Capricorn New Moon

At this Capricorn New Moon, which is exact at 12:30pm Sunday, January 10 (AEDT), it's time to start making our dreams a reality. Capricorn brings the formless into matter, and this New Moon sees us move from the sudden upheavals of birthing a new life, into the strategic demands of what this will look like in the real world. We're building the foundations of our biggest year yet.

Hours before it becomes New, the Moon will cross Pluto, and a final death of the old will occur. Capricorn needs to let go of everything standing in the way of its ambitions, and it has a reputation for being cold at its most extreme. And in a way, nature is also detached in her ambitions, because she knows that things must be pruned for new life to blossom. So work with this energy and let got of everything old about 2015. And make room for what 2016 will bring.

I'm in the last days of a big physical and mental declutter ~ how and where can you do the same? Feel the energy of Pluto ~ Kali, entering your life and tearing away everything that is no longer in alignment with who you are and what you want. The more easily you can let it go, the more easily you can let in what you really want.

The Moon then squares Uranus, and a sudden break happens. An earthquake, an awakening, a bolt from the blue. The space we've created lets in a blinding light - an electrical charge awakens us to what lies beyond our old limitations. Get ready for a change of plans once you've let go of the old. Because life has something even more exciting waiting for you: an unexpected innovation that feels like a flash of true genius.

After the Moon becomes New, we're in the first new cycle of 2016. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the Lord of Form. And Saturn sits in Sagittarius, the sign of adventures and philosophy. We must now choose a path and a philosophy of life. We have wandered and explored and found meaning far and wide. Now we must narrow our focus and become the authority on what we know. Put our wisdom into practice. Make it part of our new routine. Bring it down to Earth, because it's no good knowing the Truth, knowing a better way, unless we act on our wisdom every single day.

Saturn in Sagittarius sits next to Venus, the Goddess of Love and Money. We need to get real about our values and create structures around them. Venus in Sagittarius loves the good life. She's a party girl, a seeker of pleasure, and now she needs to own her value and step into her Wise Woman self. Our values are being restructured. Our attitudes towards love and money (two sides of the same coin) are growing up. This Moon asks us to take responsibility in these areas. To reap what we have sown, and to sow what we desire to reap.

The first connection the Moon makes after it becomes New is a trine to Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo. Through the Virgo North Node, humanity is learning how to serve with humility and discernment. Jupiter exaggerates this desire and gives us faith and optimism that we can and will make a difference. Many are experiencing high anxiety and worry about the health of our planet and society. We want to fix these problems. We want to improve our world and our lives. And we are all working towards this in our own small way. This Moon is our opportunity to lay the foundation for our own self-improvement, which will lead to the improvement of our world. It's a time to get real and detailed about what we want to give in our work and to others. And Jupiter is Retrograde, meaning we need to look inwards and analyse our part of the plan, sorting the wheat of our real, soul-led desires from the chaff of our hyper-active minds.

Finally, the Moon will cross Mercury in Capricorn, which is also Retrograde. Another message to check the details before committing. What we bring into form now shapes the course of our year, so make it count and take your time before deciding. I have no idea about what I'm committing to yet. I have many options, many desires, but I'm not rushing ahead on any of them. Capricorn is cautious, and when Retrograde, there is something that needs to be double and triple-checked. We need to make sure we're receiving and communicating the most appropriate messages, both internally and externally. Mercury in Capricorn knows all about how our words have power to create our reality. And this Retrograde is a time to reflect, re-do, rewind and re-wire our mental strategy.

Where do we need to re-wire our internal messaging systems? What scripts are we running that need an upgrade? What words will help us to create our true desires, and which ones are part of an old subconscious program that wants to keep us safe? 

Whatever we plan at this New Moon will need to be tweaked later on. So pay careful attention to what you say and how you say it. Go into your past beliefs and prune back those thoughts that will surely get in your way. Be ruthless. And rewrite the script of your life so that your ambitions will be supported, not thwarted. Check the plans before you expand, and make sure you're expanding towards the future, not inflating the past. 

Whatever we are each building at this New Moon has the potential to be BIG. To make it happen we need to step past our limitations and into new systems and structures of thinking and speaking. Our words create our reality, and to create a new reality we need to use new words. Any old programming is coming to the surface now, in order for you to reprogram it. Delays, obstacles and the usual Mercury Retrograde trip-ups around getting places and communicating with people are all signs that something in your belief system needs to be rewired. 

Mercury goes direct at the Full Moon, when it conjuncts Pluto. What you rewire now will change the appearance of your life in two weeks time. The old ways won't serve you any more, and Pluto will make sure that whatever beliefs need to end, will end. Ultimately, this will help you take charge of your life, unburdened by false stories and ghosts of the past. You'll be mentally and emotionally reborn, and ready to climb the mountain.

In the end, you're your own CEO.

Your life happens as you think and speak it into being.

So take the time to conduct an internal review, and start commanding your new life into form with every word you speak. This is the time to make it count.

Get real, woman. You're in charge.


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