Intuitive Astrology Readings

Do you want personalised guidance on your current and upcoming energies, so you can prepare for your year ahead?

Book now for a yearly forecast, which covers your upcoming transits and the energies of the next twelve months, as well as any specific issues, concerns or questions you have right now. (If you’d rather have a full birth chart reading, we can do that instead.)

If you’ve been thinking about having a session with me, this is your final window to book in.

From February 2019 I’ll be focusing entirely on my astrology school and practitioner training program, and won’t be doing any 1:1 sessions with clients outside of those 12 month programs.

So if you want to grab an hour with me now, you’ll find the link to book in below.

“I loved my Year Ahead reading with Eloise - it was clear, insightful and gave me a great sense of the energy of my year and how to plan business and personal activities to the most advantage.

I've had astrology readings before and often found them to be quite scattered or high level but this was not the case working with Eloise. The year ahead reading truly surpassed my expectations, it was detailed and specific to my needs.

I guess you can say I was truly impressed because I just signed up to work with her more intensively in the SoulStar Collective - I wouldn't want to learn the art of astrology from anyone else and I'm thrilled she is sharing her gifts with the world in this way.”


Follow-Up Sessions

If we’ve worked together previously and you’d like a follow-up session or yearly forecast, book using the button below. The price for follow-up sessions is $190 AUD.

New Client Sessions

If we’ve never worked together before, and you’d like a session or yearly forecast, book using the button below. The price for new client sessions is $220 AUD.