The Heroine's Journey of Entrepreneurship

You are the heroine of your life. 

As a conscious entrepreneur, you're not just building a business that serves your lifestyle and changes lives of others. You're on a quest to forge your own path and make an impact on the world.

This is your heroine's journey. 

You're navigating challenges, claiming triumphs and growing into the person you're born to be. You're on a quest to share your gifts with the world and fulfil your destiny. 

Your outer business journey is an inner journey of self-realisation. Creating the life you want and successfully offering something of value to others is an epic experience filled with joy, pain, love and fear. 

Entrepreneurship isn't just about being a business owner. It's about being a fulfilled and free human being, in command of your own destiny. It's about being the heroine of your own adventure.

To command your destiny, you need to own your personal mythology and rewrite the script of your life. You need to take ownership of your potentials and realise that every day, in every way, you are acting out what you believe about who you are and how the world works.

You have the choice to create your path, by becoming aware of the road behind you, and the many paths ahead.

To create what you consciously desire, you need to be aware of what you're unconsciously creating. You need to gather all the parts of you into your awareness, and into service to your highest good. 

Then you can harness your full power and create the life and business you really, truly want. And make the sort of impact that changes the world.

How can astrology help?

Within you are a cast of archetypal characters, who either help or hinder your quest. You begin to lead your inner crew by integrating all of who they are into all of who you are. 

These characters are represented by the planets and other bodies in our Solar System. They describe how your inner crew show up, where they live, what they want, and what they have to offer. 

The first character I work with is the Moon. She's our habits, emotional nature and past. She's how we bond and belong. She's our home and our family.

She's also the key to connecting with building our Soul tribe, the perfect clients who need us just as we are.

You can discover your ideal clients, and what they really need from you, in one session with me. We meet your Moon, listen to her story, and let her tell us with whom and how you'll do your best work.

The results will resonate with you so deeply, it'll be like coming home to yourself.

Your soul tribe's struggles will be your struggles. That's why you're uniquely qualified to help them. Because the hero's journey they are on is the one you've just walked yourself. And now you're Yoda to their Luke (or Lucy).

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