Capricorn New Moon - Claim Your Power

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.”

— Joseph Campbell


As 2016 ends and 2017 begins, we're releasing nine years of baggage and stepping into a whole new cycle. Like diamonds forged from subterranean intensity, we're being rebuilt, crystallised and polished, so we can shine with significance in the world.

The Capricorn New Moon asks us to prune back all that blocks our power. Where we've shouldered responsibilities that aren't our own, and stoically clung to ancient karmic debts that create our own personal groundhog day, beating our stubborn heads against walls never meant to come down, we now need to lay down the burdens that don't serve our mission, and pick up our true ambitions.

Our real work is calling us. 

Your whole life shifts when you commit to doing the work, and only doing the work that you came here to do. What can you let go of now, so you can receive the life that's waiting for you?

Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto is helping you to excavate and exorcise your darkest mental demons, the lies that claim you'll never make it, you're not good enough, and you might as well give up are, spun by lurking ghosts of fear, dread and shame. With the help of the Cosmos, you can vanquish them in the light right now, and write your truth, instead.

Where your mindset has become a shadow-land, so you need to detox it, to evolve into the hero or heroine who returns with your jewel for the world. Luckily, the New Moon's ruled by Saturn in truth-seeking Sagittarius, who's always ready to find the bigger meaning.

Until we take charge of them, our stories rule us. When you live the story you've been given, you settle for far less than you're worth.

So whose truth are you living, anyway?

And which adventure are you ready to begin?


Jupiter Opposite Uranus: Breakthrough

2017 will be marked by synchronous breakthroughs and creative emancipations, reminding us all that we do in fact live in a benevolent universe desiring to support our freedom.

If you've been made weary by the relentless crush of 2016, wondering where the magic went after it arrived with a bang last New Year, and getting more pleasure from sharing memes like this, than from planning for another year of life on earth, be heartened.

Your quest for expansion and liberation will come to a climax this year.

Your magic will return.

The potent seeds we all planted in mid-2010, when Jupiter conjoined Uranus at 0 Aries, the first degree of the zodiac, will finally bear fruit in our lives.

We're at the midpoint of a 14 year cycle to liberate our vision from control. We can remove the limits we felt crushed by this year, when we dare to author our own lives.

Be prepared to see the world around you shift in whole new ways, too. These two have catalysed the fall of the Berlin wall, and the start of the Iraq war. What new shifts will they bring next year?


You're the CEO

So the promise of a better 2017, sparked by this Capricorn New Moon, isn't a spiritual carrot-on-a-stick. It’s a real-world opportunity, available to anyone willing to own their truth, kill their lies, and claim their freedom in radical new ways.

Capricorn isn’t interested in vague illusions and fantasies of salvation. He does the hard work the rest of the zodiac won't - in service to us all.

He knows that the path to anything we desire happens within. It’s about discipline, commitment, and ambition. Showing up. Doing the work. Never ever giving up.

So, when I say there are energies helping you shift into new states of magic and freedom, I remind you of your full power as co-creator. 

If you wait passively for 2017 to deliver you something better than last year, you’ll be sadly, sorely disappointed.

But if you crystallise your vision, and commit to your truth, the powers of the Cosmos are by your side. 


Mars conjunct Neptune: Act on your Vision

2017 will be a year of acting on your dreams. Surrendering your best-laid plans, and receiving the life that’s waiting for you.

On New Year's Day, Mars and Neptune are exactly conjunct in Pisces, the mystic, the poet, and the dreamer. We can dream our lives into being with these two forces.

So make sure your energy is clear, and your celebratory hangover filled with the types of astral influences you're happy to keep hanging around, when you make your New Year's wish.

With Mars and Neptune in Pisces, we need to become spiritual warriors. Cutting ourselves loose from the illusions, delusions, self-sacrifice and addictions robbing us of our full power. Surrendering our individual will to become a channel for the Divine.

The reward? Taking our intuitive strategy straight from the Creator.

The risk? Getting entangled in fanatical, irrational impulses that drive us over the edge.

Expect new levels of religious devotion and holy wars around the world as these two herald the new year. And expect the rise of new forces of true oneness and devotion to the Divine above the dogma.

And if your karma runs over your dogma on the way to do your dharma, just trust it's meant to be. Surrender your attachment. And wait for your true ally to arrive.


Surrender. Surrender. Surrender. And then, Surrender Some More.

Sometimes, it can be hard to surrender. What about our plan, and our desires? The me-me-me who thinks it's in control, wielding it's hard-won power like a trophy of war, sometimes needs to drop to its knees. Which are ruled by Capricorn, of course.

Rather than creating a bigger and bigger mountain to climb, and pushing shit up it, for eternity, what if we surrendered our grip, instead?

Handed over our efforts, and let Life lead us?

When the pressure of trying to control the infinite power of the universe in our tiny human hands and minds becomes too much, it’s time to let go. Trust that it's all being handled. And surrender to our bliss, instead.

What if this moment is perfect?

What if nothing is wrong in the whole of creation? 

What if the Universe has it all figured out?

We’re being stripped of all the bullshit keeping us from our bliss as we had into 2017.


It’s all being handled.

All you need to do is show up.

Show up in your Capricorn house this month, because that’s where you'll do your work. And be ready to swipe your sword of surrender at every challenge you meet.


The Power of Story

For me, it’s the 11th of visions, groups and the future. 

After launching and starting a group program, on the back of an exhausting year of trials, setting my new year's visions, and always, always living in the far-off future, as the creative visionary I am, my mind, body and soul cried out to stop.

I released every ounce of control, and my old, worn-out visions fell to the floor. 

I threw out my old notebooks. Journals, biz plans, a whole novel written by hand, all made way for new ideas, not born from struggle and effort, but conceived from service to above.

Show me how I'm here to serve. I'm not going to fight it any more.

I got the nudge to start plotting my story. Long winding roads of trials and allies, moments of death and no return, resurrections and rewards. Parts of my life I'd written off as wasted, lost, filled with failure and regret, turned out to be my greatest moments.

Because at those times of crisis, I lost my illusions, and found my power.

Those low points don't break us - they make us.

As I found my inner myth, I claimed the heroic nature of my extra-ordinary life.

Everything that showed up was just perfect. Every moment the opportunity I'd ordered.


Choose Your Own Adventure

Imagine a movie that goes…

Scene One: Jill became wildly successful / enlightened / in love. 

The end.


But to see Jill meet challenge and triumph, evolving within, and without?

The villain returning just as she claims the prize, so she can own her power again?

The wounded King and outcast Queen reunited at the end?

The Goddess awakened, redeeming the land?

That’s a story worth watching. Worth living. Don't you think?

We all have these stories inside us. We’re myth-makers, every day.

So when the devils on your path whisper with glee that you'll never amount to much, thank them for playing evil step-mother to your heroine, take your pen, and author your own myth, instead.

You're here to for a purpose: to restore balance to the world, in your own special way.

Your pain is your turning point, your crisis, your climax.

Your reward is to face death, and know infinity.

When you return, the world will be richer for it. 

Isn't it time you got on your way?

So claim your power in 2017.

Choose your own adventure.

Live your myth, and enjoy every scene.

You'll soon find that there's no better way to exist than to be who you were created to be.

I'm running a free 7 day heroine's journey Myth Quest in the New Year. It's a fun, creative and empowering way to take creative command of your story - and life.

Sign up to re-write your life, own your trials and triumphs, and reclaim your power as the heroine of your own adventure!

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