Find Your Sun

Want to find your Sun?

No problem! Here's how to find it.

1. Go Here and enter your name, birthdate, time and place. Submit your details and you'll be taken to the home screen.

2. Scroll over & click on these headings: Free Horoscopes / Chart Drawing, Ascendant.

3. Your chart will appear!

4. Find your Sag house by looking for the Sagittarius symbol - highlighted on the example.

5. Check the thin end of the wedge where it sits for the HOUSE number.

If it's close to two houses, use the house just ahead of the Sun going anticlockwise. In the example, my Sun is between house 12 and 1 - so I use house 1 (but it can feel a little like house 12 at times, too). 


7. Here's what it all means:

House 1: Your sense of self, physical appearance, body, the way you meet the world.

House 2: Money, talents, gifts, values and personal resources.

House 3: Communication, siblings, short journeys by car, teaching, early education.

House 4: Home, family, roots, ancestors, endings, real estate.

House 5: Creativity, children, self-expression, joy, risk-taking, sex and romance.

House 6: Work, health, service, pets, employees.

House 7: Relationships, marriage, business partnerships.

House 8: Shared money, taxes, debt, death, transformation, sexual union.

House 9: Philosophy, worldview, religion, overseas travel, meaning, higher education.

House 10: Career, vocation, reputation, public image, professional ambition.

House 11: Groups, visions, friendship, humanitarianism, the future.

House 12: Solitude, meditation, the unconscious, spiritual mysticism, sabotage, confinement, 

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