Aquarius Full Moon: Awaken the Genius Within

Awaken the Genius Within

This Full Moon in Aquarius calls on us to innovate and liberate, so we can channel our heart-centred creations on behalf of the evolution of humanity. We're part of a collective revolution to awaken more of our unique genius, and Aquarius is here to remind us to think bigger, ignore the limits, and commit to our vision of a better world for all.

Opposite the Full Moon sits the Sun in Leo, illuminating our power as the individual rulers and creators of our lives. Leo is the creative fire, the commitment to express uniqueness, joy and love. Aquarius is the genius who sees into the future, creating far-sighted new inventions that push society forward. Aquarius channels Leo's personal creative power out in service to the collective. And when we serve the world from a place of joyful love, our visionary work becomes truly revolutionary.

We’re being called to use our creative power to create big collective change right now. The Full Moon is part of a Yod, or Finger of God aspect, with its ruler, the revolutionary Uranus in Aries, and discerning, faith-filled Jupiter in Virgo. Yods bring a crisis of adjustment that shifts us to a new level of integration. The Cosmos is telling us to pull our finger out.

Here, the tension is between analysis of the details (Jupiter in Virgo), commitment to our vision (Moon in Aquarius), and the warrior-spirit who must go its own way (Uranus in Aries). During this Full Moon period, we must ride a knife-edge of practical optimism and fearless intuition, as we play our humble part in the collective revolution.

With eclipse season upon us in September, plus the Equinox and the final Saturn / Neptune Square, cosmic forces are conspiring to push us to new heights. The Saturn / Neptune square has been reminding us that nothing is what it seems, and the antidote to fear is devotion to what lies beyond the world of form. Saturn can either make us feel all alone in a cold, hard Universe, or like the master of our own destiny. Neptune can remind us there is no separation in Ultimate Reality, or trap us in an eerie world of gossamer dreams.

Together, they've been repeating the same lesson over and over lately: We're all one, ultimately, but we've come here for a reason: to master our karma and to get our work done. 


The Lion & the Water Bearer

The theme for the Leo New Moon was devoted self-love. Leo loves to express how special and unique it is in the Universe. Aquarius loves to use that creative power to push humanity forward. Once Leo has roared it’s joyful self-expressive song, Aquarius stands before humanity and channels that creative fire into innovative genius to advance the collective cause. 

This month, we need to shine our Leo light outwards, wherever it falls in our charts, and channel it into our Aquarian house for maximum genius power. When we step into our power in radical self-love, and truly express who we are, we illuminate the world around us - and our joy makes a dent in the Universe.

Aquarius, along with Aries, is the archetype of entrepreneurship. It gives us the gift of innovation, and the promise of liberation from "normal" societal conditioning. Co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius looks into the future to see how life could be (Uranus), then sets about bending time to make a new reality (Saturn). It’s the sudden flash of genius that cracks our minds open to reveals a whole new plan - and the mad scientist who won't stop until the experiment is done.

Your business is Aquarian, if you’re a conscious entrepreneur. It’s not just about the money, but advancing the future of our world. Your vision drives you forward when everything else screams "Give up!!!" Especially the voices inside and outside you, those who can't see beyond lack and limitation of Saturn. Aquarius sees beyond the world of forms, into the Uranian realm of what has never been done before.

If I had a dollar for every time my limited, human mind has wanted to give up during this crazy business journey; when the wacky plans in my Mercury-in-Aquarius head seemed waaaaaaay too far removed from reality to ever pull off; when the rewards were few and far between and the struggle to make ends meet coupled with all the sacrifices I've made broke my heart, ravaged me with tears and shook me to the bone; if I had a dollar for all the times when fear said "It's not possible." "You'll never make it." "It can never be done." "And especially not by YOU."

Well, I'd be writing this blog from a damned nice villa in the Mediterranean right now, still telling you IT CAN BE DONE. 

It can be done by YOU. 

You have the power to make your vision a reality. That is why you are here.

If you’re dissatisfied with what you’re doing, where can you innovate more?

Where can you push your services forward, so they make a bigger impact in the world?

How can you free your genius to work its magic through your business?

Your business can be joyful - your livelihood can be fun. That’s what Leo, on the other side, wants you to learn. When you play like a child in your company, there’s no “work” that needs to be done. It’s a matter of tapping into your inner Leo creator and letting it out to play. Then, stepping into your God-given role as CEO - as the leader - rather than the worker-drone.

When my business began to feel like a ball and chain, the grim reality of solopreneurship bit me hard. Working alone from home, fending off my toddler as I hid in far corners of the house, scrambling to get things done amidst angst, stress and resentment. Every single aspect of my business, from accounts, to design, to reception, to coaching, to tech support, was entirely up to me. 

My genius zone was nowhere to be seen. My family were not far behind. 

I felt like a shitty mother, a shitty partner, and a mighty shitty business owner. The quest to become self-made felt like cruel joke. 

Making myself a cup of tea one morning, filled with dread at facing the day, I realised I'd created myself into another J.O.B. But this one was even worse: there was no one around to even cover for me. I sure as hell didn't have a pension plan. If I didn't show up, I was fucked. 

