Virgo Full Moon: Do the Work (& Heal your Fortune)

The February Full Moon has just come to a climax in the diligent sign of Virgo. We’re now in a two-week period of taking small steps towards our plan, and putting in the work to create a more fortunate future. On the flip side, we're purifying ourselves of the baggage that keeps us in brittle worry and criticism, and ultimately shuts down our rewards.

The reward for our efforts is as much in the process as the results.

It’s the simple satisfaction of taking care of our health, our minds and our bodies. Of making a list and checking it off. Of falling asleep at the end of a Divinely busy day, knowing within ourselves that we did our all to manifest our heartfelt desires, even if life looks no different on the outside.

Because we know, in our heart of hearts, that if we keep showing up and doing the work, and doing it for the pleasure of it, rather than with a fixation on the ultimate result, that all our efforts will pay off.

When we’re taking action towards manifesting our desires, the energy and spirit we take action in is of crucial importance. Combined with our clear intent, how we feel when we’re doing the work creates the outcome of our actions. So take as much satisfaction as humanly possible this next two weeks in completing the small steps of your plan.

As Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion, is the last planet this Full Moon will cross, all those small steps will pay off with massive, Jupiter-sized rewards. Bonus!

Love your work. Not just the results. Because Jupiter’s waiting at the finish line, cheering you on, even if you have no idea where you’re going to end up.

All you need to do is stay the course. Correct it if needed. And make a plan and stick to it!

Virgo needs a plan, and loves nothing more than doing what’s required to fulfil every detail of that plan. So what are you planning? And what do you need to get done each day to ensure your plan comes to fruition? What details to you need to change? What do you need to pay more diligent attention to?

This isn’t about busy work, or channeling your Type-A control freak.

The shadow side of Virgo reminds us we need to let go of analysis paralysis, let go of controlling the details of how things will look, and get down to the daily business of helping life to unfold the way we intend. All we need to do is get stuff done, get it finished, get it out there.

We need to give up the tendency to go into self-inflicted lock down because the perfection we seek doesn’t appear to exist in the reality we perceive. 

If we look closer, the perfection is always there. But when we get in the way, it disappears from our view. And we end up being unable to get anything done, and instead lose ourselves in a quagmire of nit-picking and anxiety, where suddenly nothing’s good enough the way it is, let alone ourselves. And then we’re really in the shit.

Perfect is the enemy of done. Above perfectionism, Virgo values productivity. So be productive, above all else! 

We’re now being asked to release our habits of worry and criticism, to put our energy to good, useful and productive service, rather than finding endless problems with the way things are.

There will be a big reality check this month. A need to let go of our inner saboteur. A big transformation once we commit to doing the work. A beautiful, bountiful reward at the end. And an alignment with the movement of evolution, a step closer to our soul’s true path. 

First, we’re being called to release something that will make way for the manifestation of our intent from the Aquarius New Moon. Two weeks ago, we started a revolution to free our Genius. Aquarius called on us to liberate ourselves in some area of our lives, so we could enter our Genius Zone and innovate on behalf of the future of our world.

No small ask!

For me, it catalysed a deep-dive into the depths of my self-saboteur mindset.

With Mercury in Aquarius in the 12th house, eons of past life beliefs about my Genius had to be released. I saw, felt and loved my Genius at the Leo Full Moon, when creativity reappeared in my life with a mighty Lion’s roar.

But just before the Aquarius New Moon, the shut-down began. Every reason why following my heart and expressing my creativity would lead to awful, awful things totally consumed me. I lost focus, my mindset slipped overboard, and I was stuck. I felt in my bones that offering what I really, really wanted to do would probably kill me, but continuing to make the same offers I’d always done would be a slow death, too.

I tied myself in knots trying to work out which way to go. I stared at my laptop screen and watched in slow disbelief as everything in my life began to mirror my confusion and struggle. 

I felt myself slipping back into the deep depression that had consumed my life for almost ten years, a long time ago. When I stopped being creative, and began to destroy myself instead.

As my mindset misery came to a peak, all the resources in my business and life dried up. 

I called my mother late one night and asked to borrow money. 

I was at rock bottom, for the first time since going into business. And what’s more, with only a week to go before my birthday, visions of celebrating my 33rd revolution around the Sun miserable and broke truly haunted me.

But somewhere inside, I was optimistic (thanks Jupiter!).

There was a way forward. There was a solution.

Even if I had to swallow a whole lot of pride to accept it. 

At the end of that call, thanks to a bunch of beliefs my mum shared with me, I had a pretty damn clear understanding of what my inherited money blocks were. 

I’d hit a recurring glass ceiling in my business over the past couple of months, and had intended to go far beyond it this month. I'd asked Life to be shown the way to skyrocket my income beyond simply meeting my needs.


