time, I was sure I was done.

I wrote in my journal:

I feel so lost, confused and alone. 
Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.
I feel like giving up. 
Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. 

Something wanted me to keep going. Even if I didn't.

So I got down off my cross and just did the work. Without the care or attachment to the outcome. 

I handed it all over, and just showed up.

Whatever, life. Whatever. 

I drew and painted in the afternoons. 

Tap, tap, tapped through the chakras every morning.

Made daily love to my lover.

Got back in my body and exercised it every day. Because ultimately, it's all I've really got on this Earth.

I realised I'd been striving for the wrong thing.

What I really needed was a life of freedom. Not just a life in a nicer house, with nicer things. I needed freedom to move. I needed every day to be an adventure. I had to go on the road.

By the end of that week I'd made over $3,500. And by the week after, $6,000.

Those numbers show me that prosperity is an inner state. Because when they started to show up, my inner state did not change.

It's not about the cash. 

Money is fun. I'll receive more of it, of course. 

But it's not the thing. It's a mirror of the real prosperity that lives inside us.  

We're worthy for being alive.

And that feels rich to me.

It's always darkest before the dawn. When you feel like you can't keep going, keep going.

Keep going.

Hand it all over, and keep going through.

If we keep on chipping through doubt, guilt and fear, we’ll realise our creation.

There’s nothing special about those who succeed.

They simply never give up. 

That's where the power of thought comes in.

Which thoughts do you energise every day?

Which visions do you hold in your mind?

When challenges arise, do you see through them?

Or do you allow them to drag you from your path? 


What's your Vision?

An grand creation of a more aligned life longs to be manifested through you right now.

Jupiter, Neptune, the Sun and Venus challenge us to dream bigger. Desire more. Reach for the stars. 

To create, create, create. And then create some more.

They inspire us to unleash our inner hedonist. To indulge in more pleasure, marvel at more beauty, do what opens our hearts and makes our bodies sing. 

Yet as we dream rich and wonderful dreams, our challenge is to make them real on Earth. Otherwise our creations get lost in the clouds, and as time slips by, we've nothing to show for except the fragrant, heady hangover of sublime, indulgent bliss. 

This is where Saturn comes in. At the stroke of midnight, he reminds us we've work to do in the morning. And when reality of that weighs us down, Saturn helps us take hold of the chisel, and carve a work of heavenly beauty from the mundane here-and-now. 

Look to your Gemini house for what you're creating.

Here, you need flexibility. When things get stale, Gemini gets moving. 

So if you're feeling the itch, find a way to scratch it. 

The Sun, Moon and Venus in Gemini help you feed your curiosity and experience more wonder. This will scratch your Gemini itch. 

What's become old in your Gemini house? 

Gemini rules my fourth house of home and family. With the quicksilver twins here, I need a lot of stimulation and am never far from my next move. But I've been living isolated in the jungle, far from civilisation, for years longer than I'd like.

The internet is great for connection. But I'd like more of a life.

I'm now creating a way to live on the move, by travelling around Australia for a year. It'll open me to more wonder, keep me more flexible, and inspire me to constantly experience new people and things. To stay true to my Gemini roots 

What's the itch you need to scratch?

Next, comes Saturn with boat loads of responsibility. Blocks. Limitations. Doubts and fears.

You'll be feeling this in the house ruled by Sagittarius. Here, you're working towards an achievement, feeling heavy burdens, and needing to commit to realise a goal.

For me, this is my tenth house of career. This is my year to make it or break it. And when fear and doubt get the best of me, boy do I feel the crunch. But when I keep my eye on the prize, mountains can be moved. And keep my eye on it I must, to create the income to enable my vision.

The challenge from Saturn is to make your vision real. To focus on the one thing you're creating, rather than scatter your Gemini curiosity in a million different ways. 

This is how you make it or break it - depending on what you commit to, and what you think.

Where do you need to do the work to make your vision real?

Then comes Jupiter, with practical routines, health and humility. Wherever Jupiter is travelling in your chart is where you need to expand. And in practical Virgo, you need to expand in healthy ways.

You can't create something if you don't show up and do the work, day after day after day. Take a few days off holding your vision, and it gets replaced by your inner programming. Before you know it, instead of glorious self-actualisation, your prime-time show will be familiar ancestral re-runs.

