Capricorn Full Moon: Align to your Mission

After two weeks of nurture and self-care following the Cancer New Moon, the Goddess energy within us has been activated and ripened. Now, we can choose to restructure our lives based on what we really need right now. 

Capricorn wants us to get clear on what serves our ultimate mission, and prune back what’s getting in the way. It calls us to grow up and get real, so we can achieve our dreams. To bring our soft, unformed hopes into worldly maturity.

When we’re birthing and nurturing with Cancer energy we can forget all about the world outside our nest. But Capricorn now brings us out of our cave, so we can create something of substance that shows the world who we are.

What we commit to right now plants the seed for the coming season (starting September). So make sure it’s aligned, choose the right seeds to cultivate, and prepare to work - and play hard - to bring it into reality.

What have you been nurturing that now needs to be made real in the world?


Work hard, play hard

Venus and Mercury are conjoined in Leo, on the degree of the next Leo New Moon. So this isn’t a time of all Capricorn work and no fun, but instead, a time when we need to create our ambitions from joyful hearts - and then create a strategy to bring our joy to the world.

What does your heart truly desire to do?

Not your head, or your bank balance, or your old schemes and dreams. But that voice inside you who says, YES! This is it. This is me.

This is what really lights my soul up. This is the most fun I can possibly have and be.

This is the way to feeling more like a Queen (the key to owning this bright Leo power).

Leo knows life is a game - and you choose how to play it.

Next month, you’ll roll the dice and let the cards fall where they may.

For now, you need to choose which game to play. 

There are infinite games, and infinite characters to play.

Will your game be more fun, or more of the same?

Will it be slightly different to your regular game, or will you throw the old one completely away?

The choice is yours!

Make it count. Now's the time.

This month, choose the game you really want to play. 

Because next month, it’s up, up and away!


With so many potentials, how do you choose?

Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is here to help narrow things down.

He wants you to bring something to maturity, so you can make something of your life, and actualise your Self in the world. So, at the end of your days, you can look back on all you've done and know you gave it your best shot.

If you’ve been nurturing yourself with Cancer these past couple of weeks, you’ve got a sense of what you really need inside.

From there, you can choose which goals to reach for, and which to relinquish, because they're either aligned with who you really are, or out of touch with your true nature.

This is the key to picking the right game to play, and the right ambitions to reach for: they need to nurture your soul, not just seem like a good idea, or a boost to your fragile ego.

True goals motivate you way more than mere material or social rewards. When you do what you love, and be who you are, life has a way of rewarding you far more than when you play safe and aim low just to rake in the cash.

Sure, you can struggle and strive to make those ends meet, but at the end of the day, you'll always need more.

What would you do if you were already a millionaire? A billionaire, perhaps? With no need to earn cash (unless you’re insatiable, in which case - RELAX!)

A coach once asked me what I’d do if I already had everything I needed.

That’s easy! I said. I’d paint and create. Take photos, make portraits, write books... Make, make, make!

So why aren’t you doing it? She asked. 

Hmm. Why not?

I can’t! I protested. I can’t afford to take time out from my business. Those things are for later, for when I've made it, for when I've earned my right to have fun. And do what I love.

Oh, now wasn't that a telling conversation?

She didn’t need to point out the futility of my vision. Would I ever be able to fulfil it from that place of limitation? Unlikely. I’d spend my whole life making excuses, and grow bitter and twisted as my creativity turned inwards. Waiting for the day when I'd earned my pleasure.

A day that would never come, as long as I kept putting it off, because I wasn't enough just as I was.

So what are you waiting for some far-off day to do?

What do you need to give yourself permission to do NOW?

Putting your true dreams on hold, for another day, is the best way to make sure they never become reality.

Capricorn's strategic intelligence is what helps you climb that mountain. 

So take your first steps. Take some more. And keep going - one day, the achievement will be yours.


Get clear and commit.

Capricorn needs you to get really damned clear. So you can climb your real mountain, and actualise your real potential. Not play the go-getter in someone else’s vision.

A couple of weeks ago I was in total overwhelm. Already busy as could be (and pretty darned proud of it - woo-hoo!), I was taking more and more on. New programs and projects were buzzing around in my head. Collaborations and ventures sprung up everywhere I went.

Being a compulsive creative, i wanted to do them all!!! 

But being a human with a family, it would be my downfall.

So I had to let go of the need to be swamped. It was sabotage, you see, because the more I took on, the less I got done. And the more I had to do, the less I could feel what was happening inside me.