I had to reclaim my joy. To do only the work I enjoyed, to work only with the clients I truly adored, and let go of all the rest. I restructured my life, cut back my hours, and made each moment in my business - and away from my family - feel fun and fulfilling again. I literally redesigned my business to feed my starving Leo Moon.

I became the Queen of my domain, rather than the slave to my old master.

Leo wants you to know that you can have more fun, do more good, and make more money. All in service to the greater good.

They're passionately related.

How can Leo reignite your passion this Full Moon? 

What are you creating, with your inner Leo heart fire? And what are you innovating, on behalf of all the world?


The Hand of Fate: Uranus, Jupiter and the Moon

Uranus in Aries is the ultimate innovator: bold, courageous and not limited by what’s been done before. It’s here to break all the rules, blaze a trail through uncharted territory, and shake up the status quo with an earthquake or lightning strike so big, that crusty old society won't know what hit it.

Uranus in Aries is revolutionising our culture right now through awakening the self-made entrepreneur. Rather than condemning us to follow the old path of university, a job and a mortgage, then retiring to enjoy the last years of life, Uranus (thanks to the internet) has freed us to go our own way with an earthquake of tech-driven self-determination. The internet has opened the floodgates for every man, woman and child to forge their own path, and bring something entirely new to the world.

Never have we had more freedom to choose who we want to be, and how we want to live.

Freedom is calling you. Which way will you go?

Uranus is the bolt from the blue, so expect some big awakenings with this Moon. If you’ve been avoiding your own innovation, if you don’t believe you can really be free, or if you’re wedded to old convention, Uranus will make itself known. Whether you like it, or not. It’s got collective evolution to take care of. And you are part of the collective.

The Moon, ruled by Uranus, encourages us to think bigger. To break up old habits and innovate in our lives. To unleash our inner genius and set if free to awaken stale, dusty corners. Your Aquarius house will be the place you feel this most, as the Moon activates this part of your chart. 

Jupiter in Virgo forms the pointy end of the Yod, bringing anxiety, perfectionism and self-criticism to epic proportions under the pressure of fiery, Uranian change. Virgo knows what needs to be done, what’s not good enough, and how to improve everything around it. The more efficient we can be in this intense electricity, the better. 

Employ Virgoan productivity, fine-tune your routines, and organise, purify, systemise, and delegate. Relax your nervous system. Take care of your digestion. Do a cleanse. For this Yod to do its work smoothly, everything needs to be Virgo-certified healthy. Great things are achieved in tiny steps.  

If you're losing sight of the bigger picture looking for needles in a haystack, re-focus on how you're being of service to others. Virgo thrives when being useful, rather than simply busy. When nit-picking worries threaten to overshadow your plans, focus on the good you’re doing. Analysis, not paralysis, is the key to Virgo success.

Something revolutionary seeks to be born through us all right now, and it'll be made real through showing up to do the work. It won’t fall from the sky, fully-formed. It'll require systematic organisation, humble practicality and old-fashioned get-on-with-it to bring our creations down to Earth, and make a difference in the world.

It's a spiritual mission, causing us to integrate more of who we are into our seemingly separate existence, so we can come into our fuller human abilities and help others transform, too. The release point of this Yod, where the Cosmic pressure lets off some steam, falls right on Chiron, the maverick, in Pisces. The key to wielding this Yod is by strengthening our spiritual connection. We need to reclaim our sacredness, from wherever it’s been outcast. When we know we’re not alone, but united with the Creator in every moment, our hard work finds many helpers, and miracles are done.

The pressure we’re under will force us to open our hearts and minds to the unseen support awaiting our direction. We have a team of workers at our disposal. They can be utilised in a flash. They work beyond space/time, and are literally at our beck and call when we align with our Divinity. 

So, when the practicalities of your new creation seem far too much to bear, take a hint from Abraham, make Virgo list and delegate:

On one side of the paper, write down the work you’d like to do.

On the other side, write down the work you’d like the Universe to do.


Commit to your vision!

Creative genius never dies, it just finds someone else to work through. So when we forget to feed it, and push it away, it will eventually give up knocking on our door.

 If you’re stuck in old routines, and need to find your joy, this month you can unlock your creative fire and awaken your innovative dreams. When you do, you step into the work you came here to do.

Major new beginnings are coming in September. What we put into practice now will shape our destiny for years to come. To execute our vision, we need to pay attention to the details, keep our eye on the prize, and relinquish control so Life can work through us, every day.

Focus on the fact you’re never alone. You’re part of the Universe. Part of humanity. What you seek to birth and innovate also serves the whole.

Think bigger. The Universe will reward you for it.


What's your vision for a better world? How will you awaken your Genius and commit to it right now?


The Aquarius Full Moon falls at 24 degrees Aquarius, and is exact at 7:26 PM (AEST) on Wednesday, August 18th. Some sources are claiming this as a partial eclipse, but technically there is no shadow on the Moon. Neither NASA, nor my ephemeris call this an eclipse, so it's business as usual for this Full Moon. 

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