Sex & Success

I had a really fun & enlightening chat with a fierce and sassy woman this week.


Tabitha Jester is a Passionate Living Mentor, and she helps women reclaim their sensuality, their bodies ~ and their lives!

Our conversation sparked the start of a podcast series I'm putting out called Vixen Radio: Sex & Success.

This is a topic I've wanted to bring into my work for a while, because I believe sexual empowerment is the key to owning our power and presence as women, as well as activating our success!

All the biz strategies in the world aren't going to make a difference if we're disconnected from our feminine embodied pleasure and sensuality.

When we do get back into our bodies, and allow ourselves to receive, miracles happen. Healing occurs. Money flows.

Going from victim to vixen is a feminine rite of passage. If you're stuck complaining about circumstances "beyond your control," and making excuses as to why you can't have what you want, you're still playing the victim.

It's time to claim your Vixen and go get what you want! Or attract it with your raw magnetic power... 

Hear how Tabitha went from victim of religious sexual oppression and total disconnection from her body, to shamelessly sexy mentor for women seeking empowerment everywhere. 

To hear the full (un-cut) chat, click here!

I hope you'll find it as engaging and stimulating. Tabitha is a total vixen and her passion is infectious. I dare you to listen and not come away totally inspired about owning your power as a woman and getting back into your BODY.

WARNING: Tabitha isn't afraid of dropping the f-bomb, so if swearing turns you off, you'd better not listen!