Aquarius New Moon - Enter Your Genius Zone


The February New Moon falls in the sign of Aquarius: the innovator, the genius, and the rebel.

We're now being called to revolutionise our lives, so we can unleash our Genius and step into its Zone.

And ultimately, change the world.

Last month we unlocked some big creative power at the Leo Full Moon, and now we need to use that power in service to the Aquarian collective.

Wherever the Leo Full Moon fell in your chart is where your hidden power got unblocked.

Mars in Scorpio cut away something holding us back last month, and we got to use that stuck energy to create what we really wanted. Once we transmuted our emotional resistance, we went deeper and deeper into our shadow in order to be completely transformed. 

And once we let our old ghosts die, we reclaimed a part of ourselves and returned with our true creative, empowered gold.

The bulk of this letting go process is now done.

We now need to connect our individual heart-centres to the brotherhood of humanity and share our gifts with the collective.

But first: the revolution.

Like all great movements, something needs to change before we can step fully into our promised land. Old structures need to be overthrown. Old dictators need to be ousted.

Aquarius is known as the genius, the mad scientist, the far-sighted visionary who sees what life will look like tomorrow. And as a fixed air sign, it's also damn stubborn. It believes it knows it all, and has a reputation for being a cantankerous eccentric at times whose own brand of unique logic sometimes misses the earthly mark.

So wherever stubborn Aquarius lives in your chart is where an revolution to unleash your genius from the shackles of mental rigidity is now underway. 

Aquarius the innovator, wants you to take your heart-powered creations to the masses, so you can start playing in your lucrative, empowering and free-flowing genius zone. And step way out of your comfort zone.

Which brings us to fear. Fear of the unknown.

Aquarius likes to know.

When Aquarius clings doggedly to the known, in service to its eccentric out-there beliefs, instead of stepping into its highest potential as a revolutionary, world-changing innovator, it creates extreme gridlock.

Air needs to move. To talk, to exchange ideas. To flow and float.

When air gets shut down, ideas become poison.

Which is what's been happening to me this week. Hence why this blog is coming to you days after the New Moon.

Here's how it's been looking from my perspective:

My Mercury (communication) is in Aquarius. It lives in the 12th house (the unconscious).

So, my stubborn unconscious beliefs have been getting severely in my way this week. Instead of free-flowing with my intuitive genius, the highest potential of Mercury in Aquarius in the 12th, I've been in mental gridlock, spinning my wheels in a subconscious resistance extravaganza.

And that's where the revolution is now underway. An earthquake needs to rock through eons of old, rigid beliefs playing hidden enemy to me and my dreams.

There's no better catalyst for the emergence of unconscious resistance than a massive blast of life-changing empowerment, like we had at the Leo Full Moon.

The Leo Full Moon lit up my house of creativity, opening an untapped wealth of my creative power.

The last two weeks have literally transformed me from the inside out, put me firmly in touch with my sensual, artistic self, and cut away the ancient emotional blocks keeping me from connecting to my true genius.

I've had a clearer connection to my own genius than I’ve ever felt before. And it doesn't look anything like what I've been doing so far. 

My heart wants to go with it, but my head is literally gridlocked with resistance.

Parts of me screaming about how impossible it is to truly empower myself on this path of genius and live as the creator of my own life.

Ironic - or perfect - considering that You Are The Creator Of Your Own Life is the core of my message.

Your power comes from accepting all of who you are. 

When you do that, you fulfil your highest potential.

When you do that, you liberate yourself.

When you do that, you liberate the world.

And now it's become the battle-cry of my own personal revolution. 

I'm this close to actually having exactly what I want. And that scares the shit out of my unconscious beliefs.

There's something totally unsafe to my unconscious about shining on so great a scale.

Sound familiar?

Welcome to the self-empowerment hangover.

Where you need to clear the mental decks in order to unleash the electric life-force inside you known as your Genius. 

But damn, if all that genius-unleashing doesn't create some major anxiety at times while our nerves adjust to the increased energies charging through us.

Which brings us to Jupiter in Virgo.

The major discomfort in this New Moon comes from the planet of expansion, who's usually a pretty great guy to have around. But when he's in Virgo's shadow, he's a hyperchondriac, OCD, worry-wart who needs everything to be Just. Perfect. and suffers from extreme anxiety and nervous tension.

You know why he's so stressed? Because nothing can ever be really perfect.

Perfect is a myth. Perfect is fear, masquerading as excellence.

Perfect will trap you every step of the way if you buy into it's BS.

But at its worst, Virgo is obsessed with perfection, and will keep spinning its wheels in search of it until it collapses.

My last blog got such a huge response, one that literally blew all readership records out of the water tenfold, and started a movement of empowerment in women far and wide that was truly humbling to witness.

So, of course, Jupiter in Virgo needed everything to be perfect before sending this one out. 

And you know what? Perfect sucks. Perfect is fucking boring and perfect will kill your genius quick smart.

So if you're spinning your wheels like I've been this week, switch your gears to being of service, rather than obsessing over all the tiny details. 

You're good enough.

You are enough.

And you know what else? At its highest potential, when it steps out of its own shadow, what Jupiter in Virgo really wants is not unattainable perfection.

What it wants is for you to perfect yourself ~ to keep working on yourself, to keep improving, every day, in every way. 

And most of all, what it really wants is for you to take your healing gifts to the world and keep humbly doing the work.

Because showing up is the work.

That's the bigger picture of your revolution. 

Service to humanity, and to your own liberation, is the message of this Moon.

Your Genius is the who.

Your future is the why.

So if you've got an Aquarian revolution brewing, you need to adjust your need to be perfect right out the picture, and realise that no revolution ever looked or sounded perfect.

No revolution ever happened over scones and tea.

Scones and tea are nice. But revolutions are messy. Like earthquakes. They break open the ground, and allow new energy to come forth that completely changes the way life looks.


You rubbed your magic lantern at the Leo Full Moon, and made a wish.

Now, your Genie is here.

You just have to open your mind far enough to hear it.

You need to start a revolution in order to release it.

Wherever you have Aquarius, is where you now need to overthrow the old mental structures keeping your Genius trapped.

This month, set yourself free. 

The forces of the Cosmos are behind you.

Commit to your genius, and commit to your empowerment.

And keep committing. 

See into your future, and unfold time so that the future you and the current you are in sync.

Sounds Sci-Fi, I know, but such is the way of wacky, time-travelling Aquarius.

Where do you want to be?

Who do you want to be?

What do you need to do today to bring those desires in line with where and who you are now?

Now go do it.

And don't give up.

Be stubborn and eccentric in pursuit of your future.

Be stubborn and eccentric in pursuit of a better world.

Hold the vision until its here.

Hold the vision until it's real.

Viva la revolution!

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