Leo Full Moon: Death to the Old, Creation of the New

What do you want to create?

What do you need to kill off first?

The Leo Full Moon is exact at 12:35 pm AEDT this Sunday. Leo encourages us to create something that expresses who we are, to lead from our hearts and to bring joy and warmth to those around us.

Ruled by the Sun in Aquarius, this Moon directs us to use our creative gifts to serve the collective. That’s the ultimate purpose of this Moon phase: to create from our hearts and offer our love in service to the world. 

But first, we need to free up some creative energy. Something old needs to die.

Leo loves drama. This Full Moon, we can release the drama holding us back and replace it with the play we really want to be starring in. It’s time to shine our unique radiance and play with our creatorship. It’s time to lead from our Leonine heart-centre and step into the lead role of our lives.

It’s the next step from the serious, strategic start to 2016 of the Capricorn New Moon. Two weeks ago, we fixed our intentions for 2016. Thanks to that New Moon, conjunct Mercury Retrograde (communications gone backwards) and Pluto (Lord of the Underworld), we’ve been restructuring our lives and businesses at a deep, strategic level. We’ve been excavating the old limits of what we believe about ourselves. We’ve been undoing and re-thinking our plans and pruning back what no longer serves us. And preparing to build our big dreams on solid ground in 2016 - rather than repeating more of the same like in years before.

Mercury goes direct before the Moon leaves Leo. All out re-thinking is about to be put into action. We can start making moves on our strategies and plans. Right now, he's stopped in space and time. Waiting for us to get empowered from deep inside.

So how do we let go of the old drama and step into our own heart-centred leadership?

Mars in Scorpio. That’s how.

The first aspect this Full Moon makes is a square to Mars in the sign of the Scorpion. He’s at home here, ruthless and powerful and motivated towards rebirth. This is a challenge to rise above our darkness and cut ourselves loose from the repressed emotions that block our hearts - so we can create like children, free and in joy.

Mars rules surgery, and Scorpio rules deep healing and transformation. Until early March, we have the energy of deep psychic surgery available to us. Something about this full Moon will challenge the heart to rise and break free from its bondage. So use this cosmic scalpel and remove the block.

It’s about letting things bleed. Letting emotions flow freely. Using the shamanic understanding of light and dark, owning our power and our sexuality, recognising that the dark is just another side of the same coin as the light-filled lives we chase.

What we hold in shadow, enslaves us. What we embrace, sets us free.

Next, the Moon trines Saturn in Sagittarius. Our creation will be stabilised. It will count. It will take shape and form and become part of our path to Truth. We're not just creating for the sake of it. We're bringing something forth from our hearts that will shape the year to come.

Finally, the Moon trines Uranus in Aries. Our process of healing, creation and stabilisation will end in an awakening. A liberation. A breakthrough.

Uranus in Aries is the ultimate entrepreneur’s archetype. What we bring through over the next two weeks can change the direction of our business and allow us to innovate like magicians. So make the most of it, women. 

Do what needs to be done to let go for good. You’re making room for something completely new.

My Moon is in Leo, square Saturn in Scorpio, so I've just lived this process in person.

Heart energies have been heavy recently. The burst of new energy that swept through us at the New Year has brought all sorts of dross to the surface. All sorts of parts that believe in playing small have clamoured to stay in control. Protections, limits, self-deceptions and all the other fabrications of the survival mind have come into force to prevent us from stepping into this brand new world of our own miraculous creation.

I felt like I was walking through quicksand ten days ago. Mars in Scorpio was grinding on my Saturn in the 9th house of religion, philosophy and worldview. Action and resistance, action and resistance. Emotional block after emotional block. I felt haunted by eons of old religious dogma, confined by worldviews that didn’t belong to me, but which were so familiar I feared I’d never break through. I felt I’d been acting out this enslavement for lifetime after lifetime.

I felt totally trapped and powerless.

My natal Leo Moon, in the 5th house, felt as far from childlike play and creativity as it could get. My heart was heavy. Worn out. Closed up. The miracles I’d tasted at the New Year felt so far out of reach.

Some big opportunities have come up for me recently. I'd been invited to play with the big girls of business, yet all I could think about was the time I wanted to go to private school, and my mum talked me out of sitting the scholarship exam because we didn't have enough. I wouldn't fit in. I didn't belong.

So, in the midst of a new world opening up before me, all I could feel were my desperate human limits. And Mars was provoking them all. Prodding and poking and stirring them up. So much so, that in the end, I was 100% motivated to let them all just go. 

I realised an aspect of me had made an old, old vow, a long time ago. A vow of silence and poverty, of chastity and denial. This part had chosen to believe he was a bad person, who had to suffer and give away his power, his life, his pleasure. He did everything he could to avoid being here on earth, in his body. He believed he needed to atone for imaginary sins, to struggle, to pay penance. 

This part of me had chosen to kill himself slowly to avoid feeling what was inside.

It was my story. My mother's story. My ancestor's story.

And you know what? This part of me really, really, really regretted it. He died knowing he'd wasted his precious life. Thrown his time here away. Lived inside a false prison and missed the point of it all.

And he'd been waiting for 100s of years to tell me not to do the same thing. 

Here's what else he told me:

I had nothing to atone for. I’d done nothing wrong.

I needed to hand my suffering over to a higher power - the only power actually equipped to deal with it. I needed to drop the belief that I must give my power away in order to survive. 

All I need to do is claim what I want. And it is done.

So I did. Instead of claiming my suffering for myself, I claimed my right to joy and pleasure. My right to create what I want. 

I made a choice.

The energy of Scorpio helped me let go of this old way. 

The energy of Leo reminded me that I am the ruler of my domain.

I am the Queen. I am in charge of what exists in my heart, and my life.

And so are you.

(If you want to use my process, click here to get empowered.)

Wherever Scorpio falls in your chart is the area of life Mars is currently stirring up.

This is your doorway to release right now. This is where you’re experiencing your biggest transformation, and where something in your life needs to die.

Kill it. Seriously. Kill it now.

Mars is ready to do your bidding. He’ll do it anyway, so make it count.

Use the energy you free up to create your greatest joy. 

Wherever you have Leo is where you are making your great new creation. 

Something old needs to die, so you can create something new.

All of the experiences of disempowerment in my life have led me to one conclusion: that claiming my power for myself does not depend on the outside world. The more my mind reminds me of my powerlessness, the more I need to dig deep and remind myself of my power.

It all depends on me.

It all depends on you.

Leo is power. Leo is the Queen. 

Scorpio is transformation. Scorpio is the Healer.

Right now, the Moon in Leo lends you her rulership. And Mars in Scorpio lends you his sword.

This Full Moon, ask your Queen what you need to kill off. And let Mars take care of it for good.

As a woman, you have the greatest power of all. 

Step into your power as the creator of life. 

Step into your power as the destroyer of life.

Own it.

Destroy what needs to die. And free your heart to create.




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