Do you want to know how each New & Full Moon will affect your individual life, so you can harness the energies - without trying to figure it out for yourself?

Each month, the New & Full Moons activate a specific area of your life (which is described by one of the houses in your astrology chart). This means that the way each lunation affects you will change from month to month. Staying Aligned to this individual cycle helps you work with your authentic flow of energy - and make some epic magic!

Sometimes, the Moon also falls on one or more of your natal (birth) planets - and those special times are super powerful for you as well. But if you don't know how to figure that out, then you can't use those special opportunities.

That's why, twice a month, I publish a New & Full Moon blog that describes the energies of each Moon, and gives you instructions on how to apply it to your own life.

But some of you have said that you'd rather I do the work for you, and tell you how each Moon affects you personally. You don't want to work it out for yourself!

I get it! So I'm going to help you get Aligned.


Opening your Facebook messenger inbox and seeing an audio download from me, recorded especially for you.

You press play and hear all about how the upcoming New Moon will activate a specific area of your life this month - plus what that actually means,and how to work with these energies to co-create a powerful, magical result.

Once you've finished listening, you have a quick question about the upcoming Moon, so you type a reply into our conversation thread, and I get back to you right away with some helpful tips. 

Now, you're clear, ready and aligned!

As you prepare to embrace the power of the New Moon, you re-listen to the audio (it's about five minutes) a couple of times. Maybe you're loading the dishwasher, walking your dog, or sitting in meditation. Each time, a new layer of insight filters through.

It's like your soul is speaking to you.

At the exact moment of the New Moon, you feel deeply into the personal meaning of this new cycle, and set a simple, but powerful, intention using the process I've already walked you through.

Your magic is done. You give thanks, and let it go.

Two weeks later, you get another message from me, with some personalised insights into the upcoming Full Moon. I'll let you know exactly how and where the Full Moon feels will affect you, so you can make the most of the intensity and magic of this time.

On the night of the Full Moon, you take a few moments to sit under its glow and bathe in its light, as you reflect on how to work your magic right now.

You release your New Moon intentions, and open to receive what life has designed for you.

The following week, you follow the simple clearing process I've laid out for you, and allow yourself to fully receive the unique and authentic gifts of this lunar cycle.

Then, you're ready to begin again!


2 x 5 minute audio recordings each month, completely personalised to your unique astrology chart, and delivered 24-48 hours before each New and Full Moon.
The audio insights will arrive in your Facebook messenger inbox (or email address, if you prefer).

The dates and times of each New, first quarter, Full and third quarter Moons, in your local timezone.
So you can stay aligned and up-to date during each phase.

The opportunity to ask me questions via our messenger / email conversation.
If you need clarity on the recording, want to share your own insights, write your intentions out or get further advice on how to work with the Moon right now, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. (Depending on our time zones and schedules, this could be anything from 2 minutes to 12 hours.) 

The Aligned Lunar Magic Guide: a 13 page PDF & 13 minute audio on harnessing the lunar cycles for manifestation and abundance.
The guide includes a potent process to follow at the New Moon, and a simple, practical tip for each week of the lunar cycle - so you can stay Aligned all month!


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