Venus and Mars in Sacred Space

Last night, I experienced a profound healing of my inner masculine (Mars) and feminine (Venus). 

I’ve been journeying with Dancing Eros - conscious erotic journeys for women (and soon, men) - for six weeks, and last night we held our final ritual.

A long time ago, we women used to gather in temple space to channel the divine feminine, and activate our sexuality, as an act of healing and devotion for ourselves, and the men who joined us.

Then our power, our magic, and our pussies were shut down by the greed, persecution and shame of the patriarchy. Perfect in its own way, but ripping a hole in the fabric of our connection to Source, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and each other.

I could feel this old soul thread weaving in as the day went on, and the ancient wounds of polarity-based energy coming through our conversations and sharing.

Before the ritual, many women said how out of balance they feel between their masculine and feminine energies. Between doing and receiving. We feel so comfortable give, give, giving, but unable to fully receive. 

This, to me, feels like a subtle form of control. Because when you give, you’re in control of what, how much, and who to. But when you receive, you need to surrender, and let life in. 

So the masculine energy of control has taken over the feminine energy of surrender, and we’ve gotten blocked. Stuck in struggle, survival mode, and push-push-push, instead of resting in our magnetism, and allowing all our desires to come to us. 

We see it in ourselves, we see it in our mothers who martyr themselves for their children, and we see it in the ancient distortion of feminine energy on our planet.  

I’ve felt this too, most palpably since being attacked almost ten years ago and switching into survival-workaholic mode. Three days after being brutally overwhelmed and thrown to to the ground in a dirty Melbourne alleyway, by a stranger off his face on ice, I went for a job interview - because I didn’t want to be a “victim,” unable to fend for myself. 

And again, since becoming a mother, working myself to the bone, too busy to be in my body, programmed to drain myself into depletion.

So many aspects of me, stuck in the shadow of my own masculine energy and experiences, rose to the surface yesterday. All the doing-doing-doing in the world, so I wouldn’t have to open, trust and deeply receive, was front and centre in my awareness. But I was so calm, knowing it was all good, and holding my intent to be reconnected with Source, big time, so I could receive from the heart of the Universe.

Walking into the space as our ritual began, I felt like my legs were about to collapse several times. Reminding myself to stay connected to the earth, I came to rest in front of my first witness, a man I'd never met before. 

As I gazed into his eyes, a flash of primal terror ran through my system. His eyes were dark and intense in the candlelight, his body stiff and uneasy. What dark intentions was he harbouring? What sinister motives did he hold? 

In that moment, he was the personification of all the shadowy masculine energy I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. My heart thumping, my body trembling, I closed my eyes and returned to the safety of my inner space,

I dropped into my body, listened with my heart, and began to soften into my Venus power.

When I opened my eyes agin, I took the lead in our silent exchange. As I softened, and opened my face to him, so did he with me.

As I received his energy, he began to receive mine.

As I moved my hand to my heart, so did he.

We have such power as women to not only open ourselves, but the men around us too. But still we struggle and push against them, telling them to step up, rather than softening and allowing them to rise strong before us, inspired by our love and wisdom.

As I moved through the ritual, meeting the gaze of each man, and expressing the archetypes we’ve been journeying with, I felt a deep peace with being seen, and witnessed in my most intimate moments. Receiving their gaze, their presence, and their love healed me on multidimensions. 

Rather than fighting off their desire, and my own, I allowed it deeply into my body and soul. I revelled in it, played with it, and weaved it with my own. Not performing for it, but dancing with it. Enjoying being seen in my power, rather than afraid of it being taken from me.

I finished the ritual in total awe for not only myself, and the feminine as a whole, but for the masculine, too. The strength, security and presence I felt, from every man in the room, re-wired a rift in my soul.

Their devotion, honour, and safety was received my my innocent maiden, raging wild woman, shameless slut and high priestess.

By the end, I’d experienced more joy than I imagined possible in a ritual space. More transformation than I’d ever felt outside plant medicine work. And more sheer, unashamed fun and pleasure than any all-night dance party back in the day.

For so long, I’ve felt unsupported by God, by men, and by the Masculine. Trying to do it all myself, taking charge, running a business, holding the financial accountability for my family, making budgets, setting schedules, and being accountable as fuck in so many areas has left my feminine flow dried up and burnt out.

Now, my Venus can emerge. She feels safe, strong and held by the Mars who lives in me. During the course, we danced with our sisters, in our pure Venus energy. But the energy can't be complete until our brothers, the divine masculine, our Mars, are with us to complete the charge.

So, to the pioneering women leading this mission to reclaim our birthright to gather as divinely human brothers and sisters, in sacred, sexy space, thank you for your courage and commitment - to helping humanity birth itself into a new paradigm of conscious power and connection, and to supporting each women who journeys into her deepest fears, and most exalted bliss, to feel completely, wholly supported by a tribe of women - and men - who have her back.

Eloise MeskanenComment