Money block #1: You can have what you need, but nothing more.

In answer to my prayer to go beyond my money ceiling last month, Life told me to use my creative gifts. This is the key to stepping into your greatness, it said. It even brought new clients to my door who fell in love with what I had to offer, and were more than happy to pay what I asked.

So easy. Too easy, in fact… 

Money block #2: Life is a struggle and money is hard to come by.

My creativity reappeared with such power, it ripped open the fabric of my life. And close on its heels, an old, dark force was unleashed that threatened to destroy me if I keep going down that happy path.

Creativity was dangerous, it said.

Creativity is tricking you.

Creativity is a lie.

Creativity will be the end of you.

Last night, I found out why.

I made a commitment to get outside help to shift my money stuff for good. I do a lot of self-healing, but I knew this was a different beast. It was deeper and trickier than I could clear alone. And no matter how much my self-healing helped me get myself out of my rut and back in the game, I felt it was only a matter of time before it all came undone again.

So I asked for what I wanted. Usually I think I've got it handled. I've got a whole bag of tricks for this kind of thing. I don't like to ask for help. 

Money block #3: It’s hard to ask for what you want. 

And guess what? Once I did it, the money showed up. In a flash. And then more. And more. 

Life said, if this is what you’re committing to, then go for it!!! We’ve got your back. 

So last night I got to the bottom of my mindset misery around money and creativity. And finally gave myself permission to free my Genius.

With the help of genius intuitive Saule Antantay, I realised that I’ve been an artist for 1000s of years. It’s the most natural part of me. But in past lives, I’d shut the door on expressing my creative gifts because of heartbreak and family misfortune.

I told myself creativity was a lie.

I turned my back on what lit me up, and scorned the spiritual and earthly gift that not only gave me the most immense pleasure, but gave pleasure and love to others, too.

I threw myself into survival mode, and shut down my flow.

And life became a slow spiral into misery after that.

It sure sounded familiar. No wonder activating my creativity has always been such a painful process.

But this time around, I was consciously reminded that if I chose to shut down this gift again, things would not end up well. This gift came from my Higher Self, but it did not belong to me. And it was my lesson to keep expressing it, no matter what happened in life.

I agreed to commit to creativity. To devote myself to it daily.

And if I did so, I saw that it would literally lead to the life of my dreams. 

Ok, I said. Bring. It. On!

Who doesn't want that?!

That’s what the Genius Zone is.

The thing you just love to do, and other people love as well, and Life loves you doing it so much it heaps all sorts of glorious things upon you.

That’s why we’re here: not to struggle and hustle, but to FLOW in our genius and revel in all of creation. And have a damn good time doing so.

All we need to do it get out of the way, and take small steps towards the plan every day.

Hello, Virgo Full Moon.

As the first aspect this Full Moon makes is opposite the Neptune in Pisces, dealer of dreams, delusions, and spiritual inspiration, we’ve got to come to terms with our own delusions first so we can get clear on our higher ideals.

As the Moon challenges Neptune’s fog, we’re being challenged to let go of the saboteur standing in our way, so we can keep showing up and doing the work. If we fall off the wagon, we’re vulnerable to the ebb and flow of Neptune’s all-consuming illusions, and risk being pulled under by the wrong dreams and self-delusions.

This practical Moon needs to sift through our wispy ideals and use its discernment to turn the right ones into reality. That’s the other key to manifestation: being really, really clear and aligned with what we intend to be, so we don’t manifest by default or unconsciously call in what we really don’t want.

Life wants to give us our desires. So we need to be really precise about what they actually are.

It’s time for us to let go of the delusions standing in our way, the mistakes we’ve told ourselves, the wrong turns we’ve made, in this life or others. So we can start taking simple daily actions towards entering our Genius zone, towards healing our fortune, and living our purpose from the centre of our beings.

Virgo is calling for us to purify ourselves and our lives, wherever it falls in our chart. Bit by bit these rituals and routines add up to the fulfilment of our desires. For me, it’s health. Taking care of my mind, body and spirit. Committing to improving my physical vessel, so I can keep showing up to my mission every day for the rest of my life. 

So when my creative genius is flowing for the next 50+ years, my body can happily keep up. 

What’s your healing path this month?

What's the genius you’re committing to?

And what are you doing to make your plan a reality, every day?


BTW: This full Moon falls at 3’33” Virgo. It’s a nice synchronicity that I turn 33 on Thursday, and have a 3 Lifepath. 3 is all about creativity. So, in the spirit of 3, I’ve giving away 3 special bonus prints for every photography booking made during February. Book your free personal branding photography Inspiration Session here! 


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