Aries New Moon: Breakthrough to Brilliance

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The Aries New Moon is the start of a whole new cycle of life.

We’ve just passed through the birth canal of two transformational eclipses, bringing major endings to several areas of our lives.

The Pisces eclipse opened our emotional floodgates and helped us surrender what no longer served us. The Libra eclipse re-oriented our relationships and brought us into a greater awareness of the need for harmony and balance.

In between those two endings was the Aries Equinox (the astrological new year), which put us on the threshold of a brand new life.

Now the door to our old life is firmly shut, and we’ve been birthed into a brand new world. 


Aries, the first zodiac sign, rules new beginnings.

Aries is always first. It boldly goes where no one has gone before, and gets there fast.

We need to be bold, courageous and decisive, because this is a month of action. Taking the initiative will pay off big time wherever Aries falls in your chart.  

Aries calls on us to blaze a new trail. We need to go forth into uncharted territory, paving the way for others to one day follow. But first, we need to do it for ourselves.

Aries can be selfish. But only because it exists before all others. It's the primal spark of life that initiates the whole of creation. So if you’re feeling impatient with the pace of things, use Aries’ determination and decisiveness and cut your way through what's holding you back.

Just do it!

Mars, ruler of Aries, lends you his sword. But be aware of raising hell for the sake of it (Aries love a fight), and doing more damage than good.

Frustration will arise if you're struggling against old blocks. Rather than fighting against them, you can go your own way. 

This month, you can step outside your old paradigm and start something completely new.

If you dare!


Being at the brink of a brand new life is both exhilarating and terrifying.

Like any healthy newborn just arrived on a strange planet, we first kick our legs in instinctive resistance, and scream as our lungs fill with unfamiliar air.

Put me back in! It’s not safe! I don’t want to be born yet! 

But here we are. And there’s no going back.

For me, every step I’ve taken the past few days has felt like wading though mud.

Thick, sticky, funky, crusty mud.

Mud that wants to pull me down, suck me under, swallow me whole.

I can’t breathe. My mind races. All I want to do is sleep.

I didn't want to be born the first time, either. I was happy in my mother’s blissful womb, with everything I needed on tap, and no separation between me and my source.

Eventually, a pair of hard, cold forceps tugged on my skull and drew me out into the air.

Voila! There I was: slightly reluctant, but in the world.

To this day, whenever I’m birthing a new phase of life, I get a crushing headache.

As I feel my soul stirring through my body, calling me to bigger and better things, the pressure in my head becomes immense and my body closes down in shock.

I want to curl into the foetal position and hide in a cupboard forever.

No matter how much I consciously want my new life to unfold, no matter how much I long to realise my potential, improve my situation, overhaul my future, I'm still filled with fear.

Every. Single. Time. 

Drenched with dread at moving forward. 

So what’s a girl to do when she's knee deep in mud?

Embrace it, baby.

The mud is where the lotus blooms.


The Buddha told how a lotus blooms in the mud.

Its perfect beauty thrives in murky waters, where the light is low and density high.

She’s born into mud, drawn towards her flourishing potential by the energy of the Sun. Those imperfect conditions are her perfect conditions.

Just like us.

We live in the muck of our pasts, our ghosts, our blocks. The scattered, frazzled fragments of our multidimensional desires play with us like malevolent monkeys in our mind.

But, like the lotus, we become ourselves by striving through darkness towards the light. 

When we greet the Sun, our mud has done its job, and we are stronger for it.

There’s no way out of the mud but through it.

We will be birthed. We will arrive. 


Life is evolving through us, and we can join the party, or refuse the invite and complain about the noise all night.

But before we step into the room, we can be sure those old faithful fears will be there to question our direction.

Who will we know? Will there be food? Will there be booze? What do we wear?

We get stuck, hung up, and forget we’re being birthed. 

We forget we’ve got somewhere to go, and forget we know how to get there.

We forget that birth is a mystery, and we can't control it, no matter how hard we try.

We forget we’ve asked for this, and start to shrink against it. Pretend we don’t want it. Declare we’d rather not be great, actually, because ordinary isn’t so bad after all.

Struggling to get by is actually ok, you know, because we’re safe here.

We know the drill. We’ve done it. We can keep doing it.

For ever and ever and ever.

Until we can’t, you know? 

Because as much as we cling to them, our safe ordinary lives imprison us.

This month, we have the chance to break free. And leap into the lives of our dreams.




This New Moon bring the energy of liberation.

The only aspect this Moon makes is a powerful conjunction to Uranus, the planet of awakening and sudden liberation.

Uranus is the Sky God who'll send a bolt of lightning through our lives, but its up to us to wield it with wisdom and make light work.

We have the potential to be awakened to a level of consciousness beyond old limitations. This can powerfully connect us to our expanded self, and download an electric intuition through us that jolts our channel open.

This is Uranus’ Kundalini power. But to hold it, and use it, we need to be integral.

Or it will blow us spectacularly apart.

We need to have done the work on our human self before we can channel the power from beyond.

Uranus bestows his gifts once we’ve passed the test of Saturn. Saturn teaches us earthly discipline, so we can learn our lessons and come to terms with time/space limits. Only then can Uranus can work his magic through us. 

If we’ve avoided our human messes, shirked our responsibilities, and left our foundations shaky, Uranus shows up as unexpected catastrophes that appear beyond our control. When we ignore our lessons, the universe sends us upsetting disasters to wake us the hell up.