I was burying my emotions by taking more on. My Cancer/Capricorn home/work balance (or lack thereof) had driven me to numb myself with whatever I could find, so I didn’t have to feel how empty I'd become inside. I realised that none of those plans really mattered, compared to my family, my daughter, and the joy that she brought me. 

Once I realised all those ambitions were my own worst enemy, I let them all go at the Cancer New Moon. Just enjoyed being at home, and enjoyed being a mum. Making food for my family and unplugging from everything else nurtured me more than any big old ambition.

So after dropping all the balls I had in the air, I had to pick just the most important ones up off the floor.

Not the most glamorous, or the most lucrative, or even the most pleasurable in the short-term. Not the ones that allowed me to make a big splash, impress the internet, or please my clients. Not the ones the experts said were the proven whatever-figure path.

But simply the ones that aligned with my ultimate vision. The ones that would help to actualise my mission. And, in the end, those ones gave me most pleasure. (They’re what I’d be doing if I'd already earned it.)


Which balls to pick up? And which to kick to the curb?

Is it part of my mission? Is it in service to my vision? 


Then Saturn says time to go! It’s someone else’s dream.

Not yours.

Your mothers, father’s, spouse’s, trapped inner five-year-old’s.

Chasing it won’t serve you. It’ll distract you from where you really want to go.

Because when you invest your time, energy and cash in someone else’s dreams, your own miss out.

And your dreams deserve way more than that.


your vision, mission & strategy

The Capricorn Full Moon helps you prune back your choices, so you can bring the right ones to fruition.

Nothing is achieved without focus, says Saturn. Bright shiny shit will always be in your face - you need to filter it out to make your plans a reality.

When you’re connected to your needs, and feeling nurtured within yourself, what are you called to bring into the world? 

Beyond what’s going to pay the bills. Beyond the ego-propping you desire. Beyond all the B.S. 

What’s your Vision?

What’s the impact you want to have on the world? You can’t measure it, but you can feel it. 

What’s your Mission?

What are the things you need to do to make your vision happen? The tangible things that will fulfil that vision? 

A couple of examples to get you thinking:

Tesla’s big vision is to enable the future of humanity. Their missions are to sell electric cars and soon, space travel. They don’t sell insurance. They haven’t diversified into media production. Why? Because those things have nothing to do with their vision. 

Apple’s big vision is to think different. Their missions are to sell gadgets and computers that are, well, different. They’re intuitive. Designed to be more innovative than your regular PC (apart from the amount of times they break down - in that case, they’re on par). They don’t sell coffee. They haven’t set up Apple restaurants. Those things will make them cash, but won’t actualise their vision. And in the long-term, will actually hurt their brand - and its vision.


If it does’t lead to your vision, why the heck are you doing it? And don’t say the money - because you can make that doing anything.

Trust me.

I’ve made money doing loads of things - pouring drinks in a high-class strip club was one of the most lucrative - but it's misaligned with my vision, so those days are done.

Right now, my offers are expanding - but they're all aligned with my core vision of empowering more self-love. Each mission I take on leads directly to that bigger picture - and because self-love starts at home, if the mission doesn't bring me joy, I'm choosing not to do it. 

So can you!


a practical Capricorn exercise for this Full Moon

Full Moons are time to release, so we can open to manifesting something more aligned to our highest good.

We've all got plans we want to see through, but right now, it's time to realign and let the Universe do the work.

Here are some questions to help you clarify whether your plans are truly aligned:

  • What’s your vision? Why are you here? What’s the mark you want to put on the world in the next 20 years?
  • What are the missions that will make your vision real? What do you need to achieve over the next ten years?
  • What's your five year strategy?
  • What's your one year strategy?
  • Break it down into four quarters?
  • What are the three main things you need to get done this quarter?

If that feels like a lot of planning, take your time. We’ve got two months until the seasonal cycle starts again. 

From September (Down Under), we’re starting a whole new year-long cycle. Now is the time to let the old cycle go, and prepare the ground for your aligned vision to manifest.

When you carefully, strategically, align with your vision, you're affirming you're available do the work you came here to do.

I’m not saying we’re here to only serve ourselves. But I truly believe we can only serve others when we’re true to ourselves.

Our missions are intertwined with the missions of so many other Souls. We owe it to them - and ourselves - to start living our purpose. So they can live theirs.

So, use this Capricorn Moon to prune back your choices.

Get real about what you want. And be certain and sure that where you invest your time, energy and money is really, truly aligned to your purpose.

Your vision.

Your mission.

That’s why you’re here.

Align to your mission - and release all the rest.



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