Intuitive Astrology Sessions

Intuitive astrology sessions can help with a range of issues. We look through the lens of your birth chart to illuminate who you really are, why you’re here in this life, and where you’re headed next.

My approach is intuitive, which means that although I focus on the symbols, signs, planets and archetypes in your birth chart, other intuitive insights often come through during the session.

What we can COVER DURING YOUR session

The details of your natal chart placements, including your planets, nodes, signs, houses and aspects. This gives you a thorough understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities and core, authentic self.

Insight into a specific issue or problem. By focusing deeply on one part of your life, we can explore the archetypal and astrological meanings of your current challenges, and look at potential ways forward.

Explore the best places for you to live at, work in or travel to. Relocation astrology shows how your birth chart changes at different locations, and the types of inner and outer experiences you may have at these places.

Understand your intimate relationship or parent/child relationship at a deeper level. See how you “fit” at the astrological level, what makes your loved ones tick and how to create more harmony and fulfilment in your family, partnership or marriage.

Please be aware that we can’t do all of these things in one session!

We can take an in-depth look at your birth chart, plus focus on one major issue or two different places for relocation astrology.

Family or relationship astrology requires a dedicated session, plus permission to use the other person’s birth chart. We can look at two people’s charts (including yours) during one session. Multiple family charts will need multiple sessions.

if you need something different…

If you want specific and detailed guidance on the next twelve months, including in-depth astrological forecasting, click here.

If you want to clarify your most authentic personal brand and align your business to your purpose and true self, click here. 

 What I can't HELP YOU WITH

Making concrete predictions about what will happen in the future. We will explore your upcoming potentials, based on astrological timing. I can’t say for sure what will happen in your life, because that’s largely up to your own choice and forces beyond both of our control! I don't do "fortune-telling."

Telling you what you “should” do. My guidance is intended to leave you in charge - what you do next is your decision. The aim of these sessions is to empower you with insight into who you are, understanding of your current stage of life, and confidence to make the best choices for you.

Giving mental health support or psychological counselling for personal, relationship or family issues. I’m not a qualified mental health practitioner, therapist, or family or relationship counsellor. Although I have training in transpersonal counselling, my area of expertise is looking at your life through the lens of your astrology chart. If you need specialised help I’m happy to refer you to other resources or services.


Getting a higher perspective on your current circumstances. Understanding yourself at a deeper level. Owning, accepting, and loving who you really are. Seeing how to navigate your current challenges and transitions. Getting insight into your relationship, family or parent/child dynamics. Finding the best locations to move or travel to. Exploring your spiritual development and soul’s path of evolution and growth. Understanding the symbols and archetypes in your birth chart. Working with the lunar cycles and your current transits.


Definitely check out the work of Eloise Meskanen. We did a session right after I’d left a relationship, and was packing up my house, not knowing where to go next. The session gave me direction, confidence that what I’d been sensing was actually accurate, and answered many questions I had about the path forward in life and business. Thanks Eloise!


“My astrology session with Eloise was easily the best I’ve ever had. She has a special intuitive gift and ability to see your highest self and potential.
I not only received powerful clarity which has helped me confidently step forward on my path. I also gained deep and profound insight into who I am on a spiritual and emotional level, which helped me heal and embrace the fullness of who I am.

If you want clarity, understanding, and confidence in who you are, and how to bring your unique gifts to the world, I would highly recommend Eloise.”


“Eloise, your approach, your warmth, your knowledge! Where do I start? My soul, my inner-workings were there as was my entire life story - you found it all! ”


“It was like you knew the “Me” I am meant to be, and gave me ways I could become her.

I feel like since seeing you EVERYTHING has changed. I have a lot more clarity on my soul work. My confidence in my intuitive abilities has sky-rocketed. I’m stretching myself in ways I never imagined I could, and going deeper than I thought possible. ”


“I have been blessed to have my chart read. Eloise came into my life when I was seeking certainty and reassurance. The experience was an incredible one full of aha moments and brilliant realisations. Since the reading, life has been powering ahead at light speed and I often reflect on the information Eloise shared with me - and the brave steps I’ve taken since. And say a big thank you, Eloise”



Sessions are held on Zoom, which is an online video conferencing platform. This means that we can meet online, wherever you are in the world.

You get an MP3 + video recording, plus a copy of your astrology chart.

I see clients on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 am - 5 pm Melbourne time. If these times don’t work for you, contact me here.

Intuitive Astrology sessions are 75-90 minutes. The price is $250 AUD.

There is a concession rate of $190 AUD for people who are full-time students, unemployed, or on a pension or disability benefit. (Use the coupon code CONCESSION when booking).

Sessions are available until mid-December 2019. I won’t be taking on new clients after that time.