France: Choose Love

The Birth of Venus.  Botticelli. 1486.

The Birth of Venus. Botticelli. 1486.

"Love is the answer." John Lennon (Libra)

Amidst the heartbreak of Paris, the world is polarised between a magnificent rebirth of love and a painful unleashing of fear. 

Behind us, holding the torch of peace, stands the goddess Venus. She beams through us as we vow to choose love. A movement of harmony, led by the feminine, reminds the world to stay open-hearted amidst urgent cries to shut down. 

Now, and during the attacks, the planet Venus is in her home sign of Libra. Here, she is dignified. In her full power. Here, she holds the scales that balance light and dark. She seeks to harmonise and bring us together. She lends her feminine powers of peace to the wave of love sweeping the globe.

Through Venus, the women - and men - of the world join forces and say no to war. 

Mars, the bringer of war, seeks to overthrow her. Chasing close on her tail in the heavens, he is also in Libra. Mars is weakened here, as Libra sees both sides, whereas Mars only serves himself. Here in Libra, Venus rules over him.

As the strikes against Syria increase several-fold, Mars seeks to overthrow her grace. And although this battle is set to rumble, Venus will not be easily conquered by the voice of fear. She will outrun Mars, and the masculine ways of war will one day come to an end.  

At the time of the attacks, Venus was almost at France's natal Venus in Libra. France is a Libran, Venusian nation. A civilised culture of refined aesthetics and diplomatic charm. It's no accident that Paris is called the City of Love.

Now the world knows a different kind of love for Paris. One that cracks us open and reminds us we are one.

"There's a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." Leonard Cohen

The Paris heartbreak came only days after the intense death and rebirth of the Scorpio new Moon. Now Venus sits on France's Sun and Mercury in Libra, the identity and communication of the nation. France is awash with tides and words of love, forced up from the deep and seeking healing.

Mars will soon cross France's Sun and Mercury, and bring the cry for war in his wake. A Libran war of civilised, reasonable means. Justified, in a legal sense (if you believe there is such a thing). Our leaders decry these acts of terror, before coldly committing more of the same.

It is up to us to change. Venus lends us her power.

The Paris heartbreak is but one stage of a long and passionate crusade to keep the world in a permanent state of fear. 

So many are waking up to the game. When we choose fear, we all lose.

Choose Venus. Choose love. 

Peace will prevail. Within you, and at last, without.