Cancer New Moon: The Goddess Rises


The Goddess Rises

This Cancer New Moon evokes our Mother Goddess power. If we need shelter from the emotional storm this month, we can align with her protective energy, and rest in her warm embrace.

With most planets in water, and the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in nurturing Cancer, this is a time of powerful emotion and sentimentality. We're being called to feel and release the old vows that bind us to old limits, from this life, past lives, and ancestral DNA. The beliefs we inherited from our tribe shape the way we nurture our own. 

As our sensitive, instinctive natures stir under the pull of Mother Moon, we can harness Venus, Goddess of Love, and Mercury, God of Communication, and take pleasure in decadent self-care and empathetic conversation.

Our memories of being hurt, vulnerable and alone are stored in our watery cells. Super sensitive Cancer remembers them all. Each one prevents us from opening to our own needs, because of what happened in the past.

With Pluto opposite in Capricorn, expect powerful transformations to help you blast through old blocks for good. Pluto's compelling us on a mission in Capricorn, opposite Cancer. This challenges our needs, and triggers a deep tension that feels like being pulled apart. 

Pluto, the shaman, and who I see as the Dark Mother Kali, will rebuild us in greater connection with our power.

Cancer and Capricorn are the mother/father polarity. As more mothers seek worldly success, the schism between success and nurture has never been wider. Women who walk between worlds need to ensure they don't fall through the cracks.

If your self-care is a little patchy, the Goddess says Now is the time.

Allow yourself to be nurtured this month.


Cancer and the Moon: what do you need? 

Our Cancer house Is the doorway to our needs. If we're not looking after ourselves, we feel it here. Our house affairs ebb, until we nurture them more.

When they flow, it's because we flow. 

We step out of the Moon's shadow, and into the magical glow that feeds our Soul.  

Cancer rules - and my Moon also lives in - my fifth house of kids, creativity, joy and self-expression. 

Suffice to say, when my lunar needs run dry, this story plays out: so much work, so little joy. 

Its my mother's story, and her mother's before her. 

And probably her mother's before her.

I wrote most of this article with a wriggling toddler attached to one breast. The pull between the things I "need" to get done, and the nurture and care she needs to get by, is the grist for my daily mill. I feel torn apart at the seams.

Self-care was not programmed into me. My mum often complained of feeling like a slave - and my own experiences of motherhood, despite its blessings and joy, have often left me feeling the same. 

The Dark Mother inside me has slammed doors in frustration and vowed never to have more children, for the sheer impossibility of completing my mission. 

Yesterday morning, that familiar story of powerlessness, rage and lack echoed from deep in my soul. As I (EFT) tapped my rage out, I felt the slave within me come alive. 

Trapped in a dank cellar, she had no freedom, no power, no rights, and no autonomy.

She was never able to have her own needs met.

As soon as she woke in the morning, she tended to her master first.

And so on the whole long day. 

The bringer of life who is forced into submission - the Dark, dishonoured Mother - raged through me.

Once she'd been heard, my inner slave was freed to run.

By the afternoon, my Goddess power had returned.

My daughter was back in my arms.

And everything got done.



And to meet them, she needs to feel them. 

Pluto's Kali energy helps you feel deeply into your needs this month, and remove what's in their way. The Great Mother gives life, and she takes it away as she needs, to the dark, mysterious cauldron from whence it came. 

She may find you in your pain. Or any time you're more open to the flow.

Embrace the feelings in your stuck places. The gateway to the Goddess will open through them.

Embracing our emotional tides helps wash our hardened shell away. Only then can we hear her voice.

Like Persephone, don't look back. Don't wallow in or hold onto the darkness, but release it to flow right through you.

When we go deep, we give up our grip on who we were. 

The more you can release, the more you are reborn.

As we stay present to the raging storm, we call our soul fragments home. 

We tap into a power beyond the pain. 

We are cracked open, so the light can get in. 

And our Goddess power returns.


How to meet your needs

To connect deeply to your needs this month, find out where you Cancer-ruled house is. This is the house in your astrology chart where Cancer is on the cusp.

Also key to meeting your needs is your Moon sign and house. They describe what you need and where you get it. 

The house Cancer falls in is where your Goddess is rising. This is the scene of your new emotional beginning, and when you flow here, you truly feel nourished.

This is also a perfect time to rearrange, decorate of Feng Shui your home, if you feel the urge.

Mars in Scoprio is bringing the deep, dark juiciness up now, so it can be transformed in the light. We'll feel a powerful drive to act, after a long retrograde period where things stood still. We can cut ourselves loose from what no longer serves us, connect to our magic, our sexuality, and our desires. We can use Scorpio's deep, Plutonic power to get what we really want.

And when it arises, Jupiter in Virgo helps us shift and heal the dark stuff, bit by bit. For effectiveness and effeciency, and hands-on Virgoan practicality, I can't go past EFT tapping. It can help us feel, express and release the stuff that needs to move, so we can fill ourselves up with love again. 

Uranus in Aries brings a sudden, unexpected change, liberating us from traditional tribal ways.

Chiron in Pisces leaves us more whole, healed and connected to the Divinity within. 


message from the great mother

This month, as she transforms you from within, the Great Mother wants you to know you are loved.

You're in the loving embrace of your Creator - She, who birthed you onto the planet. She may be invisible, in the dark mystery beyond, but she is always near.

She holds you in her arms, even when you think you're alone.

Receive her loving energy. She pours forth endless streams of love to you.

Invite her to nurture you into your fullness.

Her love is always available, all you need do is ask.

What do you need right now?

Whatever you need, my love, just take it.

Claim it.

Allow it. 

And do it with love. Feel into it. 

Let your heart lovingly express it, as you allow your needs to be met.  

As you allow yourself to come home.

You are filled with the love of the Divine Feminine.

She desires to replenish your empty stores.

To remind you you are loved.

To relax you into the flow of feelings and instincts below.  

You don't need to try so hard. 

You are loved.

Come home to her.

You are loved.