Uranus also needs us to pay attention to Saturnian lessons because its energies are so powerful, they won't work through a leaky vessel. We need to be earthed, otherwise the cosmic downloads we receive never fulfil their purpose of making a difference here on Earth.

Uranus can burn us out, short-circuit our fields, and turn us into scattered, cranky eccentrics who just can't keep it together. When he's acting unconsciously through us we flit from one shake-up to another, rebels without a cause, raging against the machine.

Uranus is the energy of revolution. It inspired the Arab spring. It's inspiring the slow rebellion playing out in business and politics worldwide. As well as the uprising of innovative entrepreneurs who dare to rock the boat and revolutionise the global economy.

On a personal level, Uranus sets us free from ego-bound shells. When Saturn becomes a grind, the grinch in our ear telling us to work harder and give less so we can achieve our ambitions and get ahead, Uranus comes along to strike lightning into our lives.

To remind us that we are energy. We are electricity. And like magicians, we can wield the forces of creation at our will. Because we are them.

So, be prepared for a liberation this month. 

The potential is here for incredible awakening, for those who’ve done the work. 


Aries asks us to blaze a trail so bright it will light up the world.

We’re being called to stretch beyond the known.

We’re pioneers, paving the way for the evolution of human consciousness. Every fear we transmute using Arian bravery and action, changes the world in tiny but powerful ways.

Wherever Aries falls in your chart is your portal to a new life right now. It’s where action, bravery and decisiveness will pay off, and impatience, conflict and recklessness need to be measured.

Uranus will break through your limits here, so make sure you’ve paid your dues. And get ready for the ride of your life!

This is a powerful time to tell the universe what you really want.

Set your intent for this breakthrough month within 24 hours of the New Moon, at 9:23pm Sydney time on April 7th.

You can create an altar to hold space for your intent over the month. Choose a sacred space that won’t be disturbed, and arrange a few objects, one for each of the four elements - Fire, Earth, Air and Water. My client Rachel Ross teaches all about personal altars here.

Next, get clear, and declare your intent.

Be self-focused, because putting yourself first is the key to making the most of this Aries wave. Life wants you to take care of yourself first. It’s the only way you can really help others.

Write the new beginning you want to create this month. And on a separate piece of paper, write down what needs to end.

As you write, feel the energy of your words. Love your new creation into being, deep in your heart. Pour your soul into what you’re creating, and when you’re done, let everything go.

I like to burn my letting go words. Since it’s an Aries Moon, you might like to create a fiery ritual of your own, where you release the old energy completely in a flame.

Put the words you want to keep on your altar, where you can see them. Make a mantra of them for the next month, but don’t get fixated on how they will manifest.

You have the power to harness the forces of creation. But you’re not in control.

To fulfil your desires, you need to hand them over to a greater power, and let that infinite intelligence do the rest of the work.

Then, take some concrete action towards making your intent a reality. At the quarter Moon, in a week's time, take action again. And in between, rest.

It’s a dance of Yin and Yang. Action and reflection. Boldness and surrender. For the full story on how to manifest with the moon, go here.

At the Full Moon, your intention will be ready to manifest. But it might not appear how you expect it to.

The next Full Moon is the powerful Buddha Moon of Wesak. At the Taurus Full Moon, the Buddha’s enlightened energy returns to the Himalayas to download his light to whoever is open to receive it.

Whatever you sow now will be harvested in that exalted energy.

So make peace with where you are, bless the mud around you, and get your Buddha mind in gear.

It’s time to strive towards the light.


Aries demands you show up with full force this month.

There’s brilliance inside you.

What is it? What are you doing with it? Do you welcome it, or do you run from it?

I get it. All that brilliance can feel blinding to sensitive eyes.

We’re not used to so much light. We want to stop and look away. It’s more than we think we can handle. More than we think we deserve. More than we think can possibly emanate from us.

There’s a story from Thailand about a magnificent Golden Buddha statue. The villagers covered it in plaster and mud to protect it from an army of invaders, and it stayed safe for centuries, ugly but intact.

One day, the statue was moved to Bangkok. As it was being transported, the crude layers around it began to crack, revealing a golden glow beneath.

It now stands in its full brilliance, a reminder of the gold within us all.

We’re golden. All we need to do is own it.

We’re used to covering ourselves in mud to dim our light. In this lifetime and beyond, we’ve caked on layer after layer, to fit in with everyone else, to pretend we’re not powerful, to dull our natural radiance, to avoid our pain and fill our wounds.

Eons of cellular memory about persecution and death flood back to haunt us when we dare to stand out.

So we play small, cover ourselves up, and wither slowly instead. Trapped in our stories, justified in our shells. 

A spark of the Divine? No, not me!

Made of the same stuff as the entire universe? You must mean someone else. 

It’s time to move beyond those limits. Boldly into new lives, and boldly into true power.

The Aries New Moon waits for no one. On its heels, Uranus in Aries will crack open our shell, and liberate our radiance from within.

Those muddy old layers can’t come with us. 

But we don't need to get rid of the mud. 

When we accept the mud is here to help us grow, we can thrive like a lotus.

Fearless, radiant, awakened.

True to who we are.


What new beginning are you creating this month?

And what do you need to end to allow it to begin?