Solstice Update: Cosmic Weather & Craft Your Intent

Today is the day your world shifts.

We're on the verge of the Solstice. Time to get clear on what you want, and let go of what's standing in your way - so you can get ready to receive the good things waiting for you.

The solstice chart sees the Moon in Taurus - time for stabilising, cultivating and preserving. Taurus rules earthly pleasures, food, art and sensuality. Taurus needs the simple life, to stop and take pleasure in the here and now. At this time of year, we could all do with more of this. So much rush and hustle. So many things to do. So little time.

Taurus wants us to kick back and relax. Eat some food, drink some wine, enjoy being with our beloveds and soak in the vista from our comfortable corner of the world. Whatever you're doing today, take some time to just stop. To be still. To contemplate where you are - not plan where you want to be, or analyse where you already were.

Be here, now, and arrive to the space of this Solstice with the patience and ease of Taurus, the Bull.

This is foundation time. Go slowly with your intents and imagine cultivating the foundation of what you want in 2016.

Most importantly, imagine cultivating your worth and your love - for self and others. Imagine loving your life like a contented Taurean. Whatever you want to bring in this year, bring it in from a stubborn state of love. Be unmoved and unmovable in your commitment to remain in your centre, where all of life shifts around your heart like the axis through our Earth.

Love is the doorway to all that you desire. Taurus is ruled by Venus - the goddess of love (and money). Cultivate the sensations of all the love you already have. Embody the love that you are. Feel such immense gratitude for all that you have. Touch it and make it tangible. Feel it in every cell of your body, because that's where it will change your world.

Every time you waver from your simple space of Taurean comfort, return to this inner place where you know deeply that whatever you need is already within you. You are enough.

Go sit under your tree, or by your fireplace, and rest in the embodied realisation that you are enough. You have enough. There is enough. 

The Taurus Moon wants you to feel this today.

Craft your Solstice intentions from that space of enough-ness. (I've written a process you might like to play with at the end of this email.) You'll be using your heart power to make your intents real. And as you craft them today, feel, see, hear, touch and smell them already here. Taurus doesn't care for grand plans without embodied presence. It needs to activate the five senses. Only then will it know that this is the real deal.

So as the Sun marches into Capricorn, empire-building and New Years strategies are in the air. Mercury is in Capricorn, too, closely trine the Moon as the Solstice ticks over.

As you stay in your strong, steady, earthly centre, it's time to get your game plan on and get real with what you think, talk and believe. Time to cull everything standing in your mental way. That's the other half of creating what you want: your thoughts. Heart + mind aligned in clarity = effortless co-creation.

Be like Buddha under his tree and watch all the false flags your mind raises to distract you from the truth of your heart. And slay them with the light of practical, Capricornian awareness. They are not part of your plan? They interrupt your vision? Withdraw your energy from them. If you're having trouble letting go, you can go deeper into what's behind these stories and find out What's Stopping You by clicking here.

Use the power of this Taurus Moon to carve out what you really want from all the potentials in your mind. Your true vision is inside you - be like the sculptor who uncovers this beautiful vision from within the raw materials and takes the time to carefully craft and shape it. Get tangible with it - Taurus likes to touch and be touched. Spend the time to sink deep into your embodied experience and soak in the pleasure of your vision. 

Jupiter is also at play in these Solstice energies. He sits trine the Moon from detail-oriented Virgo. This Big Leap into 2016 isn't about grandiosity and castles in the sky. It's about getting the bits and pieces right, sorting the wheat from the chaff, culling everything in the way, and laying a strong and steady foundation for the life you truly want to build. It's about practical, sustainable, strategic action. Doing the work to make the desires of your heart a reality. And the first thing you need to do is anchor your desires in your reality. (See the end of this email for a thorough how-to).

This is a earthy transition, infused with real-world practicalities and gentle, yet determined energetics.

The solid Taurus Moon is the heart centre you create from. And today, this heart receives a super-powered dose of practical Earth energy from Mercury and Jupiter. Heart, Mind & Expansion aligned. 

Your vision for your best year in 2016 plays out how you envision it. So it pays to pay attention to the details of exactly what you're calling into being.

Mercury in Capricorn wants to clear out all the mental dross and get your big dream blueprints  built. Jupiter wants to make them bigger and better than ever. And the Moon wants to make them real and grounded right here and now on Earth.

This Solstice gives you the power of a Grand Earth Trine. A wheel of steady grounded power that you can jump inside right now. Set your course and let go of the roadblocks. As you gather momentum, you realise you are enough. You have enough. The forces of creation are behind you. Inside you. All around you.

You have everything you need.

So, as the Sun steps into strategic Capricorn and you prepare to set off towards the top of your personal mountain, be still like the Taurus Moon and ask these questions of your heart:

Where do you want to go this year? What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? How do you want to feel?

Whatever your answers, know that You. Are. Enough.

You are.

Always and forever.

Solstice Action Overview: 
Go sit in your comfy spot. Relax your body and feel into your heart. Take the time to watch the play of thoughts dance through your awareness, and feel the rise and fall of the breath in your chest. 

When you're centred on the Earth, draw her energies up though your base. Feel her provide for you in every way. Like the Bull, you are a child of the Earth. She loves you and you have enough. Feel your connection to all that you have and all that you are. Feel your gratitude for your abundance. Feel the love in your heart. Feel it in every cell of your body.

Expand your heart space out into the room, out into the world around you, and out into space. Use the power of Jupiter to fill you with all the space you need. It's time to grow your desires to infinity. Ask your heart what you're bringing into your life in 2016. Allow it to answer you in its own time. 

When you return, write down the three things you are bringing in to your life in 2016. Thank Life for their presence (as you acknowledge that they are already existing within you.) 

Claim your ownership of what you want - be grateful for already having received it within yourself. Know that as you embody your desires, every cell in your body is reprogramming itself to magnetise them to you. All you have to do today is keep feeling it until its real for you. Stay in your calm, present Bull space and luxuriate in all that you have, all that you are.

Next, feel into your heart for what standing in the way of your desires coming through. Which parts of you and your life will need to leave, to make room for your heart's true desires to come through? Which beliefs are you ready to let go of as you take the big leap into the rest of your life? 

Write them down.

Make a fire and burn your letting go list with gratitude for whatever role these things have played in your life. Maybe it's the protection they gave you when you needed it, the lessons they taught you, the security they provided for you before you knew a better way.

Put your heart's desire list somewhere you'll see it every single day. Every day, give thanks for these desires. Every day, write them down and take action towards making them real.

May 2016 bring you all the joy, love and abundance you can allow. BTW: you might want to practice your allowing skills... Big things are on the way if you act with clear intent today. ;-)

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