But First, let's Start with You.

You’re here because you’re soul is rattling in its cage. It's time to live your purpose and share your soul gifts with the world.

You've followed the the internet marketing gurus and their seventeen-step-funnel-mastery-formulas. But all that’s got you is a total identity crisis, and the slow death of your soul's passion.

You want to actualise yourself, fulfil your life's mission and do your thing in the world. But you won't sell your soul to get ahead. You want flow, alignment, purpose and abundance. And why should you settle for less?

Here's the thing:

Aligning to your soul's superpowers is the key to authentic success.


Hey, I’m Eloise.

I’m here to help you get clear on who you are, and why you're here, by tapping the power of your astrological blueprint.

Because the world needs more conscious leaders and change-makers to step up and create a different kind of new world order (one that's run from the heart, not from the lizard brain).

As a soul work whisperer and intuitive astrologer, all things purpose, alignment and authenticity are my zone of genius.

You are unique in the universe - and it's time you owned who you are, and what you're all about, so you can live the mission you incarnated to fulfil. Right?


Where it all began...

Growing up off-the-grid, in the forest, I was surrounded by the stars. One night I asked the sparkling velvet cosmos: "What's the meaning of life?"

Eventually, the stars gave me the answers I sought. I discovered my mum's astrology books and the keys to my destiny. 

Determined not to follow in the footsteps of my struggling hippie parents, I knew that to create my own destiny I had to learn as much as possible about who I was, and how the world worked.


Decades later, I was ignoring my gifts, living back off the grid, and raising a young baby in the jungle.

Life gave me a smack-down one afternoon, and I realised I wasn't living the life I wanted, but the crappy default I was raised to feel worthy of. I'd created it, and it was up to ME to change it.

So I started clearing my shit, and finding the tribe of souls I'm here to serve: other conscious humans called to actualise their true self and live the mission they incarnated for.


Now, I help people all over the world align their lives and business to the highest potential of their divine blueprint.

Whether you're a luminary leader who wants to harness your destiny by aligning to the Cosmos, or a rising star who ready to shine bright and get noticed, I'm here to help you unlock the power of astrology, and use it to create your best possible life.

Oh, and I'm still an off-the-grid hippie at heart.


Like the sound of all of that?

Here's how we can make magic together:

Brand your Soul

Clarify your soul tribe, niche and gifts, and make your message sing like YOU. So you can build a brand and biz that lights you up and makes a difference.



Get the low-down on your energies for month, so you can plan your magical strategy, harness the Cosmos and find your own flow.


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