What's Stopping You?

Probably the Dark Side of your Moon.

We can do a lot with the Moon. She can help and hinder us. In life and business. Today we're going to work with the Dark Side of the Moon. She's the one who gets in your way whenever your best-laid conscious plans are in action. That one. The upper-limiting one. The past-baggage-laden one.

The Moon is our habits, our comfort zone, our natural, instinctive self. And she's our unconscious reactions, our biological and ancestral memories. Because the Moon describes our patterns, our old stuff, our past baggage, it's our Moon who wants to keep us where we're most familiar. She wants to keep us bonded to the known, our home, our tribe.

Even if they're not our best tribe. Even if they're our crazy family, real-world or internally-imagined, and they do us more harm than good. Even if staying put means losing our individuality, or missing out on our personal call to adventure, of never really living, just going through the motions.

The Dark Side of the Moon doesn't care about our personal fulfilment. She's here to keep us safe, to keep us within the limits of our familial bonds, to keep us generating unconsciously and procreating automatically. So whenever we strive beyond our limits, she pulls us back into safety. To the known. To the past.

So when we're stuck, a good place to look is behind our Moon shadow. What's she up to? How are her negative qualities getting in the way of us moving forward with our lives? And how can we free ourselves of her pull, and restore some flow to our inner tide?

You'll see how to get unstuck when her habitual gravity pulls you back into past patterns that don't serve you any more.

Think of how your negative Moon qualities are showing up for you right now, and how they're holding you back from what you really want. (If you haven't done the Nurture Your Niche workshop, and you don't know what these are, then pick an issue that's bugging you and really getting in the way of your conscious plans.) Where are you tripping yourself up? Where do you need to let go and live a little? What's holding YOU back?

Now, we're going to transmute that stuck energy. We're going to unlock that hidden power. Reclaim that piece of your soul. And use it to create what you really want for yourself.


Grab a pen, paper and your clearest intentions. Light a candle. Burn some sage. Put some music on. Make a cup of tea. Whatever gets you in the space for major shifting, clearing and healing.

This is Inner Alchemy.

AKA soul-retrieval journalling. It'll heal the subconscious part of you blocking your path, and free up your energy to do with as YOU will.


PART ONE: The Dialogue


Feel into the pattern or emotion causing you problems. What’s getting in your way? 


Feel into what you really, really want. Feel how some part of you shrinks from that.

You’re going to connect with that stuck part.


Imagine yourself somewhere in your inner landscape. Some place from your past, some place from your imagination. Wherever you like. Just make sure there’s a signpost, crossroads, or bridge nearby, so the stuck part can find you.

Put on a different cloak or outfit, to tell your subconscious you’re in the other world now. This helps keep boundaries around your experience.

Feel into your stuckness and invite whoever and whatever is there to meet with you. 

Be open to whoever and whatever shows up. They probably won’t appear as you expect.

From now on, write everything down. This grounds what happens in your inner world in outer reality.


Start a conversation with this inner character. You need to actively engage in a dialogue with them that helps your psyche to resolve your inner tension. But you can't force this. You can't try to resolve this. You've got to truly connect with this part of you, find out who it is, why it is, and what about it is getting in your way. 

Introduce yourself.

Tell them why you’re here - to find out what’s happening with issue X.

Invite them to speak.

Feel into who they are and what they're all about. Listen to what they have to say, and really feel into them. The deeper you can connect, the more profound your shift will be.

Stay open to the conversation. 

Let it take you wherever you need to go.

When the time is right, tell them what you need.

I need to resolve problem X, etc. And ask them what they need, too.

This part of you isn't bound by your human needs and limits. You need to help them understand that their wild, untamed archetypal self is interfering with your human life. And you need to truly honour your inner character's archetypal nature as well. You can't give in to their wild desires, or they will wreck your life. But you can't repress them, either.

You've got to mediate the tension between you conscious and unconscious.

If you try to force a resolution, or make the part do what you want, it will backfire.

Trust me. I've done this and been burned. Many a time...

Do what needs to be done, within reason, to give this part of you what it needs to be free.

Ask them. When your inner character has been seen and heard, you'll feel a shift. Then feel it happening, give it to them, until it’s real for you.

Say goodbye when you’re ready. Thank your character for their time.

Take your otherworld outfit off and return to this world.


PART TWO: The Ritual

Create a ritual, either sacred or mundane, to ground the shift in reality.

Do whatever you feel to do. Use your intuition. Create a work of art, wash the dishes, burn some sage...

Make it personal and relevant to you and your transformation.

But make sure you do it. This is the final step.


I’ve healed all sorts of things doing this. Phobias, addictions, traumas, past life wounds... You name it, it’s possible, if you desire and engage with your heart & soul... 

This exercise helps you to develop a clearer channel of communication with your unconscious energy. It helps you bring more of who you really are into the world, so that you can harness the immense and infinite power of your unconscious in alignment with your conscious plans.

When you get the hang of this, you realise you have immense power to heal at your fingertips.

See how your issue resolves. See how your tension releases. See how your stuckness transforms.

Repeat as needed.

This is how you get unstuck from the Dark Side of Your Moon.