So make sure you keep your vision healthy. Keep improving it, so it's as good as can be.  It won't materialise overnight, but it will happen, if you show up every step of the way.

Be aware of the urge for perfectionism in the house where Jupiter is right now. Criticism and anxiety about how things look, and the way you want them to be, will derail your creative success. Stay true to your vision, rather the thoughts which tempt you astray.

For me, this is partnerships and one on one relationships. To realise my vision of travelling around the country, my client work and biz partnerships need to expand. Sometimes, I'm victim to over-thinking and nit-picking, and worrying there'll never be enough. But Jupiter helps keep afloat right now, focused on the bigger picture, rather than feeding those begging fears.

What needs to expand and be made healthier to fuel your vision?

Finally, Neptune. Neptune brings imagination, devotion and sacred surrender. You'll need to enlist help from the Divine to make your grand creation. 

You're not just a creator, you're from the Creator. Your manifestations come through you, not from you. 

The sooner you allow it, the sooner Life can do it.

The house Neptune is transiting now is where you need to invoke the Divine. You're feeling some vague uncertainty in that area of your life. Things keep slipping out of your grasp. Nothing is what it seems.

Be aware of self-sabotage, call out your own delusions, and make space for a higher energy to give you some direction.

Neptune is on my Ascendant right now, making my already nebulous Piscean identity even more hard to pin down. Identity crisis 101 (down to my website branding). So I've invited the Divine to collaborate here, and guide me as I meet the world. Hand it over in your Neptune-transited house. Hand it over and just let go.

As for sabotage... With Pisces on the ascendant I pick up every energy floating around, and when I move my body those energies move out. But when resistance hits, and I reach an upper-limit, my exercise routine is the first thing to go. So I need to devote to a practice of keeping body, mind and energy attuned. Walking, yoga, strength-triaing, whatever. Physical exercise is my salvation. Without it, nothing really happens.

What do you need to surrender and devote to so you can create your vision?

Find your itch.

Work with the energies that try to pull you from scratching it.

Commit to fulfilling your vision.

Redesign your life around it.

You create what your mind believes is real. That's the secret. 

To create your vision in reality, you must believe in it first.


Ground it.

And when you've found it, don't forget to ground it. 

Gemini can be many things, but grounded it is not. Its scattered, high-strung energy can lead us into nervous exhaustion if we keep on moving with it 24/7.

Lucky for us, Gemini's ruler Mercury is in steady, stable Taurus. To make the most of Gemini's eternally youthful, sprite-like curiosity, we need to return to a peaceful, unchanging Taurean centre.

Just like a toddler exploring the world needs the permanent presence of a parent, we need to cultivate presence in our Taurus house, and put down roots there after a few weeks of retrograde upheaval. This is what will help us make our vision truly real.

As Mercury’s almost back on its retrograde degree, whatever we learned during the recent retrograde will be crucial to our new design this month.

Whatever Mercury’s trickster turned on its head is where you can now cultivate stability and security.

Mercury went retrograde on my natal Chiron in the third house of communication. With my self-worth (Taurus) wounding stirred up, for weeks my money blocks were rife. When I hit the bottom, I started the Rich Witch Facebook community.

Next, I brought writing into my work. Created a whole new stream of revenue, and made more money in a week than I usually make a month. 

I learned that by fully embracing our pain, we're ushered to the other side. Invited to take our place as bringers of medicine and healers of the whole - as well as ourselves.

What did you re-write from late April to mid May? 

How can you ground it to stabilise your vision?


Shift your life.

The Gemini New Moon will help us think, write and speak a new vision into creation.

We have the potential to align with our higher self, our true path and our bigger potential.

Where there are challenges, we need to re-commit. Surrender what no longer serves us, and find a better way.

We're on the brink of the Solstice, meaning the change of seasons is upon us. Time to wrap up the old, so we can call in the new.

Take some time over the first two days of the New Moon to create your intent for this month, and prepare for the seasonal shift in two weeks time.

What do you need to shift? Where's that almighty itch?

Take a pen and write or draw:

What does your vision look like?

What does it feel like?

What three things do you need to do to make it real?

What three things do you need to let go?

Then go out there and make it happen.

Think it, speak it, and love it into action.

You've got a choice between love and fear. 

Which way will you go?




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